T3Planet 2021 - All Highlights, Innovations & Stories

As we move to 2022 and we look back to 2021, this year has been like no other. We’ve experienced unprecedented change and difficulties with worldwide pandemics. Thanks for riding through with us with trust and constant companionship.

T3Planet 2021 - All Highlights, Innovations & Stories

As we move to 2022 and we look back to 2021, this year has been like no other. We’ve experienced unprecedented change and difficulties with worldwide pandemics. Thanks for riding through with us with trust and constant companionship. 

It has been two years since T3Planet TYPO3 Marketplace was launched at TYPO3 Conference 2019 at Hague - the Netherlands
Moreover this year T3Planet marked 2 glorious years of success

As we enter 2022, let's take a look back at T3Planet's highlights from this year — thanks for being with us throughout this year! We hope T3Planet has helped you serve a fruitful business with TYPO3 products. Your support brightened our 2021, inspired us to serve the best, and motivates us to keep working hard going completely digital in means of  Marketplace experience, Bringing you exciting TYPO3 Templates & Extensions, Unique TYPO3 Services, TYPO3 Contribution, Writing TYPO3 Blogs/Tutorials, and regular updates.

Let’s have a look back at T3Planet’s achievements, enhancements, and accomplishments throughout 2021!

T3Planet Highlights - 2021

T3Planet 3.0

We redesigned your T3Planet Marketplace with an improved modern look, customer experience, and performance for an ultimate marketplace experience for our beloved customers!

Visit our site to check the difference!

Launched Annual & Lifetime Subscription Model

We focus and take care of you, and so to serve our existing and future customers in a better way we have bifurcated our current license system into annual and lifetime subscription models.

What Is the Annual Subscription Model? 

The customer will get annual assurance of the purchased product with free TYPO3 updates and support for a year. Let’s revise,

  • 1 Year Of Free TYPO3 Support
  • 1 Year Of Free TYPO3 Product Updates

What Is the Lifetime Subscription Model? 

It comes with an abundant bunch of benefits, you'll get lifetime support with lifetime product updates and lifetime product assurance. It is a one-time payment, not a subscription. Let’s improvise,

  • Lifetime Free TYPO3 Support
  • Lifetime Free TYPO3 Product Updates

Get to know more about T3Planet’s Annual & Lifetime Subscription Model checkout,  https://t3planet.com/blog/t3terminal-subscription
You can refer to our buyer’s terms for an in-depth idea. 

Introduced T3Planet License System

For improved customer experience and authenticity, this year T3Planet introduced a License authentication system.

Every customer who purchases a T3Planet product is provided with a license key that is required to unlock benefits such as automatic updates, support from our developers, and extra benefits for the product offered. 

This license key you get upon purchase will help you to activate the type of license you purchased.

Introduced One Click Product Updates

TYPO3 product updates made easy at T3Planet with One Click Update Installation!

Good news for TYPO3 customers, you can easily update your purchased TYPO3 product with a single click right from your dashboard. Isn’t that cool?

Check out this help guide to update your TYPO3 product now!

T3Terminal’s Partnership With Slider Revolution Core (ThemePunch)

Sanjay Chauhan, the brand manager of T3Planet has been a true TYPO3 fanatic and wanted to introduce an amazing extension that made TYPO3 front-end editing and website development easy, yes just by a single extension to use.

Trying since 2019 for partnership with Themepunch and boom, in September 2021, we became official partners of Slider Revolution. We embedded and launched the Slider Revolution extension for TYPO3 CMS.

Introduced First Ever TYPO3 Website Builder! (TYPO3 SaaS + T3 Karma)

With TYPO3 Website Builder, T3Planet aims to makes it easy building and managing a TYPO3 website, that scales with your needs. T3Planet's website builder solutions are extremely fast, secure & user-friendly for your successful projects. 

With affordable plans, you'll get access to premium TYPO3 templates and powerful plugins to customize your site. Our dedicated team provides all-in-one TYPO3 solutions within our TYPO3 marketplace like Installation, Templates, Hosting, SLA, and Support.

TYPO3 People Searching & Us!

Google Search Console says "T3Planet is loved by You!"
With each passing day, we are getting new & repeated customers, readers, & visitors. We are grateful for your appreciation for T3Planet!

From the start until the end of 2021, T3Planet received your love in the form of

  • 4.76 M Google Search Impressions
  • 188K Organic Traffic from Google Search

T3Planet Ranking

T3Planet appears on the 1st page by searching the "TYPO3" keyword. That’s quite a happy achievement for us <3 

TYPO3 Knowledge sharing

We at T3Planet believe knowledge sharing is the best contribution to the community. At T3Planet, we care for TYPO3 people by sharing TYPO3 blogs, TYPO3 products (free & Premium), TYPO3 Tutorials, and regular updates.

4000+ TYPO3 Newsletter Subscribers

205+ TYPO3 Blogs Published

50+ TYPO3 Tutorial & Snippets

Launched Unique TYPO3 Products

Since inception of T3Planet, T3Planet has had a great vision for you in terms of unique Templates, unmatchable extension solutions, and click n launch SaaS solutions. We’re glad we added following unique TYPO3 themes and extension to our collection this 2021!

T3Planet Annual Sales & Downloads

With overwhelming love and support received from you, T3Planet products were hit and loved immensely this year! These statistics amazed us!

7000+ Times Downloaded TYPO3 Templates

83000+ Times Downloaded TYPO3 Extensions

42+ Premium TYPO3 SaaS Customers

T3Planet Progressive Statistics

T3Planet received love this year from all sounds of the world in all forms. On observing the statistics we are more than happy to receive this love and attention from you!

150K+ Total Visitors

4K+ Total Customers 

55%    Visitors from Germany

48+ Countries customers from

11K+ Monthly Visitors

Our T3Planet Family

Your presence, happiness, and our partners & staff are our assets. This year we never missed a chance to keep them happy!

100+ Happy testimonials from customers

7+ Support Executives

25+ Team Members at T3T

260+ Live-chat Handled

380+ Support ticket solved

Working at T3Planet Office

The T3Planet worked hard, by all means, to support you from our new remote roles with unmatched support and products:

5000+ Hours at Office

7000+ Hours at Home Office

1000+ GoToMeeting Sessions

T3Planet Loves TYPO3 OpenSource

Our TYPO3 vendors are truly OpenSource lovers. Many of them are actively contributing to the TYPO3 community to grow the TYPO3 OpenSource Ecosystem.


Looking at the memories and achievements, 2021 has been a much loved and appreciated year for T3Planet, all because of your constant appreciation, love,    and support. 

This year would not have been like it is today without your engagement! Many thanks for allowing us to be a part of your year! 

Let’s close 2021 on a high note and make 2022 a year to remember.

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