TYPO3 Speed & Performance

Focusing on efficiency and reliability, our service aims to propel your TYPO3 website to new levels of responsiveness, improving overall performance metrics and user satisfaction. Using advanced techniques and best practices, we analyze your site's architecture, set up ContentDelivery Networks (CDN), minimize code bloat, optimize images, and fine-tune server configurations for maximum speed potential.

  • <200 Milliseconds Load Times
  • 100+ TYPO3 Websites Optimized
  • 90+ Score in Google Page Insights
  • 45+ Review Performance Factors
  • 30+ Certified TYPO3 Experts
  • 95+ Speed Score
TYPO3 Speed & Performance

Why Optimize the Speed of Your TYPO3 Website?

Enhanced User Experience

Speed improves user experience and boosts Google rankings for mobile and desktop searches. Faster loading means more organic traffic—46% of users won't revisit sites that take over 4 seconds to load.

Improved Search Engine Rankings

Search engines, such as Google, prioritize fast-loading websites. A speed-optimized TYPO3 site is more likely to rank higher in search engine results, increasing visibility and attracting more organic traffic.

Improved Conversion Rate

Speed sells. Lower bounce rates and a positive user experience lead to higher engagement, content consumption, and a 4.42% average conversion rate drop for each additional second of load time.

Low Exit Ratio

Users won't wait for slow websites. A faster loading page lowers exit rates—75% of users leave after a 3-second delay.

Factors of TYPO3 Speed/Performance Optimization


TYPO3 caching is a fundamental strategy for enhancing speed. We implement browser, page, database, object, and advanced server-side caching by delivering cached content instead of rendering it for every user request. This ensures your high-traffic TYPO3 website delivers content swiftly.

CDN Setup

Complementing cache optimization, a Content Delivery Network (CDN) like Cloudflare technologies significantly reduces website load by distributing images, JavaScript, CSS, and other files. We assist in setting up and implementing your chosen CDN for rapid global load times.

Image Optimization

Large, high-resolution images contribute to slow load speeds. Our strategic image optimization involves lossless compression, optimal format selection, device-specific dimension choices, lazy loading, and more.

Code Minification

TYPO3 automatically reduces HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files by removing extra content. It also does the same for SVG images. We make things even better by combining and squishing these files further so they're as tiny as possible when visitors see them.

Database Cleanup

Over time, TYPO3 databases accumulate unnecessary content and data. We analyze, identify, and remove redundant information, optimizing the database for faster queries and efficient content retrieval.

Database Query Optimisation

Database query optimization involves fine-tuning queries to Increase TYPO3 performance and reduce response times, ultimately improving the efficiency of data retrieval and manipulation processes.

Server Optimization

For enterprise websites, more than generic server configurations are required. Through SQL tuning, compression, caching, and other techniques, we optimize your server to handle loads efficiently and minimize response time.

Mobile Experience Optimization

With over half of visitors accessing sites from mobile devices, optimizing for mobile-first is crucial. We focus on enhancing page load speed, navigation, and design to improve usability, reduce bounce rates, and enhance conversions.

TTFB (Time to First Byte)

TTFB measures the time taken for the first bit of website data to reach the user's browser. We employ various techniques to reduce network latency and aim for a TTFB under 100 ms for optimal UX and rankings.

Ads/Third-Party Scripts Optimization

Third-party tags and scripts can impact network activity. We prioritize loading content of value to visitors and employ on-demand loading for third-party elements to enhance overall page interaction.

Why T3Planet?

Why T3Planet?

Decade-Long Expertise

Our extensive experience in the TYPO3 CMS positions us as all-time specialists. We've successfully handled complex projects for global brands, ensuring their TYPO3 websites achieve optimal performance.

User-Centric Optimization

Unlike traditional metrics focusing solely on technical details, we prioritize user-centric performance metrics, including Core Web Vitals.

Holistic Approach

Our experts blend manual optimization techniques with advanced automated tools for TYPO3. This ensures data integrity and perfection, avoiding issues.

Advanced Speed Boost

Besides basic optimization, we offer pro-level tips to enhance TYPO3 site speed, like optimizing third-party scripts & creating a light 404 page.

6 Steps Approach

Step - 01


Our expert team understands and evaluates your performance goals, providing insights into the rationale and approach behind TYPO3 speed optimization.

Step - 02


We conduct a comprehensive audit covering current site performance, code, templates, extensions, UI/UX, cross-browser and device testing, SEO, security, ads implementation, and server setup/CDN.

Step - 03


Collaboratively refining the action plan, we ensure your satisfaction before initiating the optimization process. A complete data backup precedes the start of optimization.

Step - 04


Leveraging our expertise as TYPO3 specialists, we rigorously test and deliver an optimized TYPO3 website that meets or surpasses your expectations.

Step - 05


Our commitment extends beyond optimization. We take responsibility for ongoing website maintenance and provide advanced recommendations to ensure sustained performance and seamless operation.


Monitoring & Reporting

With ongoing support, we also ensure and monitor your website with the purpose of website performance.

