TYPO3 + WordPress: Case Study of TYPO3 Slider Revolution

TYPO3 Slider Revolution 3.0 was recently launched and it’s special! Why?! What are these changes and how do they help with the evolution of TYPO3 website development? Stay tuned to read out the fascinating case study!

TYPO3 + WordPress: Case Study of TYPO3 Slider Revolution

The most Revolutionary TYPO3 Slider Revolution 3.0 was recently launched at T3Planet and it’s special! Why?! There’s quite an interesting story behind it! What are these changes and how do they help with the evolution of TYPO3 website development? Stay tuned to read out the fascinating case study!

Every software evolves, which involves using new improvements to make it better. TYPO3 Slider Revolution 3.0 is a major version, and it’s the second time when the UX/UI of the slider changes.

Do You Know?
T3Planet TYPO3 Marketplace is the Official Partner of ThemePunch, creators of Slider Revolution. 

T3Terminal’s Partnership With Slider Revolution Core (ThemePunch)

Sanjay Chauhan, the brand manager of T3Planet has been a true TYPO3 fanatic and wanted to introduce an amazing extension that made TYPO3 front-end editing and website development easy, yes just by a single extension to use.

Looking back to April 2020, T3Planet tried to tie a knot of partnership with Revolution Slider guys, but due to technical limitations, it was not happening!

But we didn’t stop there. We again applied for partnership and boom, in September 2021, we became official partners of Slider Revolution

We embedded and launched the Slider Revolution extension for TYPO3 CMS. 

Three Major Versions of Slider Revolution have been launched with drastic enhancements in each version. We’re excited to share it with you!

What Is TYPO3 Slider Revolution?

For the WordPress community, Slider Revolution is the most loved and popular for its content-creating sections, ad-on plugins, Slider Revolution also is a content creation and display tool. 

Team T3Planet has partnered up with ThemePunch and made TYPO3 Slider Revolution available at a very feasible cost for the TYPO3 Community. The most unrealistic expectations of website and slider creation with special effects, animations, and impressive designs. All at your fingertips in our drag-and-drop intuitive editor.

TYPO3 Slider Revolution - Well It’s Not Just A Slider!

TYPO3 is complex to use, this statement has been a constant worry statement for newbies and business site owners. But can one build a complete website with a single plugin? We wished to do that!

Don’t just go by the name - “Slider”. Slider Revolution allows you to create a complete webpage using different sections such as slider, carousels, blog post view, and social media post view. 

By designing such pages in a compiled manner, you create an award-winning responsive website. And Slider Revolution websites are built using a modular structure that is easily editable. 

TYPO3 Slider Revolution is perfect to build,

  • Amazing trendy websites
  • Interactive websites and banners
  • Single-page websites
  • Unique website elements

The plugin is known for its stunning animations and exciting visualizations. It has shown strong progress with time, which we will explore in this article,

  • 200+ slider templates
  • 2000+ pre-built robust slider elements.
  • 25+ add-ons
  • 2,500+ free images, videos, and icons
  • 100+ pre-made layers and animations
  • 7 million users worldwide

WordPress Meets TYPO3 - The Most Intuitive Part!

Yes, now the popular WordPress Slider Revolution is available for TYPO3 CMS, but not just that my friend. The module is perfectly combined with the WordPress backend module in TYPO3. We had dreamed of its UI, UX, drag n drop functionality, and everything that is present just in WordPress Slider Revolution, and tada it’s a reality today!

Why is our TYPO3 Revolution slider so popular?

  • No Coding

It’s a simple plug-n-play thing that doesn’t require coding to install the plugin or use it. Create the animation and visualization of your choice using the simple drag and drop option. 

  • No Prior Design Experience

The plugin does offer you easy usage, but there’s not much learning curve like there is in heavy designing software such as Adobe Photoshop or Aftereffects.

  • 25+ add-ons

Although Slider Revolution is loaded with features, you can still expand its capabilities through Addons that allow new possibilities to your design. And, these Addons are available in all plans.

  • Evolution of Options

During the initial days, Slider Revolution was launched as a simple slideshow maker. With time, it has evolved into a complete designing solution to design a whole webpage from scratch without any add ons to purchase and install.

Our Revolutionary Journey With TYPO3 Slider Revolution

  • Contains WordPress Slider Revolution 6.x

This TYPO3 extension contains the official WordPress Slider Revolution 6.x from the core team. The backend module of TYPO3 Slider Revolution is 1:1 exactly the same as the WordPress extension.

  • Current features and enhancements

Customize this amazing TYPO3 slider with our convenient drag & drop backend just like WordPress with modern 200+ slider templates and 2000+ pre-built robust slider elements with transitions and effects.

  • Resolved dependency

Now Onwards the dependency of additional modules of Visual editor and jQuery plugin has been removed. The plugin slider revolution is one in whole and includes everything!

  • Instant Plugin Update Installations

Whenever a new version of WordPress’s Slider Revolution is launched, We will immediately keep releasing our TYPO3 extension version too.

  • Free Support

You get free support from our highly-qualified customer support team. Team T3Planet is always there to answer your questions and send you help and right documentation whenever you need guidance.

TYPO3 Slider Revolution Version 2.0

  • Third-Party Dependency

In the very previous TYPO3 Slider Revolution, the extension’s Visual Editor was CodeIgnitor based developed. The extension had a dependency on the jQuery module.

  • Supported templates and add-ons till 4.0

Moreover, the TYPO3 slider revolution version 2.0 supported templates and add-ons supported only till slider revolution’s version 4.0.

Out of 200+ templates available today, only 40-42 templates were supported. 

Actually, officially the Slider revolution core team dropped the product and support from Themeforest too Slider Revolution jQuery Visual Editor Addon | Add-ons

Read more about v2 at official documentation at https://docs.t3planet.com/en/latest/ExtNsRevolutionSlider/RevolutionSlider2.0/Index.html 

TYPO3 Slider Revolution Version 1.0

  • Free Version with Basic Slider Forms

The very first TYPO3 slider revolution consisted of very basic slider forms, where one needed to create a storage folder, add slider images, choose options from the frontend plugin, etc.

We’re Progressing!

Team T3Planet is trying its best to serve you and the TYPO3 community with the best of TYPO3 extensions. When we look back to the TYPO3 Revolution slider version 1.0 and 3.0 we feel proud and component to have and introduce such remarkable functionality. 

Are you too a fan of Slider Revolution like us? What’s your favorite feature of the Slider revolution? Showcase us your recent builds in the comment box below!

One more question, Which other popular WordPress product do you want in TYPO3? Team T3Planet would love to explore, research and develop such cool solutions.

Happy TYPO3 Revolution!

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