TYPO3 Backend Login Setup Guide

Are you looking for TYPO3 Backend login integration and configuration? This blog will help you implement the TYPO3 backend login feature with core ways, free TYPO3 login extensions, TYPO3 registration plugins, and tips to enhance your TYPO3 backend login.

TYPO3 Backend Login Setup Guide

Are you looking for TYPO3 Backend login integration and configuration? This blog will help you implement the TYPO3 backend login feature with core ways, free TYPO3 login extensions, TYPO3 registration plugins, and tips to enhance your TYPO3 backend login.

TYPO3 core team and community are always eager to make better secure TYPO3. That’s TYPO3 take care to manage both backend and frontend users records within TYPO3 core ;)

My dear TYPO3 reader, as my blog ritual, it’s time to appreciate the TYPO3 community people and developers who contributed their time and efforts to make good and secure TYPO3 login extensions. Thanks to everyone, #T3Kudos!

If you are looking for TYPO3 login integration for your frontend users, check out this guide on How to Setup TYPO3 Frontend Login (Manually & With Extensions).

Without wasting your time, Let’s get started to implement TYPO3 login features and available TYPO3 extensions.

Backend TYPO3 Login Extensions

Although TYPO3 has built-in strong backend login, users, and access management. Here are some creative backend TYPO3 login extensions which may help you ;)

EXT.t3am (by Oliver Eglseder)

T3AM is a small extension that adds another TYPO3 as a source of backend user accounts. This means you can log into any configured TYPO3 with T3AM using only one account. T3AM is intended for teams and agencies where many people work on many projects and need a backend account on any of these systems. If installed and configured, you will no longer need to create accounts for your colleagues.

EXT.belogin_images (by Sven Jürgens)

Well, it’s not about the login feature but the creative TYPO3 extension, which displays random background images at the TYPO3 backend—display random Background Images from different sources at your TYPO3 BackendLogin Page.

EXT.cvc_webauthn (by CARL von CHIARI GmbH)

This TYPO3 extension provides access to a second login form that uses the WebAuthn standard. Backend users can login using a WebAuthn Authenticator. They also can register one or more WebAuthn Authenticators. This is achieved by using the Webauthn Framework.

Backend: Third-Party TYPO3 SSO Login Extensions

You may probably want to use 3rd party SSO services to login to your TYPO3 users on the frontend website. Here is the list of all available such TYPO3 login extensions.


Extension key





TYPO3 YubiKey 2FA Auth





Auth0 for TYPO3




Miscellaneous TYPO3 Login Extensions

Here I want to share some of the miscellaneous TYPO3 login extensions that may help your particular TYPO3 website or application.

EXT.be_secure_pw (by Thomas Loeffler)

This extension gives you the possibility to force secure passwords from your BE users. You can set up the password patterns like e.g. capitals, digits, etc., and a minimal length of the password. After activating the extensions, your BE users must fit the patterns and password length to save a new one! You can set a reminder to let the users remind them of changing their password.

EXT.be_auto_login (hmmh multimediahaus AG)

This extension will allow you to login into the TYPO3 backend without providing a username and password manually. This may be quite useful during development and may save a lot of time.


This extension allows the backend user to reset his password from the login form. An option can be specified to force the Backend user to change his password at first login.


An extension to specify secure password rules and force backend users to change their passwords if the password is older than a defined limit. If a backend user logs in and his password needs to change, the user will be logged out and redirected to a comfortable password change form. After the password was changed, the user will automatically be logged in and can start his work in the backend.


It gives the possibility to configure a valid IP range for BE users. There are two vars for configuration: one for admins and one for other be-user IP-ranges are configured in a comma-list. Only v4-addresses are valid.


Logs frontend actions and display them in a backend module. Track page views, News, Downloads, and custom objects. Optionally tracks frontend user logins and login durations. Alternative extension for Google-Analytics, Matomo, Piwik - this extension does not use any cookies!



TYPO3 extension to simulate fe-login for a group if IP-address (IPv4 and IPv6) fits. You can define multiple IPs and ranges per group in the backend.


This extension will help you to quickly password-protect TYPO3 pages without frontend user management. Password Protected TYPO3 Pages. Now authentication at TYPO3 made easy with simple though sufficiently powerful features. The plugin provides Administrators & TYPO3 back-end users with a way to restrict accessibility. Only authenticated people on any page with only users having the password can access the page.


Thanks for reading my article. I hope you learned and enjoyed it.
Indeed, the TYPO3 community is fantastic! TYPO3 People build many solutions for the TYPO3 login. Based on your needs, choose the right path to configure the TYPO3 login feature at Backend. And, my friend, don’t forget to send your Greetings and Thanks to those TYPO3 people.

Do you have any questions or concerns about the TYPO3 login? Feel free to write to the comment box below; I’ll be happy to answer you.

Have a Happy TYPO3 Login!

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