Certified TYPO3 Agency

Pricing Plans

Google Page Speed Score (Desktop)80+90+90+
Google Page Speed Score (Mobile)70+ 80+90+
LCP - Core Web Vital4 sec3 sec2 sec
FID - Core Web Vital300 ms200 ms100 ms
CLS - Core Web Vital0.250.150.10
GTMatrixB GradeA GradeA Grade
TYPO3 CacheCore CacheStatic file cache ExtensionAdvanced CDN/Varnish
Optimize CSS/JS/HTML-SourceYesYesYes
Image Resize/Crop OptimizationBasic AdvancedAdvanced (+WebP)
TYPO3 Speed Audit ReportBasicAdvancedAdvanced
TYPO3 SEO audit reportNoYesYes
Assign Dedicated Technical ManagerYesYesYes
Response & Reaction Time5 business days3 business days2 business days
Support Time (After Delivery)10 business days20 business days30 business days
Support Hours Package10 hours10 hours10 hours

 Starting at €399

Starting at €499

Starting at €599


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Audit of TYPO3 Speed/Performance

Contentful Paint in CMS Landscape
Typo3 System
Search path for external programs
Edit template
Static file cache
TypoScript Setup
Analyze With page speed insight
Combining images
Extension configuration
Image auto resize configuration
Typo3 local configuration
Listing of broken links
Scheduled Tasks

Reference to the T3Planet Site’s Speed

Happy Customers

Customers Review

2500+ Premium customers from beginners to industry leaders love T3Planet!

4.8 / 5

Stefanie Eiffel

Stefanie Eiffel

Their expertise in resolving TYPO3 security reports and checking the code quality of extensions has significantly improved the overall security of our website. Their dedication to keeping our TYPO3 instance safe allows us to focus on delivering exceptional content to our audience

Tobias Kaiser

Tobias Kaiser

At first, I had doubts, but the TYPO3 Speed & Performance Service surpassed my expectations. Our website transformed from frustratingly slow to impressively fast in record time. The team's professionalism, expertise, and dedication ensured outstanding results.

Katja Daecher

Katja Daecher

The team was responsive, thorough, and committed to delivering results. I highly recommend this service for anyone needing a speed boost!

Tim Konig

Tim Konig

T3Planet's TYPO3 speed optimization service is the really helpful to my typo3 website . My website now loads faster than ever, and I've seen a noticeable increase in traffic and engagement. Thank you, T3Planet!

Martina Fenstermacher

Martina Fenstermacher

I'm so thankful for T3Planet's TYPO3 Security Service! Their holistic approach and expert audits have provided reliable protection for my TYPO3 website. I highly recommend their service to anyone looking to enhance their website's security

Dirk Durr

Dirk Durr

My website was loading very slowly, causing issues for users navigating between pages. We needed TYPO3 experts to optimize and improve our website's performance. Thanks to T3Planet's speed performance service, I'm very happy with the results!

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The TYPO3 Speed and Performance Service is a comprehensive optimization package designed to enhance the loading speed and overall performance of your TYPO3 website. We employ advanced techniques to ensure a faster, more responsive, and user-friendly visitor experience.

Faster websites lead to improved user satisfaction, higher search engine rankings, and increased conversions. Speed optimization is crucial for providing a seamless online experience and staying competitive in today's space.

Our service focuses on achieving faster load times, improving scores on performance tests (such as Google PageSpeed and GTmetrix), and optimizing various elements of your TYPO3 site to enhance overall speed and responsiveness.

No, our goal is to increase speed and performance while maintaining the existing design and functionality of your TYPO3 website. You can expect improved performance without compromising the look or features of your site.

The service's duration depends on your website's initial state and the specific optimizations required. We aim to complete the process efficiently to minimize downtime, ensuring a swift and smooth transition. Typically 2-3 business days.

On the contrary, our service includes a detailed SEO Audit to ensure that the speed optimizations align with best practices for search engine optimization. The improvements will benefit your website's SEO performance.

While we cannot guarantee specific performance results due to factors beyond our control, we strive to achieve significant speed improvements. Our team will work diligently to optimize your TYPO3 site for the best possible speed and performance outcomes.

We provide post-service support to address any issues or concerns that may arise. Our team is committed to ensuring your satisfaction and will promptly assist you in resolving any unexpected issues.

Periodic speed and performance evaluations are recommended, especially if your website has undergone significant updates or changes. Technology evolves, and regular optimization helps ensure your TYPO3 site continues to deliver an optimal user experience.

While achieving a perfect score of 100 is challenging, a fully optimized TYPO3 website is designed to excel in various performance assessments, achieving a score of 90 or higher on critical metrics.

Absolutely! Our Custom Security Solutions allow for tailored plans based on your unique TYPO3 setup and specific security requirements, ensuring a personalized security approach.

Yes, our expertise covers all TYPO3 versions, and we provide optimization solutions customised to your specific TYPO3 installation, whether older or more recent.

Indeed, recognizing the increasing importance of mobile browsing, we prioritize mobile optimization for TYPO3 websites. Your site will be fine-tuned to deliver optimal performance across various mobile devices, enhancing the overall user experience.

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Do you have any questions?

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