T3Planet – Introducing Ideal Subscription Model

T3Planet decided to shift gears with TYPO3 Subscription models, Annual and Lifetime Subscription. Explore this radical move.

T3Planet – Introducing Ideal Subscription Model

T3Planet TYPO3 Marketplace just completed two years on 17th October 2021, we decided to shift gears a bit and focus all our development and marketing efforts with two models, Annual and Lifetime Subscription. This was a radical move. 

The goal of this decision was to deliver our commitment towards our TYPO3 products that we can deliver regular updates, quality support, and that everyone in the team knows and understands our products inside out. Let’s find out what is our new Annual and Lifetime Subscription model at T3Planet.

T3Planet TYPO3 Marketplace : Idea Behind Annual & Lifetime Subscription

We focus and take care of you, and so to serve our existing and future customers in a better way we have bifurcated our current license system into annual and lifetime subscription models.

To serve you with regular product updates and continued support, we’ve updated our subscription policy. Let’s compare existing scenarios and the new models.

Old Customer Support and Update Policy

The past support and product update policy were different terms and were not on the same page.

Support Policy:

  • The support period in the earlier model provided “30 days” of free support.
  • Additional purchase of $49-$69 (depending upon product) was to be made to avail 1 year of additional support for products.

Product Update Policy

  • By default every T3Planet product came with a compatibility update for 1 major TYPO3 version.
  • To avail compatibility for future major 3 TYPO3 versions, an additional purchase of $59 used to be made.

Somehow we felt there was a need to have a better policy that combines support and product updates, not to miss a subscription model that provides customers with a feasible and pocket friendly additional support.

What Is the Annual Subscription Model?

The customer will get annual assurance of the purchased product with free TYPO3 updates and support for a year. Let’s revise,

  • 1 Year Of Free TYPO3 Support
  • 1 Year Of Free TYPO3 Product Updates

What Is the Lifetime Subscription Model?

It comes with an abundant bunch of benefits, you'll get lifetime support with lifetime product updates and lifetime product assurance. It is a one-time payment, not a subscription. Let’s improvise,

  • Lifetime Free TYPO3 Support
  • Lifetime Free TYPO3 Product Updates

Get License Status of Your Product

Improvements are constantly made at T3Planet. Also license activation is now a very easy process. Every customer who purchases a T3Planet product is provided with a license key that is required to unlock benefits such as automatic updates, support from our developers and extra benefits for the product offered. You can simply activate your product license within your TYPO3 installation.

One-click Update Your Product

With the new subscription model, TYPO3 upgrades for products are made easy. Yes, you can easily update your purchased TYPO3 product with a single click right from your dashboard. Isn’t that cool?

Perks Of New Subscription Model

To make TYPO3 products more efficient and pocket friendly, here is how the new TYPO3 subscription model is beneficial to you. 

Before (The Older Model)

Now (The New Model)

Let’s take an example of the T3 Bootstrap product.

Earlier Support & Update Model:

Product Price €249
1 Year Extended Support €49
3 Major Updates €59
Total €357

Current Support & Update Model (Annual):

Product Price €249
1 Year Extended Support €0
3 Major Updates €0
Total €249

Current Support & Update Model (Lifetime):

Product Price €249
Lifetime Extended Support €70
Lifetime Major Updates €60
Total €379

T3Terminal’s product commitment, support and pocket friendliness : A Perfect Combination! 

We’re ready for the next step.

That next step is all about reinvesting in the company, improving our commitment offering even more, and introducing new exciting TYPO3 products going forward with rich support and updates.

To make room for that and to reflect the current value that our premium users get from our products more accurately, we’ve decided to offer annual and lifetime subscription models, effective October 1, 2021.

You probably have lots of questions. Here’s what you need to know,

But I have already purchased additional support for 3 major version updates! 

For our beloved existing customers who already opted for extended support and 3 major version updates will be served lifetime updates and support.

As a token of gratitude for customers without any additional purchase would also be provided 1 year of support and product updates from today.

Well I’m your old customer and have not purchased additional major version updates, what will I get?

Let it be our old or new customers, T3Planet cares for you. As T3Planet’s goodwill for customers without any additional purchase for major version updates would also be provided 1 year of product updates from 1st Oct 2021.

If I’m on an Annual plan now, can I later upgrade to a Lifetime Subscription plan?

Yes, you can upgrade to a lifetime license later on contacting our representatives. The lifetime licenses are still a great deal and an opportunity to save money when using our products over the long term.

Wrapping Up!

We hope T3Planet’s new Annual and Lifetime subscription models would be beneficial to you and would allow us to serve our commitment and support you better. You can refer to our buyer’s terms for an in-depth idea. 

Do you have any curious questions for us? Did you find our new subscription model interesting? Please drop your comments in the comment box below. We’d love to talk!

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