Success Story of T3Karma - TYPO3 Template

T3Karma is the most advanced and intuitive multipurpose TYPO3 template of T3Planet made with an official partnership with the world's most popular and largest-selling template “Porto”.

Success Story of T3Karma - TYPO3 Template

In the ever-evolving world of TYPO3 content management systems, the importance of templates cannot be overstated. TYPO3, a widely acclaimed CMS, has seen a remarkable addition to its repertoire – the T3Karma, Truly Multipurpose TYPO3 Template. In this blog, we'll explore the success story of our very own, powerful and versatile TYPO3 template, on the occasion of 3 Successful Years!

T3Karma is not just another TYPO3 Template; It has successfully completed 3 Years. It's a testament to innovation and partnership, with over 600+ downloads in less than 3 years. And an average rating of 4.8/5.

Developed in official collaboration with the renowned ThemeForest’s popular Porto theme, T3Karma has earned its place as the most advanced and intuitive multi-purpose TYPO3 template.

Challenges Faced

Certainly, let's dive into more detail about the challenges we faced when developing and launching a TYPO3 template like T3Karma:

Market Competition:

Challenge: The TYPO3 template market is saturated with customization services. All businesses are different with different needs, So, people opt for custom development rather than pre-built templates.  Preparing a template that suits multiple user bases is a significant challenge.

Solution: In-depth market research to identify gaps and user demands, coupled with creative design and innovative features, helped us stand out. 

Aligning with Porto:

Challenge: T3Karma is built in official partnership with Porto the most popular TYPO3 Theme builder. The challenge here is to incorporate all the features and latest innovations from Porto template to TYPO3. In literal words from HTML Template to TYPO3 Template.

Solution: Our expertise in TYPO3 came to rescue, it was challenging but our team of certified developers and integrators together made it through!

Technical Complexity:

Challenge: Developing a TYPO3 template with 150+ custom elements, live style configuration, and extensive customization options is technically complex. Ensuring the smooth integration of these elements while maintaining performance was challenging.

Solution: Robust development practices, continuous testing, and optimization were essential to manage the technical complexity.

User Experience:

Challenge: Balancing the wealth of features with a user-friendly interface and responsive design  in TYPO3 was challenging. Ensuring that users can easily navigate and utilize the template's capabilities.

Solution: Extensive user testing, UX/UI design expertise, and responsive design principles helped us create a positive user experience.

Cross-Browser Compatibility:

Challenge: Browsers with different rendering engines, which lead to inconsistencies in T3Karma was displayed across various platforms.

Solution: Rigorous testing on multiple browsers and devices, coupled with CSS and JavaScript techniques for cross-browser compatibility, helped us mitigate this challenge.


Challenge: As our TYPO3 template gained popularity, managing an increasing number of users, support requests, and updates was and is still challenging, especially for a small development team. Within the stipulated time frame.

Solution: Planning for scalability by optimizing our development and creating a product roadmap and team which specifically focuses on future product vision, development, and support processes and potentially expanding your team helps manage growth.

Documentation and Demo:

Challenge: Creating comprehensive and user-friendly documentation and demo that is an exact reflection of our product that highlights features and is easy to understand, takes time and effort, but it's crucial for helping users understand and utilize our TYPO3 template effectively.

Solution: Dedicate resources to producing clear and accessible documentation, including video tutorials and FAQs.

Support and Maintenance:

Challenge: Providing timely customer support and regularly updating the template to stay compatible with TYPO3 versions and security standards can be resource-intensive.

Solution: To conclude the same we have a dedicated support team and a regular update schedule to ensure user satisfaction and security. On this note we have upgraded our T3Karma template with the latest TYPO3  v12.

Bug Fixing:

Challenge: Identifying and addressing bugs and compatibility issues with other extensions can be an ongoing challenge.

Solution: Continuous testing and a responsive bug-fixing process were vital to maintaining a reliable template.

User Training:

Challenge: Ensuring that users, especially those new to TYPO3, can effectively utilize the template's features.

Solution: We offer free support for any queries related to our product.

Marketing and Visibility:

Challenge: Competing for visibility in the TYPO3 environs and effectively marketing your template to potential users can be a significant challenge.

Solution: Developing a strong marketing strategy, leverage social media, collaboration with Porto, and investing in SEO to boost visibility was all that helped us.


Challenge: Staying vigilant against potential security vulnerabilities and addressing them promptly is crucial to maintaining user trust.

Solution: Regular security audits, rapid response to security issues, and proactive security measures were essential for template security.

Feedback Management:

Challenge: Handling user feedback, both positive and negative, and using it to improve the template was a continuous challenge.

Solution: We created a separate feedback form right on our product roadmap for a feedback management system to capture, analyze, and act upon user feedback effectively.

Feature Updates:

Challenge: Balancing user demands for new features with maintaining the stability and performance of the template can be a delicate task.

Solution: Prioritizing feature updates based on user needs and carefully testing and deploying updates to ensure minimal disruption. 

