Useful TYPO3 Extensions from T3Planet for You! [Premium]

Elevate your TYPO3 website with premium extensions from T3Planet. Explore our collection of valuable TYPO3 extensions designed to enhance your site's functionality and performance.

Useful TYPO3 Extensions from T3Planet for You! [Premium]

If you're involved in TYPO3 website development or own a TYPO3 website, you are likely to know about the wide variety of extensions available to enhance its functionality. TYPO3 is renowned for its flexibility, and by integrating the appropriate extensions, you can make it even more efficient.

In this blog, we'll present you with a comprehensive collection of valuable TYPO3 extensions from T3Planet that can elevate your TYPO3 website to new heights.

Content Presentation and Enhancements Extensions

TYPO3 Slider Revolution Extension

For advanced slider and carousel needs, the Slider Revolution Extension is a wonderful choice. It helps you create stunning and dynamic sliders with ease, ensuring an engaging user experience. Created with the official partnership with Theme Punch.

TYPO3 News Slider Extension

The TYPO3 News Slider Extension adds dynamic and visually appealing news sliders to your TYPO3 website. It allows you to showcase your latest news in an eye-catching format. Sliders are an effective way to grab visitors' attention and highlight important content.

TYPO3 News Slick Slider Extension

The Slick Slider Extension enhances your TYPO3 website's slider capabilities. It offers a variety of customizable slider designs and transitions. Slick sliders can help you create visually appealing and responsive content displays for your News Websites.

TYPO3 Gallery Extension

The Gallery Extension is designed for websites that showcase images in various formats. It provides a range of gallery styles and customization options to display your images beautifully.

KeyVersion CompatibilityDownloadsRatingsDemoDocumentationPricing
ns_revolution_sliderv8 to v127045+4.6/5View DemoView Documentation€149
ns_news_sliderv6 to v124914+4.7/5View DemoView Documentation€99
ns_news_slickv6 to v12101+5/5View DemoView Documentation€59
ns_galleryv8 to v124976+4.5/5View DemoView Documentation€199

User Interaction and Engagement Extensions

TYPO3 News Comment Extension

The TYPO3 News Comment Extension is designed to boost user engagement with your news articles. It allows visitors to leave comments and provide feedback on individual news items. This feature fosters interaction and discussions around your news content, helping you build a community of readers and contributors.

TYPO3 Page Comment Extension

Similar to the News Comment Extension, the Page Comment Extension enables comments and discussions. However, it extends this functionality from one centralized place to various pages on your TYPO3 website. This can encourage user engagement and feedback across the entire site. 

TYPO3 Publication Comment Extension

Similar to the News Comment Extension, this TYPO3 extension enables comments and feedback. However, it's tailored for publication content, making it suitable for blogs, articles, or academic publications. It encourages engagement and discussions around published content. It comes with features like post comment, reply to a comment, multi-level comment thread, moderation, etc.

TYPO3 FAQ Extension

Answer common user questions and provide valuable information with the FAQ Extension. It organizes frequently asked questions in an easy-to-navigate format. It not only lets you categorize your FAQs but also allows Visitors to add theirs, Apart from this it comes with features like Various Styling and Customization Options and Social sharing too!

TYPO3 Helpdesk Extension

Offer top-notch customer support with the Help Desk Extension. It enables you to create a help desk or support ticket system right on your TYPO3 website. This extension provides a dedicated support dashboard and portal, rich TYPO3 ticketing system, email notifications, restricted access, file, and media uploads. You can also add your own fields to extend the ticket forms using custom fields. It’s something worth your money!

TYPO3 Feedback Extension

Collect valuable feedback and suggestions from your users with the Feedback Extension. It streamlines the process of gathering insights to improve your website. As it lets you create Feedback Form with various styles like ratings, popup and much more to your TYPO3 Website.

TYPO3 OpenStreetMap Extension

Enhance your website's location-based services with the OpenStreetMap Extension. It simplifies the integration of OpenstreetMap into your TYPO3 pages.

TYPO3 WhatsApp Extension

In the age of instant messaging, the WhatsApp Extension by T3Planet is a valuable addition. It enables visitors to share content or contact you via WhatsApp, enhancing communication and sharing capabilities.

