TYPO3 Templates & Extensions Releases Highlights - July 2023

Welcome to T3Planet, the ultimate destination for top-quality TYPO3 Templates and TYPO3 Extensions.

TYPO3 Templates & Extensions Releases Highlights - July 2023

Welcome to T3Planet, your one stop destination for top-quality TYPO3 Templates and Extensions. Our mission is to empower users with cutting-edge features and functionalities, elevating their TYPO3 Experience to unparalleled heights.

As we enter August 2023, we are thrilled to announce our latest releases, updates, and enhancements for our esteemed clients. These offerings include New features, bug fixes, and security updates, ensuring your TYPO3 development journey remains seamless and secure.

At T3Planet, we take pride in our team of highly skilled developers who are dedicated to meeting the evolving needs of our valued clients. With a relentless commitment to performance and quality standards, our templates and extensions are now upgraded and fully compatible with TYPO3 v12, the latest version of TYPO3. It took 306+ commits, 125+ Files changes, 175+ Removals, and 72+ Coffees so far. And we are still working!

Rest assured, you can enjoy the enhanced capabilities that TYPO3 v12 brings to the table. We also have a complete blog series on TYPO3 v12 for Developers, Integrators, Editors and Administrators.

You can now craft visually stunning websites that stand out from the crowd, all while seamlessly integrating the power of TYPO3 extensions and templates. Let’s delve in!

Explore v12 Compatible TYPO3 Templates

TemplatesNew Released  Version CompatibilityVersion TypeLink
ns_theme_cleanblog12.0.0v10 to v12MajorView Changelog
ns_theme_newage12.0.0v10 to v12MajorView Changelog
ns_theme_agency12.0.0v10 to v12MajorView Changelog
ns_theme_freelancer12.0.0v10 to v12MajorView Changelog


Free v12 Compatible TYPO3 Extensions

ExtensionsNew Released  VersionCompatibilityVersion TypeLink
ns_all_chat12.0.0v6 to v12MajorView Changelog
ns_guestbook12.0.0v7 to v12MajorView Changelog
ns_snow12.0.0v6 to v12MajorView Changelog
ns_disqus_comments12.0.0v6 to v12MajorView Changelog
ns_cookiebot3.0.0v6 to V12MajorView Changelog
ns_sharethis12.0.0v6 to V12MajorView Changelog
ns_youtube12.0.0v6 to V12MajorView Changelog
ns_friendlycaptcha12.0.0v10 to v11MajorView Changelog
ns_news_advancedsearch12.0.0v6 to v12MajorView Changelog


Premium TYPO3 Extensions with v12 Compatibility

ExtensionsNew Released  VersionCompatibilityVersion TypeLink
ns_news_comments12.0.1v6 to v12MinorView Changelog
ns_gallery12.0.0v8 to v12MajorView Changelog
ns_news_slider12.0.0v6 to v12MajorView Changelog
ns_google_map12.0.0v7 to v12MajorView Changelog
ns_open_streetmap12.0.0v8 to v12MajorView Changelog
ns_whatsapp12.0.0v8 to v12MajorView Changelog
ns_news_slick12.0.0v6 to v12MajorView Changelog


Wrap Up !

Ensuring optimal performance and a secure TYPO3 site is crucial, and we highly recommend maintaining both your TYPO3 core version and TYPO3 extensions up to date.Download the updated TYPO3 Extensions & TYPO3 Templates Now! If you have any inquiries about the updates, kindly submit a ticket, and our team will gladly assist you.

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to sharing more TYPO3 goodness with you in the future.

Happy TYPO3 Updates !

TYPO3 and its logo are trademarks of the TYPO3 Association. Further information can be found here: typo3.org


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  • user
    Kevin Scholz August 8, 2023 At 11:39 am
    Thanks for keeping us informed about these exciting developments! Can't wait to try them out and enhance my TYPO3 projects even further!
  • user
    Peter Ackerman August 8, 2023 At 10:11 am
    What an insightful blog! The highlights of TYPO3 templates and extensions released in July 2023 are truly impressive, offering a glimpse into the platform's ever-evolving capabilities.