T3Planet Turns 2 - Highlights Of An Amazing Year!

T3Planet TYPO3 Marketplace turns two! As we mark 2 glorious years of success! It’s a pleasure to share a glimpse of T3Planet’s achievements with you,

T3Planet Turns 2  - Highlights Of An Amazing Year!

Yay! T3Planet turns two on the 17th of Oct, 2021. Since its inception, T3Planet has been working hard to make innovations bringing you the first-ever TYPO3 Marketplace with exciting TYPO3 Products, Unique TYPO3 Services, TYPO3 Contribution, Writing TYPO3 Blogs/Tutorials, TYPO3 Jobs and regular updates.

It has been two years since T3Planet TYPO3 Marketplace was launched at TYPO3 Conference 2019 at Hague - the Netherlands, and it is high on success. Let's take a look back at T3Planet's highlights from today to two years ago — thanks for being with us throughout these two amazing years! We hope T3Planet helps you go digital and boost your business. Your companionship brightened us, inspiring us to work hard to make TYPO3 Marketplace even better for you.

It is with GREAT jubilation that we celebrate the T3Planet anniversary, 2 significant years of achievements and success! We thank you for being an integrated part of the T3Planet family, and so we’d love to offer you a gift for your presence throughout these years.

It’s a big week for us at T3Planet, as we mark 2 glorious years of success! It's a pleasure to share a glimpse of T3Planet’s achievements with you!

Let’s begin our happiest journey with this remarkable achievement! T3Planet is ranked at 6th position and first page on google upon searching the “TYPO3” keyword.

How T3Planet Was Born!

The Big Dream!

Yes, our story begins in 2018, when TYPO3 was on the rise but lacked premium products such as TYPO3 templates, premium TYPO3 extensions and TYPO3 Website Builder. Our founders, Sanjay and Nitin, dreamed of creating a platform to sell premium products to an audience that they are looking for and they might not otherwise reach. 

The dream was launched on 17th October 2019, and T3Planet, being said as a one-stop destination for premium TYPO3 products, TYPO3 education, TYPO3 jobs, and everything a TYPO3 fanatic wishes was born! T3Planet was launched at TYPO3 Conference 2019 at Hague - the Netherlands. 

T3Planet 2.0

We redesigned your T3Planet Marketplace with an improved modern look and performance for an ultimate marketplace experience for our beloved customers!
Visit our site to check the difference!

T3Planet : The Story Behind Name!

The vision of T3Planet - One-stop TYPO3 Solutions. We were looking for a name as the last destination - And word Terminal clicked! A Terminal to access almost all TYPO3 related resources. 

I've been in TYPO3 for years and exchanged thoughts with many TYPO3 people. For the TYPO3 Marketplace topic, most of them say, “Indeed, TYPO3 really needs such a platform, and we are very much late for such a solution”.

How T3Planet Platform Is Built?

At the start of March 2019, We initiated the project. And, the team aimed to launch at TYPO3 Conference in Oct 2019 into the TYPO3 community.

We have defined two important goals, 1st TYPO3 Store and 2nd TYPO3 Products.
Initiate the project, by defining the scope of work, prepare requirement specification, create the proof-of-concept design, etc.; Everything was divided into two teams.

Team Magento

Responsible for the TYPO3 store to develop and maintain the Marketplace. Fortunately, within a short span of time, we were able to make a good team.

Team TYPO3

Responsible for the development of initial TYPO3 extensions and templates from our team. After good R&D on what people most looking for TYPO3 premium solution? Based on that, Prepared the specification of TYPO3 extensions and templates.

TYPO3 People Searching & Us!

Google Search Console says an excellent "T3Planet is loved by You!"
With each passing day, we are getting new & repeated customers, readers, & visitors. We are grateful for your appreciation for T3Planet!

At the end of 2021, T3Planet received your love in the form of

  • 4M+ Google Search Impressions
  • 160K+Organic Traffic from Google Search
  • 82% People Searching us from Google

TYPO3 Knowledge sharing

We at T3Planet believe knowledge sharing is the best contribution to the community. At T3Planet, we care for TYPO3 people by sharing TYPO3 blogs, TYPO3 products (free & Premium), TYPO3 Tutorials, and regular updates.

T3Planet Loves TYPO3 OpenSource

Our TYPO3 vendors are truly OpenSource lovers. Many of them are actively contributing to the TYPO3 community to grow the TYPO3 OpenSource Ecosystem.

Launched Unique TYPO3 Products

Since the beginning, T3Planet has had a great vision for you in terms of unique Templates, unmatchable extension solutions, and click n launch TYPO3 SaaS solutions. We’re glad we achieved our vision.

T3Planet Annual Sales & Downloads

With overwhelming love and support received from you, T3Planet products were hit and loved immensely this year! These statistics amazed us!

Our T3Planet Family

Your presence, happiness, and our partners & staff are our assets. This year we never missed a chance to keep them happy!

T3Planet Progressive Statistics

T3Planet received love this year from all sounds of the world in all forms. On observing the statistics, we are more than happy to receive this love and attention from you!

  • 135K+ Total Visitors
  • 59%    Visitors from Germany
  • 12K+ Monthly Visitors
  • 3.8K+ Total Customers 
  • 30+ Countries customers from 

Working at T3Planet Office

The T3Planet worked hard, by all means, to support you from our new remote roles with unmatched support and products:

  • 3K+ Hours at Office
  • 2.5K+ Hours at Home Office
  • 7K+ Cup of Tea

Click-n-Launch TYPO3 Website Builder

Now build a TYPO3 website in minutes!
Build, Publish, & Launch TYPO3 site without technical skill
TYPO3 SaaS = TYPO3 + Hosting + SLA

This year we have re-launched our TYPO3 SaaS. We have received good feedback from our customers especially include a good TYPO3 template into TYPO3 SaaS.

That’s why we have taken the decision to include our best seller T3 Karma TYPO3 Template at TYPO3 Website Builder (aka TYPO3 SaaS).

We recommend to take a look and Get Free Trial Now.


Looking at the memories and achievements, 2019, 2020, and 2021 have been a much loved and appreciated year for T3Planet, all because of your constant appreciation, love, and support. 

This year would not have been like it is today without your engagement! Many thanks for allowing us to be a part of your year! 

Let’s  celebrate T3Planet’s anniversary and wish for further years to be memorable ones!

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