KeyVersion CompatibilityDownloadsRatingsDemoDocumentationPricing
 ns_news_comments v6 to v12 29560+ 4.9/5 View Demo  View Documentation  €149
 ns_comments v8 to v12 3934+ 5/5 View Demo View Documentation €149
 ns_publication_comments  v9 to v10 31+ 4.5/5 View Demo View Documentation €99
 ns_faq v8 to v12 4875+ 5/5 View Demo View Documentation  €149
 ns_helpdesk v8 to v12 2598+ 5/5 View Demo View Documentation €199
 ns_feedback v8 to v12 5684+ 5/5 View Demo View Documentation €199
 ns_open_streetmap v8 to v12 360+ 4.5/5 View Demo View Documentation €99
 ns_whatsapp v8 to v12 2260+ 5/5 View Demo View Documentation €99

Compliance, Compatibility and Upgrade Management

TYPO3 Backup Extension

Protect your website and valuable data with the Backup Extension. It simplifies the backup process, ensuring that you can quickly backup your TYPO3 sites, integrated with the latest standard of TYPO3 scheduler core and Symfony-based console. TYPO3 Backup Extension connects with your Clouds/Servers like Google cloud, Amazon S3, Dropbox, SFTP, Rsync, etc. This is a must have!

TYPO3 Maintenance Mode Extension

When it comes to website maintenance and updates, the TYPO3 Maintenance Mode Extension is indispensable. It enables you to display a maintenance page to visitors while you work on your TYPO3 site. This helps you avoid displaying incomplete or broken content during updates.

TYPO3 Upgrade Extension Compatibility

This extension ensures compatibility with TYPO3 upgrades. As TYPO3 evolves, maintaining extension compatibility is crucial for a smooth transition to newer versions. It helps you avoid issues and maintain the functionality of your website. It helps you generate a report to identify compatibility. 

TYPO3 CookieBot Extension

CookieBot Extension ensures that your TYPO3 website complies with GDPR and other privacy regulations. It provides a user-friendly way to manage cookies and obtain user consent, helping you maintain a transparent and legal approach to data privacy. Inshort, this extension is an integration of CookieBot to your TYPO3 Website.

KeyVersion CompatibilityDownloadsRatingsDemoDocumentationPricing
 ns_backup  v8 to v12 3548+ 4.5/5View DemoView Documentation €199
 nitsan_maintenance v6 to v12 11743+ 4.5/5View DemoView Documentation €59
 ns_ext_compatibility v4 to v12 18711+ 4.5/5View DemoView Documentation €199
 ns_cookiebot v6 to v12 17353+ 4.5/5View DemoView Documentation Free

Things to Consider while Opting for TYPO3 Extensions

When purchasing an extension, there are several key parameters to consider:


Ensure that the extension provides the specific features and functionality you require. Review the extension description and documentation to understand its capabilities.

Version Compatibility: 

Check if the extension is compatible with your current TYPO3 version. Also check if it is compatible with the Latest TYPO3 Version. Ensure it supports the version of your TYPO3 CMS to avoid compatibility issues.

Reviews and Ratings: 

Don’t forget to check reviews and ratings to make sure the quality and reliability of your TYPO3 Extension. Assess the feedback from other users to help you make an informed decision.

Support and Updates: 

Check if the extension offers ongoing support and regular updates. A responsive support team is essential to address any issues that may arise and to keep the extension up to date with the latest developments.

Documentation and Guides: 

Look for comprehensive documentation and user guides that provide clear instructions on installation, configuration, and usage. It should also provide other crucial information like dependencies, If any. This will help you make the most out of the extension.

Licensing and Pricing: 

Understand the terms of the license and pricing options for the extension. Determine if it aligns with your budget and usage requirements. Always Opt for Annual Licensing Plans as it will help you save. Also make sure there are no hidden costs associated. 

Developer Reputation: 

Research the reputation and credibility of the extension developer. Their Industry experience, certifications, and offerings. Look for a reliable and reputable developer known for producing high-quality TYPO3 extensions.

By considering these parameters, you can ensure that the extension you choose will meet your needs and provide a seamless integration into your website or application.

Customize T3Planet’s TYPO3 Extensions

At T3Planet, we know that every TYPO3 website is unique, and we understand that you may have specific goals that require personalized solutions. With our T3Planet’s Extension customization service, you have the opportunity to fully utilize T3Planet's TYPO3 extensions by customizing them to fit your business needs and ultimately achieving your goals. 

Our developers and Integrators will collaborate closely with you to customize and integrate these extensions into your website. We will ensure that the extensions align with your specific requirements.

With our customization service, you can enhance both the functionality and appearance of your TYPO3 website. Let us assist you in creating a unique online presence that truly stands out.


To sum up, T3Planet provides a wide range of TYPO3 extensions to fulfill diverse website requirements. By including these extensions into your TYPO3 website, you can offer your audience a more advanced, user-friendly, and interactive online experience. 

Whether you want to improve your content, captivate your users, ensure adherence, or simplify communication, these extensions can help you. Take a look at the extensions referred to above and explore their potential in enhancing your TYPO3 website's design and capabilities. Your website visitors will appreciate it!

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