TYPO3 CookieYes Extension

TYPO3 CookieYes Extension


TYPO3 CookieYes Extension is your all-in-one solution for achieving global compliance effortlessly. With support for an extensive range of data protection laws, including GDPR (EU & UK), LGPD (Brazil), PIPEDA (Canada), POPIA (South Africa), nFADP (Switzerland), Privacy Act (Australia), PDPL (Argentina), PDPL (Andorra), and DPA (Faroe Islands), you can rest assured that your website meets the highest standards of data privacy.

Also having consent templates that supports CCPA/CPRA (California), VCDPA (Virginia), CPA (Colorado), CTDPA (Connecticut), & UCPA (Utah). 

Managing multiple compliance requirements for TYPO3 Websites is easy with CookieYes. From Europe to the Americas and beyond, our extension supports a diverse array of data protection regulations, enabling you to cater to a worldwide audience, fostering trust and loyalty. 

It is not only easy to implement but also to manage, making sure it adapts to the ongoing compliances. 

TYPO3 v12 Compatible

Latest TYPO3 CookieYes Extension is fully optimized for Version 12, ensuring you have a wonderful experience.

Plug-n-Play TYPO3 Extension

It's our Plug-n-Play extension, effortlessly enhancing functionalities without any fuss. An integration that is not just easy but impactful as well.

GDPR and CCPA Compliance

Effortlessly align your website with a multitude of international privacy regulations.

Build user trust, demonstrate your commitment to data privacy, and create a truly global user experience that resonates with audiences across the world.

Display Custom Cookie Banner

Customize layout, design and content with custom CSS and branding. You can also get your consent banner auto-translated to 26 languages spoken worldwide


Implement Cookie Control

Cookie control includes features like;

  • Automatically block third-party cookies
  • Configure cookies based on user preferences
  • Gather consent for cookie categories
  • Access a comprehensive overview of consent opt-ins

Complete Cookie Audit with Cookie Scanner

Create a detailed cookie audit report with auto categorization of cookies, You can also create a monthly scan plus find hidden cookies. 

Automatically scans your website for cookies after Installing. Using an extensive database of over 25,000 cookies, CookieYes auto-categorizes the scanned cookies on your website

Consent Management Dashboard

  • Geo-targeting specific users
  • Consent Logs
  • Integration with Google Consent Mode
  • Includes cookie widget for consent withdrawal

Free Policy Generator

Generate custom policies with pre-built templates for policies such as; privacy policy, cookie policy, etc. 

Other Highlights

Consent Banner

Modify the look and feel of your consent banner to match your website's design.

Granular Control

Automatic blocking of all first- and third-party cookies on your website until consent is given

Cookie Audit & Management

Keep a detailed record of all cookies plus manage and categorize cookies.

Multi-Language Support

Reach a global audience effortlessly by offering cookie consent banners in multiple languages.

Automatic Compliance Updates

Stay up-to-date with evolving cookie laws and regulations. It automatically updates to reflect any changes in ongoing compliance.

Download & Store User consent

Store user-consents in a cloud driven environment which is downloadable.

TYPO3 Backend Screens

Reviews & Rating

4.5 / 5

Erik Urner

Erik Urner

CookieYes is super easy and versatile.

Felix Meyer

Felix Meyer

The support team at T3Planet has been incredibly helpful and responsive, making the setup and integration process a breeze, even for free extensions.



I'm grateful for the TYPO3 CookieYes Extension, It's Free, yet upto the mark. It's an invaluable addition to my website.



I was looking for a GDPR-compliant cookie consent solution for my TYPO3 website, and I found TYPO3 CookieYes to be the best option. It's easy to use, and it has all the features I need. I would definitely recommend it !

Marco Hofmann

Marco Hofmann

The TYPO3 CookieYes Extension is a must-have for anyone running a TYPO3 website. It's truly plug-n-play, and the GDPR and CCPA compliance features provide peace of mind

Sophia Kuster

Sophia Kuster

I needed a solution for GDPR and CCPA compliance on my TYPO3 website, and the TYPO3 CookieYes Extension fit the bill perfectly.

Christian Busch

Christian Busch

Managing cookies and user consent has never been easier thanks to the TYPO3 CookieYes Extension. It's a robust and well-designed tool that simplifies GDPR compliance and respects user privacy

Annett Schreiber

Annett Schreiber

The TYPO3 CookieYes Extension has simplified the process of managing cookies and obtaining user consent on our website.reat tool for GDPR adherence.

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TYPO3 Version

TYPO3 v6 to 12

Extension Key


Composer Support

composer req nitsan/ns-cookieyes

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