Advanced TYPO3 Search for News Extension

Advanced TYPO3 Search for News Extension


Power up your TYPO3 News Extension with Advanced TYPO3 News Extension. Extend your search for news with detailed fine results and allows you to search by content with filters in fields created using Advanced plugin. This plugin uses specially designed Search algorithms for that purpose, which gives you both speed and relevance.

Advanced TYPO3 Search for News Extension is now compatible with the latest TYPO3 Version 12.

Other Highlights

Detailed Search

Detailed search by news title or news teaser

Category Search

Search results from specific categories

Search in Place

Search in place improves blog search by displaying query results in real time.

In-depth Search

Search in title, description, excerpt, categories and tags and any custom fields

Seamless integration

Search results are perfectly integrated into your theme without the need for custom search templates

Frontend Screenshots

TYPO3 Backend Screens

Review & Rating

4.5 / 5

Stefan Weiss

Stefan Weiss

I'm blown away by the Advanced TYPO3 Search for News Extension. It's made it so much easier for my visitors to find the news articles they're interested in.

Maximilian Ebersbacher

Maximilian Ebersbacher

With Advanced TYPO3 Search for News Extension, finding the perfect news article is just a click away! Must recommended

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TYPO3 Version

TYPO3 v6 to 12

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Composer Support

composer req nitsan/ns-news-advancedsearch

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