TYPO3 Disqus Comment Extension

TYPO3 Disqus Comment Extension


The TYPO3 Disqus Comment Extension will help you to integrate DISQUS comments plugin into your website. Our extension will integrate DISQUS comments section on TYPO3 pages (you can easily enable or disable comments block on your pages). DISQUS comments section allows users to comment your pages by using their favorite Social Network (Facebook, Twitter or Google), easily get notifications about new answers, share messages and a lot of more.

Other Highlights


Single profile for commenting on over 4 million sites including social login support for Facebook, Twitter, and Google accounts

Comment Nesting

Threaded comment display (nested 3 levels) with ability to collapse individual threads

Comment Formatting

Comment text formatting (e.g. bold, link, italics, quote) using HTML tags as well as code syntax highlighting

Notifications & Alerts

Instant activity notifications, email notifications, and digests pull readers back in.

Comment Form

Brings fastest commenting experience with interactive comment form on posts and pages.

Comment Sorting

Comment list sorting by newest, oldest and most voted comments.

Load More Comments

Ajax button “Load More Comments” instead of simple comments pagination.

Rating and Commenting

Allows animating post rating with/without login. Plus commenting can be allowed/disallowed on certain posts

Frontend Screenshots

TYPO3 Backend Screens

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Extension Key


Composer Support

composer req nitsan/ns-disqus-comments

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