TYPO3 Youtube Extension

TYPO3 Youtube Extension


Display your Youtube videos in your TYPO3 site in a video box and visitors can watch the video specifically on the page without being redirected to www.youtube.com with Youtube TYPO3 Extension. It is the only TYPO3 extension that facilitates to the integration of all the features of Youtube like Simple Video, managing Channel, managing Playlist, Live-streaming, like, subscribe, etc to your TYPO3 site.

Other Highlights

Support Youtube resource from

Videos from playlist, channel, username, list of video ids and with video url too.

YouTube Video Grid Gallery

Displays high resolution YouTube video thumbnails in a 4 column responsive layout. Pagination is also provided.

Player Mode

A big player at head of gallery. Item video played when click on item thumbnail or title of gallery.


The new youtbe popup/lightbox displayed when click on item thumbnail or title of gallery.

Feed Customization options

Alternative customizations to change appearance, positioning and layout of your Youtube feed.

Subscription Option

Embed a "Subscribe" button on the channel of specific chanel.

Frontend Screenshots

TYPO3 Backend Screens

Reviews & Rating

4.5 / 5

Robert Strauss

Robert Strauss

I tried several TYPO3 Youtube Plugins, also this once here and now i still use it after 3 Years of trying the Free Version.. and yes, it does work very well without any compatiblity problems. I really have to say: This is the best TYPO3 YouTube-Plugin and i recommend it to everyone who really need a serious YT-Plugin.

Nicole Fiedler

Nicole Fiedler

Very happy of my choice with this plugin for my Youtube video gallery. It looks very nice on my website and I can really adjust a lot of things. The support was really reactive and efficient to resolve a little problem I had in the beginning. Thanks

Barbara Herzog

Barbara Herzog

I checked out a lot of options. This one has great features and is by far the best TYPO3 Youtube Extension!

Lea Frei

Lea Frei

This is very nice plugin for TYPO3 youtube. I’m really happy with result.

Daniel Freeh

Daniel Freeh

Integrating Youtube to TYPO3 made easy. The plugin is really good.

Thomas Mahler

Thomas Mahler

You can save a few bugs with this free Youtube extension. Looking forward for more such extensions.

Sebastian Saenger

Sebastian Saenger

I am literally obsessed with the free extensions as well.

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