2023 Year in Review - T3Planet's Steller Achievements

2023 Year in Review - T3Planet's Steller Achievements

As we stand at the threshold of 2024, it's time to reflect on the wonderful journey that was T3Planet in 2023. Another year has unfolded, bringing with it new challenges, innovations, and stories. In the spirit of progress and growth, let's get into the highlights and achievements that defined T3Planet in the past year.

T3Planet 2023 - A Year of Advancements

Introduced Aadi:

Aadi is your amicable, approachable, and tech-savvy companion, ready to guide you through the cosmos of T3Planet. Whether you're in for educational resources, connecting with like-minded individuals, or on a creative project, Aadi stands by you at every juncture. Aadi embodies the spirit of exploration, representing the limitless possibilities that unfold for you on T3Planet.

4 Years of Success:

We proudly celebrate our four-year anniversary, reflecting on the milestones and achievements T3Planet has reached on this exciting journey. This retrospective not only honors the past but also offers a glimpse into the promising future.

T3Planet Launches German Language Site for Dutchish Customers

In a move to better cater to our valued Dutchish customers, T3Planet is excited to announce the launch of our German language site. This represents T3Planet's commitment to inclusivity and responsiveness to the diverse linguistic needs of our community. 

We invite our Dutchish users to have a look at our new German language site and experience the same level of excellence and dedication that T3Planet has consistently delivered.

Improved License System:

Our license management has level upped the customer experience to new heights. With a plethora of positive experiences, we've optimized the license system to provide our customers with a flawless and user-friendly experience. Flexibility, transparency, and user-friendliness are at the core of our service. 

Introduction of New Composer Way:

We have also introduced the Composer-based approach. Check out our documentation to explore the benefits and smooth transition to this modern and efficient way of managing TYPO3 extensions. learn how to migrate to the new composer:

TYPO3 v12 Compatibility:

Staying at the forefront of TYPO3 advancements, T3Planet makes sure compatibility with TYPO3 v12. Our products can easily integrate with the latest TYPO3 version, providing users with the best and most up-to-date solutions.

TYPO3 Association Silver Member

T3Planet proudly announces its recent achievement as a 'TYPO3 Association Silver Member.' This esteemed recognition reflects our steadfast commitment to supporting and contributing to the TYPO3 CMS project. As a Silver Member, T3Planet stands shoulder to shoulder with other industry leaders, demonstrating our dedication to the growth and advancement of the TYPO3 community.

Being a TYPO3 Association Silver Member signifies our active involvement in shaping the future of TYPO3 and underscores our commitment to the principles and objectives of the TYPO3 Association. This membership allows us to actively contribute to the continued development and success of TYPO3, fostering a collaborative environment that benefits the entire TYPO3 community.

We are excited about the opportunities this membership brings and look forward to furthering our engagement with the TYPO3 Community.

T3Planet's Product Roadmap:

Introducing T3Planet's Product Roadmap, a dedicated platform designed to keep our valued customers in the loop about the exciting new features and enhancements with our TYPO3 extensions and templates.

This roadmap feature serves as a transparent guide, showcasing our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. By providing a detailed overview of upcoming developments, we aim to build trust and reinforce our dedication to delivering top-notch products.

Stay tuned with us through the Product Roadmap, as we are on this way together to bring the best of your experience with the latest and greatest features across our entire TYPO3  product range.

Your trust and satisfaction are our priorities, and this roadmap is our way of sharing the exciting future we envision for our TYPO3 products.

Introducing the ‘Arrange a Call’ Feature!

Introduce the all-new "Arrange a Call" feature, designed to make your experience with T3Planet even more convenient. Now, scheduling a product demo is just a click away.

With this feature, you can effortlessly arrange a call with our experts to get personalized insights into our products. Whether you have questions, need a walkthrough, or want to explore specific features, our team is ready to assist. We value your time, and this feature is our way of ensuring a seamless and customized experience for you. 

Strategic Partnerships and Collaborations with T3Planet

Expanding Horizons with Partnerships:

In 2023, T3Planet continued its journey of strategic partnerships. Notably, our collaboration with prominent industry players and innovative solutions expanded, fostering a community dedicated to excellence.

T3Planet forms valuable partnerships with industry leaders and tech platforms to enhance TYPO3 development standards. These collaborations with top agencies and technology providers strengthen our expertise, workforce, and development capabilities. This not only fosters new connections but also helps in mutual success, bringing the latest TYPO3 technologies to build your business.

