T3Planet TYPO3 Product Release highlights April 2024

T3Planet TYPO3 Product Release highlights April 2024

Welcome to the April 2024 edition of the TYPO3 Products Releases Highlights - April 2024!

This month has been even more exciting for both our beloved TYPO3 users and us. Want to know? Why? We're pleased to announce that T3Planet has launched 3 New TYPO3 services (GIG) in our TYPO3 store! This means you have even more options to get expert help with your TYPO3 project.secondly T3Planet is Celebrating 2500+ Premium Customers for that we are thanking to our beloved customers and T3planet user we are launch TYPO3 Sale of 25% off on all Our TYPO3 Products and TYPO3 Services Valid till 3rd May 2024.

Our powerful TYPO3 AI Extension, T3OpenAI, is getting a makeover! It's now called T3AI – TYPO3 AI Extension. The functionality remains enhanced with more features, and the new name better reflects its focus on enhancing your TYPO3 experience with artificial intelligence.

Throughout April, our TYPO3 Programmers and testers have been working tirelessly to upgrade the versions of our TYPO3 products, thus enhancing your daily TYPO3 experience.

So, without further ado, let's dive into the major updates and highlights from T3Planet!

Newly Launched TYPO3 Extension

ExtensionNew Released VersionCompatibilityVersion TypeView Extension
ns_wp_migratio1.0.0TYPO3 v11,v12MajorView Extension
ns_event12.0.0TYPO3 v9 to,v12MajorView Extension

Newly Updated TYPO3 Extension

ExtensionNew Released VersionCompatibilityVersion TypeView Extension
ns_ext_compatibility6.0.0TYPO3 v4 to v12MinorView Changelog
ns_t3ai3.0.2TYPO3 v10 to v12MinorView Changelog
ns_comments12.2.1TYPO3 v8 to 12MinorView Changelog
ns_helpdesk2.6.7TYPO3 v8 to 12MinorView Changelog
ns_news_slider12.0.1TYPO3 v6 to 12MinorView Changelog

Newly Updated TYPO3 Templates

TemplateNew Released VersionCompatibilityVersion TypeView Template
ns_theme_t3karma12.2.5TYPO3 v11,v12Minor View Changelog

T3Planet’s Newly Launched TYPO3 Services(T3GIG)

Upon receiving more demand for additional TYPO3 services from our valued customers, we are pleased to announce that T3Planet is rolling out more than three additional TYPO3 services at our TYPO3 Store. This ensures a seamless and high-end TYPO3 experience.

These new services are designed to make your TYPO3 experience even smoother and more efficient. Whether you need help with development, customization, or something else entirely, our team of experts is here to assist you.

What T3GIG?

T3GIG is our All-in-One TYPO3 Services, offering affordable, reliable, and cost-effective TYPO3 services specifically designed to align with your TYPO3 needs.

We offer a range of TYPO3 services including website development, customization, performance optimization, and ongoing support. Our experienced team ensures cost-effective solutions that meet your needs. With T3GIG, your TYPO3 project is in capable hands. Contact us today for your TYPO3 needs!

TYPO3 Service For Decision Makers

Service nameView Service
TYPO3 ShopView Service

TYPO3 Service For Administrators

Service nameView Service
TYPO3 Speed & PerformanceView Service
TYPO3 Security SolutionView Service

T3OpenAI is Now T3AI - Your TYPO3 AI Assistant at TYPO3 Backend

We've got some exciting updates from the T3Planet team, and you're not gonna want to miss this! Our best-selling extension, T3OpenAI, is getting a brand new name: T3AI - TYPO3 AI Extension. But that's not all! We've also been busy adding even more features to make this powerful TYPO3 AI Extension even better with more Useful Features, which can make your TYPO3 Backend Experience even more smoother.

Celebrating 2500+ Premium TYPO3 Customers Milestone

T3Planet is celebrating a major milestone: we've hit over 2500 premium customers! This wouldn't have been possible without the incredible support from each and every one of you—our beloved customers and dedicated T3Planet users.To express our deepest gratitude, we're rolling out something special. We're launching a TYPO3 Sale with a 25% discount on all our TYPO3 products and services! But hurry, this fantastic offer is only valid until May 3rd, 2024. So don't miss out on snagging some incredible deals and being a part of our celebration!

  • 25% Discount all TYPO3 Products & TYPO3 Services
  • Valid Till 3rd May
  • Use Coupon Code - T3P25

Introducing the Latest in Our TYPO3 v13.1 Blog Series!

The TYPO3 community is celebrating as the TYPO3 v13 series has released its third sprint feature release. TYPO3 v13.1 marks the 3rd step towards the highly anticipated LTS release scheduled for October 2024.

We're thrilled to announce the launch of the second series of our TYPO3 v13 blog series. Packed with comprehensive details about significant features, noteworthy changes, and deprecations in TYPO3 v13.1, this series is your go-to resource for staying updated on all things TYPO3.

Deep dive  into the latest update, TYPO3 v13.1 series, where we explore the goals of TYPO3 v13 LTS and uncover why TYPO3 version 13.1 is called the "Surfer’s StartKit" in Ocean Theme. We've covered everything you need to know about TYPO3 v13.1, ensuring you're fully informed about the latest advancements in the TYPO3 Community.

Read our in-depth article here for a closer look at TYPO3 v13.1 and its exciting features here

Empowering Our TYPO3 Knowledge Hub Series More Digitally!

With Increasing demand for TYPO3 video series from our beloved T3Planet users, we are pleased to announce that we are now sharing our TYPO3 Knowledge Hub video series on YouTube. Now, you can watch and learn TYPO3 from our comprehensive collection.

Haven't subscribed yet?

Wrapping Up !

Concluding this month with some exciting updates! We hope you found something helpful for your template or extension. Next, we are planning to roll out more new TYPO3 services & New TYPO3 Products for our TYPO3 Users.

Until then, happy TYPO3 reading!

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