TYPO3 WhatsApp Chat Extension

TYPO3 WhatsApp Chat Extension


TYPO3 WhatsApp Chat allows your visitors to start a WhatsApp conversation, share messages or join a group from your website with a single click.

With WhatsApp chat for TYPO3, include a WhatsApp chat box for each agent. You can pick colors and customize it the way you want to fit your website style and brand.

Moreover, with the TYPO3 WhatsApp chat plugin, you can customize each agent profile depending on their profile image, job title, and button option. You can share a message, data, or news from your website with any of your WhatsApp contacts.

TYPO3 WhatsApp Extension is now compatible with the latest TYPO3 Version 12.

Key Features

Whatsapp Styles

Integrate WhatsApp to your website with these unique variances,

  • Button Style
  • Using Avatar or Image
  • Simple text style
  • Avatar or Image with text
  • Icon with description text
  • Compact icon stlyes

WhatsApp Floating Widget

Show WhatsApp chat widget on selected pages or all pages’ corner.

  • Agent name
  • Agent title
  • Custom color & greetings
  • Set pre-filled message
  • Avatar

Easy to Use

Pick colors to fit your website style and brand. Moreover, you can customize each agent profile depending on their working hours, daily roster, avatar, name tag and job title.

Start Direct Chat

Include a chat box for each agent where users can initiate conversation.

When your visitors click on send button with their message, they will be redirected to the WhatsApp web or app depending upon the device they're using.

WhatsApp Group

Join a WhatsApp group instantly in a single click by clicking upon the button.

Share Message

Share a message, data or news from your website to any of your WhatsApp contact

TYPO3 WhatsApp Chat
Button Settings

Show WhatsApp chat widget on selected pages or all pages’ corner.

  • Enable Chat Button Show Status
  • Add WhatsApp Number
  • Custom color & greetings
  • Add WhatsApp Default Message
  • Change the Position of WhatsApp Button to ‘Bottom Left’ or ‘Bottom Right’
  • Customize Icon Margin for the Mobile, Tablet & Desktop Devices

Frontend Screenshots

TYPO3 Backend Screens

Reviews & Rating

5 / 5

Jürgen Eiffel

Jürgen Eiffel

The plugin works great on mobile and desktop, redirecting the user to the proper API/Protocol based on the device. Very few TYPO3 WhatsApp chat plugins do this right. Also, you can configure multiple agents for the chat, each one with it's own phone number. Support is amazing. The development team takes users' requests very seriously. I personally asked for a feature to be added and in just 2 days I had my request granted. This is the best WhatsApp plugin out there, for sure!

Dominik Eiffel

Dominik Eiffel

"Its a feature rich extension, Customer can start a wp chat that's good, customer can directly join a grourp that is even better. "

Dennis Fenstermacher

Dennis Fenstermacher

The redirect from the website to the mobile app is very much convenient, I liked the over all functionality this extension provides

Marko Eggers

Marko Eggers

This extension is awesome if you are looking for something to integrate your TYPO3 Website with your whatsapp. Could not find anything better than this!

Jens Gersten

Jens Gersten

social share option is mandatory for bloggers, thank you for this wonderful extension

Dirk Keller

Dirk Keller

I wanted my customers to redirect to whatsapp this one from T3Planet helped a lot. Thankyou!

Mario Pabst

Mario Pabst

I'm so glad I found this extension.

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Backend Dashboard

Backend Style Module

Default theme

Chat SettingsBackend Chat Module
Chat Button theme for Mobile and desktop
Chat Button text and Position
Hide chat Button On website selected Pages
Hide chat Button On Mobile or desktop

Group SettingsBackend Group Module
Option to enable/disable direct join in the group
Custom group button text and position
Option to enable/disable group button on selected pages
Option to enable/disable group button on mobile or desktop
Select theme for group button mobile and desktop

Sharing SettingsBackend Share Module
Option to share any link or text
Custom share button text and position
Option to enable/disable share button on selected pages
Option to enable/disable share button on mobile or desktop

Style SettingsSelect theme for share button mobile and desktop
Seven different themes for chat, share and Group Button
Custom Text, Text-color, Background color
Custom whatsapp button icon or Image


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TYPO3 Version

TYPO3 v8 to 12

Extension Key


Composer Support

composer req nitsan/ns-whatsapp

Change Log

# 12.0.2

16th Apr 2024

TASK Modified extension information like author, company, description and icons

TASK Code clean-up and improvement

TASK Updated information like documentation, live demo links etc.