Localization, Multi-lingual & Multi-site:

Challenge: Adapting the template for different languages and markets can be complex, especially if it requires translation and cultural customization.

Solution: T3Karma was made highly compatible with TYPO3 core to set up localization, multilingual and multisite features.

Community Building:

Challenge: Building an engaging user community around our template was a long-term challenge that requires community management and support.

Solution: By Fostering a sense of belonging, encouraging contributions, and providing genuine solutions for customer problems helped us Grow!

Development Approach for T3Karma - TYPO3 Template

The creation of a brilliant TYPO3 template like T3Karma is no small feat. In this section, we'll take you behind the scenes to explore the development process that brought this versatile template to life.


1. Idea Generation:
The journey began with a spark of creativity. The team behind T3Karma envisioned a template that would revolutionize web development in the TYPO3 ecosystem.

2. Market Research:
Extensive market research was conducted to understand the needs and preferences of TYPO3 users. What were the pain points? What features were in demand? The answers to these questions shaped the template's direction.

Partnership with Porto

3. Collaboration:
T3Karma's development team recognized the importance of collaboration. They joined forces with Porto, one of the world's most popular themes, to leverage its expertise and user base.

4. Integration: 
The integration of Porto's proven elements and design principles was a meticulous process. It ensured that T3Karma inherited the excellence of Porto while adding its own unique features.

Design and Prototyping

5. User-Centric Design:
T3Karma's user interface and design were meticulously crafted with the end user in mind. User-friendliness and visual appeal were top priorities.

6. Prototyping:
Prototypes were created to test the template's functionality and gather user feedback. This iterative process allowed for refinements and improvements.

Development and Coding

7. Coding Standards:
Development followed the strictest coding standards and TYPO3 guidelines. This ensured stability, reliability, and future compatibility.

8. Custom Elements: 
The creation of over 150+ custom TYPO3 elements required careful planning and coding expertise. Each element was designed to seamlessly integrate with the template's framework.

Compatibility and Testing

9. Compatibility Checks:
T3Karma's compatibility with different TYPO3 versions, including Version 12, was rigorously tested. Compatibility with extensions and third-party tools was also ensured.

10. Quality Assurance:
 The template underwent extensive quality assurance testing, covering performance, security, and usability. Bugs and issues were meticulously addressed.

User-Friendly Backend

11. Editor-Friendly: 
The TYPO3 backend was customized to be editor-friendly, allowing users to easily manage content and customize their websites without technical expertise.

12. Live Style Configuration: 
The introduction of live style configuration simplified the formatting of text, alignment, and other design elements.

Documentation and Support

13. Documentation:.
Comprehensive documentation was created to assist users in setting up and using T3Karma effectively.

14. Customer Support: 
A dedicated customer support team was established to address user inquiries and provide assistance promptly.

Continuous Updates

15. Continuous Improvement: 
T3Karma is committed to ongoing improvement. Regular updates are released to add new features, enhance security, and improve performance.
The development journey of T3Karma was marked by dedication, collaboration, and a commitment to excellence. From concept to creation, every step was carefully executed to ensure that T3Karma emerged as a game-changing TYPO3 template.

Key Features of T3Karma

Truly Multi-purpose

T3Karma is a Multi-purpose TYPO3 template that can be used for many different types of websites. It's easy to customize and looks great on phones and computers. Whether you're making a business site, online store, or personal blog, T3Karma can handle it all. It's like a Swiss Army knife for web design, making it a top choice for TYPO3 projects.

Custom TYPO3 Elements

With over 150 custom TYPO3 elements at your disposal, T3Karma empowers you to build stunning and feature-rich websites without the need for coding. It's a game-changer for web developers and designers seeking limitless possibilities.

Compatibility with TYPO3 v12

T3Karma keeps pace with the latest technology trends. It's fully compatible with TYPO3 Version 12, ensuring you can leverage the best performance and functionalities.

Built with Porto

T3Karma's association with Porto is a testament to its quality and popularity. Boasting 80K+ downloads and a stellar 4.9/5 rating since 2013, Porto's influence is evident in every aspect of T3Karma.

The New Age TYPO3 Element Functionality

A wealth of ready content elements, effortlessly add them to your pages, and customize to your heart's content. With 120+ elements, the possibilities are endless, and coding becomes a thing of the past.

TYPO3 Page Builder

Creating TYPO3 page layouts has never been easier. Thanks to custom content elements with global style configurations, editor-friendliness, and extreme flexibility, T3Karma simplifies web design.

Live Style Configuration

Achieve hassle-free custom formatting for text, alignment, and colors. Enjoy additional typography settings like font size and line height. Tailor your website's appearance effortlessly.

Blazing Fast Speed & High SEO Score

With an Approx. 97% speed grade, 2.5-second load time, and a 94/100 SEO score, T3Karma ensures your website is not only visually appealing but also performs exceptionally well.

Pre-Made Headers & Footer Layouts

Choose from 55+ header options and 45+ footer options to adapt your website's style and colors. Apply them directly or customize to meet your unique requirements.

