Ultimate TYPO3 FAQ Extension

Ultimate TYPO3 FAQ Extension


Ultimate FAQ TYPO3 Extension provides easy & smart management and control of the Frequently Asked Questions with Answers for your TYPO3 website. You can conveniently add, customise and style the FAQs using its powerful backend module. Most of all, it is TYPO3 version 12 compatible.

This feature-rich plugin comes with a dedicated dashboard that includes statistics, FAQ summary, etc. It provides the provision to assign the FAQs with categories and subcategories and has search, moderation and form management settings. Moreover, it includes many more functionalities. Thus, it is one extension with multiple FAQ features.

Ultimate FAQ TYPO3 Extension is now compatible with the latest TYPO3 Version 12.


Key Features

Modern User-friendly UI

With an advanced user interface, the extension offers the most user-friendly display of FAQs.    You can control all aspects from how it should function, its look and the order.

Apply the settings for toggle, accordion, hide/display categories, sorting and order of the FAQs. Select from suitable layout options, JQuery and Custom CSS.

Visitors’ FAQs

The site visitors can submit their questions with the answers. Admin can easily answer and/or moderate these answers from the backend.

Add the admin details for the email notification of the FAQs submission. With regard to the ‘FAQ submission’ form, enable/disable Submit Question Captcha.

Easy Management

A simple and systematic backend provision that makes the FAQ organisation seamless and easy to create using RTE and content elements.

  • To Manage

One-stop functions to create, view, edit, and delete FAQs.

  • To Categorize

Add categories and subcategories as per the FAQ types.

Social Media Sharing of FAQ

If this option is enabled, the Questions & Answers can be shared on the specified social media platform.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Email

Styling & Customizations

Design your FAQs with tons of styling options.

  • Toggle Symbols for FAQ & Category Icons
  • Custom Icon colour, border, font, etc.
  • Unlimited background & border colours
  • Style Question, Answer, Category & Heading
    for font colour, size, margin, padding, etc

Other Highlights


Dedicated dashboard for Statistics, FAQ Summary Etc.

Use Any TYPO3 Elements

You can set FAQs as per categories of questions

Enable/Disable Options

Enable/Disable categories,

FAQ styling options

FAQs Questions and Answers Styling (colors, fonts, borders etc)

Manage Multiple pages

You can easily Configure FAQ at Multiple

FAQ Moderation

FAQ Moderation from Backend and Email

Animation options

Animation and Effects for FAQs

Theme options

Block & Border Block Themes

Scroll To Top

Easily scroll back to the top
of the page

Frontend Screenshots

TYPO3 Backend Screens

Reviews & Rating

5 / 5

Jana Himmel

Jana Himmel

I really like this TYPO3 FAQ extension. It is what a plugin should be: Useful, easy to use, and great at presentation.

Anna Fleischer

Anna Fleischer

I have used both the free and premium versions. Both works are amazing but for more features must try the premium version. Amazing features and a great level of support until your problem got solved.

Fabian Rathenau

Fabian Rathenau

Ease of use, categories, and FAQs easy to setup. This the best plugin to setup FAQs, you can customize it the way you like.

Felix Hueber

Felix Hueber

The plugin is great at what it does with simplicity and effectiveness. Anybody can make it work without any knowledge of coding or web development. The support team is prompt and helpful. They understand the issue very quickly and come up with fixes almost immediately. Go for it - it's worth every penny and can take your FAQs to the next level.

Michael Schmid

Michael Schmid

Super grateful for the dev team behind this plugin. Such awesome features for the free and advanced ones in the pro version, more than one can ask for. You guys are really great. Thank you once again!

Alex Steinert

Alex Steinert

This TYPO3 FAQ plugin works in both the free and premium versions. It is well supported, well documented, and it is kept up to date.

Laura Loevernich

Laura Loevernich

It was easy to setup the FAQ and I'm very pleased with the display on the site.

Peter Wexler

Peter Wexler

Having an extension that lets set some FAQs for your users and it also has a form where users can ask distinct questions is really a great combo. I really like this TYPO3 FAQ extension. it solves the whole purpose of the FAQ section on any website.