RELEASE Minor version release 12.0.2

# 12.0.1

23rd Jan 2024

TASK Module Permission for BE user group

RELEASE Minor version release 12.0.1

# 2.4.2

19th Oct 2023

TASK Resolved minor issue of Compatibility with PHP v8.x

RELEASE Minor version release v2.4.2

# 12.0.0

14th Jul 2023

TASK Compatibility with TYPO3 v12

TASK Compatibility drop of TYPO3 <= v11

TASK Compatibility with PHP v8.1 & 8.2

TASK Compatibility drop of PHP <= v8.1

TASK Compatibility of MariaDB 10.3+ / MySQL 8.0+

TASK Compatibility of Composer >= 2.1

TASK Removed deprecated and breaking changes code

RELEASE Major release v12.0.0

# 2.4.1

23rd May 2023

TASK Change composer dependencies constraint

TASK Code review & improvement

RELEASE Minor version release v2.4.1

# 2.4.0

22nd Dec 2022

TASK Upgraded to Bootstrap v5 to TYPO3 v11 backend module

TASK Implemented Reset buttons in module Text fields

TASK Code clean-up and improvement

BUGFIX Resolved reset buttons at forms

RELEASE Major version release v2.4.0 (No-breaking changes)

# 2.3.0

4th Aug 2022

TASK Compatibility with major PHP v8.0 and v8.1

TASK Minor improvement for older TYPO3 versions like v8 to v10

TASK Code clean-up and improvement

BUGFIX Removed deprecation of TYPO3 v11 & PHP v8.x

BUGFIX Resolved errors & warnings in TYPO3 debug environment

RELEASE Minor non-breaking release v2.3.0

# 2.2.4

8th Jul 2022

BUGFIX Fixed minor issue at Module

BUGFIX Fixed issue on Activation

RELEASE Minor release v2.2.4

# 2.2.3

16th Jun 2022

TASK Improve the way to check license system with EXT.ns_license

TASK Verify license only for admin logins; Ignore editor users

TASK Set bi-weekly to connect and check license server

TASK Code clean-up and improvement

RELEASE Minor version 2.2.3 release

# 2.2.2

8th Jun 2022

BUGFIX Improve functionalities

BUGFIX Fix style Issues

RELEASE Minor release 2.2.2

# 2.2.1

3rd Mar 2022

RELEASE Release of v2.2.1

BUGFIX Dependencies issues fix for EXT.ns_license

# 2.2.0

21st Feb 2022

TASK Added service to call the setup event to check license

BUGFIX TYPO3 v11 compatibility issue fix for SignalSlot

BUGFIX Testing and bug fix for TYPO3 v8 to v11

BUGFIX TYPO3 version dependency updated

RELEASE Ready to major release v2.2.0

# 2.1.0

15th Feb 2022

TASK Added service to call the setup event to check license

BUGFIX TYPO3 v11 compatibility issue fix for SignalSlot

BUGFIX Testing and bug fix for TYPO3 v8 to v11

RELEASE Ready to major release v2.1.0

# 2.0.0

6th Jan 2022

RELEASE Major version 2.0.0 release

FEATURE Make compatibility with TYPO3 v11.5.x

TASK Code cleanup and code improvements

BUGFIX Image upload issue with compatible security of TYPO3

BUGFIX Resolve Styles show issue

BUGFIX UI/UX small design issues fixing

BUGFIX Functional testing and bug fixing

# 1.0.0

14th Jun 2021

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