Pre-Built Pages

T3Karma comes with multiple pre-built pages, including Contact Us, Team, About Us, Layouts, Custom Header, Career Pages, and 404 Pages. Building your site is a matter of seconds.

What Sets T3Karma Apart?

Stable Version

T3Karma adheres to the latest coding techniques and TYPO3 guidelines. It's well-tested and reliable.


Ready-to-launch templates with pre-built designs, content, and extensions. Get your site live in minutes.

Flexible Backend Management

An editor-friendly TYPO3 backend ensures effortless customization and content management.

Fast, Lightweight & Powerful

T3Karma is flexible, adaptive, and optimized for speed and performance.

Follows TYPO3 Core Standards

Developed using the latest coding techniques and strict TYPO3 coding guidelines.

SEO Cares

T3Karma maintains best practice SEO standards, including metadata, sitemaps, robots, and social media integration.

Success Metrics of T3Karma

The success of T3Karma is quantifiable and evident in various metrics:

1. User Ratings

T3Karma enjoys high user ratings, with an average score of 4.8/5 across multiple review platforms.

2. Download Count

T3Karma has been downloaded over 600 times since its inception in 2020.

3. SEO Score

T3Karma consistently achieves high SEO scores, with an approx. rating of 94/100.

4. Performance Metrics

The template achieves a 97% speed grade and boasts a fast 2.5-second load time, ensuring excellent performance.

5. User Testimonials

A plethora of user testimonials highlight T3Karma's excellence and impact on users' web development projects.T3Karma's key features, benefits, and success metrics collectively illustrate its significance in the TYPO3 landscape. With a robust feature set, user-friendly design, and a track record of success, T3Karma is a template that empowers users to create exceptional websites with confidence.

What Customers Says:

T3Karma has garnered widespread acclaim from users worldwide:

Ruth Oeser: "Easy to customize and use for any type of business website. It is very impressive and I personally recommended it for the business website. Thank you T3Planet for providing this TYPO3 template."

Karin Fisher: "Used this template with your website builder, I'd say, it is a very effective way of building TYPO3 websites nad the compatibility is on top. I like the overall aspect of it. I have been working with this template for the last 2 months and I am really seeing the difference between building a template from scratch. Good job."

Anja Krueger: "Excellent customer support. Recently I had a problem with customizing my site and emailed the Theme support. Just a few hours later their team managed to investigate the problem and listed all of the problems that I had to fix. Top-notch templates with top-notch designs. I definitely recommend you using the T3Karma Multipurpose TYPO3 template."

Jonas Kuefer: "The best TYPO3 theme I've ever seen. I have been using this theme for a long time and I am very satisfied. It is totally customizable and customer support is the best i think Theme team is very helpful and kind. Definitely RECOMMENDED!"

Future Roadmap:

Here’s to our plans and future goals to our favorite template T3Karma. Would love to hear your feature requests in the ideas section as well! Your inputs matter!

Upcoming feature list includes;

  • Animated Icons
  • Icon Box
  • Image Frame
  • Maps
  • Pricing Tables
  • Tables
  • Testimonials
  • TYPO3 Core Element
  • Layouts
  • Cards
  • Cascading Images
  • Medias
  • Modals
  • Particles
  • Process
  • Random Images
  • Read More
  • 360º Image Viewer
  • Sliders
  • Template Code Review
  • Use Fluid Image View helper
  • Client’s Feature Requests
  • And.. many other cool features from Porto template

Here’s still more to it, These features still retain their attributes, such as their status, assigned individuals, checklist items completed, and last updated dates. 

Our dedication and seriousness are evident in our commitment to the future plans we've outlined above. These plans, including the ones mentioned earlier, signifying our focus on innovation and customer satisfaction. We're determined to maintain the highest standards of quality and stay at the forefront of our industry by adopting the latest technologies and best practices. Our team's shared passion and commitment drive us to achieve greatness, setting new industry standards, and leaving a lasting impact.


T3Karma offers flexible pricing options:

License Starting at Number of Domains
Annual $499 1
Lifetime  $649 1

We are celebrating 3 Years of our Success and on this Occasion we are offering Flat 20% Off on T3Karma - Use Code “T33KR” - Valid up to 29th September ’2023.

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

And the best part is, We are committed to customer satisfaction! We stand by the quality of T3Karma. If it doesn't meet your expectations within 15 days, we'll refund your money, no questions asked.

T3Karma Template Customization

Additionally, if you want to customise the template as per your brand guidelines we help you! We have a dedicated T3Planet’s product customization service which would help you adjust to your brand guidelines, checkout : T3Planet’s Template Customisation Service.

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The success of T3Karma is a testament to the approach and strategies employed in its development. By prioritizing user needs, forming strategic partnerships, and maintaining a commitment to continuous improvement, T3Karma has emerged as a game-changing TYPO3 template.

Would you prefer a Ready-made template(s) or a Custom one for TYPO3?

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