Kristian Saenger

Kristian Saenger

Easy to use, with many features like nested accordions and post-to-accordion (I have the Pro-Version). I like it, thanks!

Alexander Kaufmann

Alexander Kaufmann

It says “All In One Accordion FAQ Extension” in the title and I believe it is true. Lots of features, great documentation, helpful support – love it!

Max Theiss

Max Theiss

Being a TYPO3 Freelancer, clients always want something different when it comes to accordions and what they think can be done with them. That’s why I love this TYPO3 extension. Besides being extremely versatile, the support system is always there to work out the crazy things clients ask for. Instead of just throwing out a pat answer, they help you learn how to make it better moving forward.

Erik Vogt

Erik Vogt

I love this TYPO3 feedback extension. I now use it for all kinds of content on pages. It’s feature-rich, easy to customize to achieve a great range of designs, styles, colors, accordion types with incredible ease, and easy to use.

Luca Koehler

Luca Koehler

This is a great TYPO3 FAQ accordian extension if you want to add some FAQ pages with different media to your website. With support from the developers of this extension I was able to change the lay-out to my liking.

Dominik Eichmann

Dominik Eichmann

TYPO3 FAQ is easy to use. I love the FAQ search feature. Looks great on the site and easy to manage. When we add new questions and categorize them, it's great that they can then automatically pull into the pages/sections.

Dennis Lehrer

Dennis Lehrer

Easy to set up, populate and modify. Great feedback from customers who use the website and the FAQs in particular. Thank you

Jürgen Weisz

Jürgen Weisz

What i love the most about the FAQ Extension is that i can customise the touch and feel of the FAQs, i can also categories the same. Highly recommended!

Alexander Scholz

Alexander Scholz

The 'FAQ' extension is perfect for anyone looking to create an FAQ section on their website. It's very easy to use and the accordion-style layout looks great.

Bernd Glockner

Bernd Glockner

Ultimate TYPO3 FAQ Extension is amazing!

Erik Fruehauf

Erik Fruehauf

Thanks to the TYPO3 FAQ extension, my website's FAQ section is engaging and easy to navigate. It has improved the overall user experience

Tobias Koehler

Tobias Koehler

The social media sharing options are fantastic. They allow visitors to easily share our FAQs on various platforms, increasing our website traffic and brand awareness. thank ypu for this feature!

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Dashboard (Statistics, FAQ Summary etc)

Manage FAQs (Add, Edit, Delete FAQs)

Scroll To Top

Set Custom CSS

Search Feature

Site Visitors can submit own FAQ (Forms, Moderation, Emails etc)Rating Feedback
Full Feedback Form
Popup Feedback Form

Social Media SharingReports Overview Module
Report Detail

FAQ ConfigurationsNesting valid up to 3 levels
Single Selection Record
Add Any TYPO3 Content Elements to Answers
Configure FAQ at Multiple pages
FAQ Toggle & Accordion
Expand/Collapse all FAQs with single click
Set icons for FAQ and Categories

Category ConfigurationsCategories Toggle & Accordion
Manage Categories (Add, Edit, Delete System Categories)
Category Wise FAQs (Assign Categories to FAQs)
Enable/Disable Cateogires
Sort Categories & FAQs
System Categories

Style & Effects ConfigurationsCategories Layouts and Styling
Animation and Effects for FAQs
Icons Styling (colors, fonts, borders etc)
Heading Style Options
Block & Border Block Themes
FAQs Questions and Answers Styling (colors, fonts, borders etc)

Admin ManagementOption to display Selected FAQs
FAQ Moderation from Backend and Email


