TYPO3 Extensions Updates - May 2024

TYPO3 Extensions Updates - May 2024

Welcome to the May 2024 edition of the TYPO3 Extensions Updates - May 2024!

We are happy to announce some major changes and product updates this month. T3Planet has launched over 04+ the newest TYPO3 services in our store! This means you now have even more options to get expert help with your TYPO3 projects. These new services are designed to make your work easier and more efficient.

Another exciting update from our store is the release of major new features for T3AI and the TYPO3 HubSpot Extension. These enhancements are aimed at providing you with better functionality and more robust performance. Additionally, we are planning a special surprise for T3AI fans, so be sure to stay in touch with us for more details!

Throughout May Month, our TYPO3 Programmers and testers have been working tirelessly to upgrade the versions of our TYPO3 products, thus enhancing your daily TYPO3 experience.

Newly Launched TYPO3 Extension

ExtensionNew Released VersionCompatibilityVersion TypeView Extension
ns_pwa1.1.1TYPO3 v12MajorView Extension

Newly Updated TYPO3 Extensions

ExtensionNew Released VersionCompatibilityVersion TypeView Extension
ns_news_slider 12.1.0TYPO3 v6 to 12Major View Changelog
ns_helpdesk12.1.0TYPO3 v8 to 12MajorView Changelog
ns_faq12.2.0TYPO3 v8 to v12Minor View Changelog
ns_backup12.2.0TYPO3 v8 to 12Major View Changelog
ns_event11.1.0TYPO3 v9 to v12Minor View Changelog
ns_hubspot1.0.0TYPO3 v11 to 12MinorView Changelog
nitsan_maintenance12.1.0TYPO3 v6 to v12Major View Changelog
ns_all_lightbox12.1.0TYPO3 v7 to v12MinorView Changelog
ns_whatsapp12.1.0TYPO3 v8 to 12Minor View Changelog
ns_revolution_slider12.2.1TYPO3 v8 to v12Minor View Changelog
ns_news_slick12.1.0TYPO3 v6 to 12MinorView Changelog
ns_all_sliders12.1.0TYPO3 v6 to 12MinorView Changelog

Newly Updated TYPO3 Templates

TemplateNew Released VersionCompatibilityVersion TypeView Template
ns_theme_t3karma12.3.0TYPO3 v10 to v12majorView Changelog
ns_theme_bootstrap12.0.4TYPO3 v10 to  v12minorView Changelog

T3Planet’s Newly Launched TYPO3 Services(T3GIG)

Upon receiving more demand for additional TYPO3 services from our valued customers, we are pleased to announce that T3Planet is rolling out more than four new TYPO3 services at our TYPO3 Store. This ensures a seamless and high-end TYPO3 experience.

These new services are designed to make your TYPO3 experience smoother and more efficient. Whether you need help with development, customization, or any other aspect of TYPO3, our team of experts is here to assist you.

TYPO3 Service For Decision Makers

Service nameView Service
TYPO3 Website DesignView Service

TYPO3 Service For Marketers

View ServiceView Service
TYPO3 GDPR Compliance View Service
TYPO3 Technical SEO ServiceView Service
TYPO3 Content editing & PublishingView Service

Major Features Release of TYPO3 Slider Revolution Extension

Our most popular TYPO3 Slider Revolution extension has received a major upgrade with the latest feature releases, including Slider Revolution v6.7.0 and new templates.

Here's what awaits you in Slider Revolution Extension :

Latest Official Slider Revolution v6.7.0 - Slider Revolution just got a major upgrade! Version 6.7.0 makes it even easier to create beautiful sliders that wow visitors on your website.

  • Exciting New Slider Templates Available
  • New Formatting Option Added with Visual Editor
  • GDPR Compliance: Automatically Host Google fonts on your server
  • Create Better Layouts With Groups & Columns

Hubspot Extension for TYPO3 with latest Premium Features

Introducing the Premium HubSpot Extension for TYPO3, seamlessly integrated with HubSpot CRM. This comprehensive extension lets you manage contacts, create effective email marketing campaigns, chat live with visitors, use chatbots, add attractive forms to your pages, and more.

What’s New in Extension?

  • Effortless Integration with HubSpot CRM - The HubSpot Integration for TYPO3 automatically syncs your website data with HubSpot, making contact management and list segmentation easier.
  • Create Forms & Popups - Build & publish HubSpot lead capture forms on your TYPO3 site with drag-and-drop ease! 
  • Easy-to-use Contact Management - All email addresses you collect on your website, whether through HubSpot's tools or your own forms, will automatically be added to your HubSpot CRM.
  • Chat with Website Visitors in Real-Time - Don't let website visitors leave with unanswered questions! Add live chat to your site and chat with them directly. Answer their questions and build trust right when they're interested.

Exploring AI worlds with T3AI Podcast

We are happy to share that we are taking T3AI to new heights with our pioneering T3AI podcast. In this podcast, we explore the world of AI with industry experts and discuss how it is useful in TYPO3 CMS. Join us as we take into the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in AI, and learn how AI can enhance your TYPO3 projects.

Did You Know ?
T3AI is First ever First-ever TYPO3 AI feature-rich content assistance in TYPO3 that automates content creation and optimization. The extension comes with numerous features like SEO optimization, Create AI-page, Language Translation, Chat assistance, Read-to-use helpful prompts, etc.

Empowering Our TYPO3 Knowledge Hub Series More Digitally!

With Increasing demand for TYPO3 video series from our beloved T3Planet users, we are pleased to announce that we are now sharing our TYPO3 Knowledge Hub video series on YouTube. Now, you can watch and learn TYPO3 from our comprehensive collection.

Haven't subscribed yet?

Wrapping Up !

Concluding this month with some exciting updates! We hope you found something helpful for your template or extension. Next, we are planning to roll out more new TYPO3 services & New TYPO3 Products for our TYPO3 Users.

Until then, happy TYPO3 reading!

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