We take pride in being a TYPO3 Silver Partner, actively contributing to the TYPO3 development and supporting the community. Additionally, our partnerships with cloud providers like AWS and Google Cloud, hosting partners like jweiland.net and Cloudways, marketing partners like Google and HubSpot, and security and privacy partners like Friendly Captcha, Cookiebot, and Cookieyes, highlight our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions.

Our technology and platform partnerships with Porto, OpenAI, Slider Revolution, Zoho, and OpenStreetMap demonstrate our dedication to offering powerful and versatile solutions. Partnering with T3Planet comes with various benefits, including cross-promotion opportunities, exclusive discounts, priority technical support, and early access to updates, providing you with a cost-effective advantage and a seamless experience - Join us

Re-launched T3Planet's Affiliate Marketing Program

T3Planet has officially Re-launched its Affiliate Marketing Program in 2023! Help us spread TYPO3 Love together. You can be a part of our success story by joining our affiliate program and earn existing rewards while promoting top-notch TYPO3 products. Whether you're a TYPO3 enthusiast, a blogger, or an agency, this program offers a fantastic opportunity to monetize your influence and contribute to the TYPO3 Open Source. It's a win-win – you spread the word about T3Planet's wonderful products, or even services and in return, earn attractive commissions. You can have a detailed view here.

Knowledge Sharing and Product Innovations

Community-Centric Knowledge Sharing:

In 2023, T3Planet upheld its belief that knowledge sharing is the best contribution to the community. With over 25+ TYPO3 blogs, 17+ tutorials and snippets, and a growing community of 4500+ TYPO3 newsletter subscribers, our commitment to sharing information remains steadfast.

Launch of Unique TYPO3 Products:

The commitment to delivering unique and innovative products continued in 2023. New additions to our collection included;

Sales, Downloads, and Global Impact

This year, your tremendous support and affection propelled our products to unprecedented heights of popularity. The figures for the year are truly remarkable:

63,000+ downloads of TYPO3 Templates

17,000+ Downloads of TYPO3 Extensions

2,100+ premium TYPO3 customers

What our Customer’s Say!

At T3Planet, our family extends beyond our team to include you, our valued customers. Your presence, satisfaction, and the commitment of our partners and staff are the cornerstones of our success. Throughout 2023, our focus remained on ensuring the happiness of our team and customers. Here's a glimpse of our achievements:

170+ heartfelt testimonials from satisfied customers

7+ Support Executives

12+ Dedicated TYPO3 Developers

50+ live chats Handled

350+ support tickets solved!

3+ support executives

Progressive Statistics Reflecting Global Impact:

In 2023, T3Planet experienced a surge of love and attention from across the globe, and we are thrilled to share some remarkable statistics:

 3.13 million Google Search Impressions

Welcoming visitors from more than 30 countries

80% of our visitors from Germany and Austria

10,000+ monthly visitors

Dedication to Open Source and Community Welfare

Beyond our products, T3Planet remains actively involved in initiatives that uphold the principles of open source.

As we conclude our reflections on the milestones and triumphs of 2023, it's evident that this year was marked by progress and innovation. The support, love, and appreciation received from you, our community, have been instrumental in shaping T3Planet's journey.

With 2023 now a part of our history, we eagerly look ahead to a future filled with anticipation. Your continued engagement and support drive us to strive for excellence in the coming years. Here's to a promising and fulfilling 2024! Thank you for making 2023 truly exceptional for T3Planet.

Our Exciting 2024 Plans:


  • Launch TYPO3 Micro Services: Introducing quick and nimble services for TYPO3.
  • Launch New Products: We're bringing innovative additions to our product lineup.
  • Products – Beta to Stable: Turning our experimental TYPO3 products into reliable goodies.
  • Products – Stable to Expand:  Expanding the reach and capabilities of our stable products.
  • New Feature Releases (Existing Products): Adding fresh features to the things you already love, from T3Planet’s product roadmap.
  • Work Smarter on Products: Making our process of creating and releasing things even better. I.e. enhancing the efficiency of our product development and release cycles.
  • More Contribution to TYPO3: Getting involved and helping out in the TYPO3 community.
  • Focus on German Users: Giving some extra love to our German friends.
  • Introducing Product Owner: Bringing in someone to take charge of making our stuff amazing.
  • Relaunching Documentation and Help Center: Improving our guides and support for you.
  • Fun Community Projects: Joining cool community projects like T3Podcast and TYPO3 AI Summit for a good time together.

As we are on the way to help you lift up your TYPO3 Experience, Come along…………….! It would be Fun! 

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