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TYPO3 Version

TYPO3 v8 to v12

Extension Key


Composer Support

composer req nitsan/ns-faq

Change Log

# 12.3.0

6th Jun 2024

FEATURE Introduce a feature to handle the plugin-wise FAQ sorting

FEATURE Add a plugin option to choose the sorting for the FAQ rendering

TASK Code improvement

BUGFIX Resolved minor Mailto sharing functionality issue

RELEASE Minor feature version v12.3.0 released

# 12.2.1

16th May 2024

TASK Improve list view

BUGFIX Fixed issue with the Respected storage ID

RELEASE Minor version release 12.2.1

# 3.7.0

13th May 2024

TASK Improvement in extension at TYPO3 Debug mode

TASK Automatic code lints passed with PHP, TS, Fluid etc

TASK Code clean-up and improvement

FEATURE Make categories more manageable from backend

BUGFIX Resolved minor frontend plugin functionality issue

BUGFIX Resolved minor composer-based installation

RELEASE Major release v3.7.0

# 12.2.0

13th May 2024

TASK Improvement in extension at TYPO3 Debug mode

TASK Automatic code lints passed with PHP, TS, Fluid etc

TASK Code clean-up and improvement

FEATURE Make categories more manageable from backend

BUGFIX Resolved minor frontend plugin functionality issue

BUGFIX Resolved minor composer-based installation

RELEASE Major release v12.2.0

# 3.6.1

15th Mar 2024

FEATURE Add Feature to Enable/Disable GoogleRecaptcha JavaScript

TASK Code clean-up and improvement

RELEASE Minor version release 3.6.1

# 12.1.3

15th Mar 2024

FEATURE Add Feature to Enable/Disable GoogleRecaptcha JavaScript

TASK Code clean-up and improvement

RELEASE Minor version release 12.1.3

# 12.1.2

5th Mar 2024

BUGFIX Fixed default style configuration issue

TASK Code clean-up and improvement

RELEASE Minor version release 12.1.2

# 12.1.1

23rd Jan 2024

TASK Module Permission for BE user group

RELEASE Minor version release 12.1.1

# 3.6.0

24th Nov 2023

FEATURE Introduce FAQ Google Schema Feature

FEATURE Enable/Disable Schema Configuration

FEATURE Render Schema JSON at Head-tag

RELEASE Major version release 3.6.0

# 12.1.0

22nd Nov 2023

FEATURE Introduce FAQ Google Schema Feature

FEATURE Enable/Disable Schema Configuration

FEATURE Render Schema JSON at Head-tag

RELEASE Major version release 12.1.0

# 12.0.3

20th Nov 2023

TASK Code clean-up

RELEASE Minor version release 12.0.3

# 12.0.2

7th Nov 2023

BUGFIX Category-wise listing error fixed

RELEASE Minor version release 12.0.2

# 12.0.1

4th Nov 2023

TASK Fixed issue with Constant Editor

RELEASE Minor version release 12.0.1

# 3.5.2

1st Nov 2023

TASK Resolved minor issue of Compatibility with PHP v8.x

BUGFIX Faq approve functionality improved

BUGFIX Faq ordering Category errors solved

RELEASE Minor version release v3.5.2

# 12.0.0

21st Jun 2023

TASK Compatibility with TYPO3 v12

TASK Compatibility drop of TYPO3 <= v11

TASK Compatibility with PHP v8.1 & v8.2

TASK Compatibility drop of PHP <= v8.1

TASK Compatibility of MariaDB v10.3+ / MySQL v8.0+

TASK Compatibility of Composer >= v2.1

TASK Compatibility of Bootstrap v5 in backend module

TASK Removed deprecated and breaking changes code

TASK Support Modern browsers

RELEASE Major breaking changes v12.0.0

# 3.5.1

23rd May 2023

TASK Change composer dependencies constraint

TASK Code review & improvement

RELEASE Minor version release v3.5.1

# 3.5.0

16th Feb 2023

FEATURE Implemented Manual Sorting for FAQs

BUGFIX Category filter issue fixed

TASK Code clean-up and improvement

RELEASE Major version release v3.5.0

# 3.4.0

22nd Dec 2022

TASK Upgraded to Bootstrap v5 to TYPO3 v11 backend module

TASK Implemented Reset buttons in module Text fields

TASK Code clean-up and improvement

BUGFIX Resolved reset buttons at forms

RELEASE Major version release v3.4.0 (No-breaking changes)

# 3.3.2

15th Sep 2022

BUGFIX Resolve minor compatibility issue with TYPO3 V10

TASK Code clean-up and improvement

RELEASE Minor version release v3.3.2

# 3.3.1

5th Aug 2022

TASK Code Improvement in Pagination

TASK Minor Code Cleanup

RELEASE Minor non-breaking release v3.3.1

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