TYPO3 Templates & Extensions Releases Highlights - August 2023

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TYPO3 Templates & Extensions Releases Highlights - August 2023

Welcome back to another monthly TYPO3 Templates & Extensions Release Highlights. As the month unfolds, we're excited to share the latest array of releases, updates, and enhancements for our esteemed clients.

In August,  our team of exceptionally skilled developers constantly upgraded your favorite TYPO3 Templates and Extensions to TYPO3 v12. During this August month, We're excited to announce that we have upgraded over 6+ TYPO3 Templates that are now compatible with TYPO3 v12 and we have also launched 2 new TYPO3 Extensions.

With the advanced features and latest updates take your TYPO3 Website to the next level!

Upgrade Your Website with our latest TYPO3 v12 Compatible Products!

Our Newly Launched TYPO3 Extensions

ExtensionsVersion CompatibilityVersion TypeView Extension
ns_cookieyes1.0.0v6 to v12MajorView Changelog
ns_zoho3.0.0v10 to v12Major View Changelog


TYPO3 v12 Compatible Templates

TemplatesNew Released Version CompatibilityVersion TypeChangelog
ns_theme_t3shubh12.0.0v10 to v12MajorView Changelog
ns_theme_ngo12.0.0v10 to v12MajorView Changelog
ns_theme_architect12.0.0v10 to v12MajorView Changelog
ns_theme_event12.0.0v10 to v12MajorView Changelog
ns_theme_property12.0.0v10 to v12MajorView Changelog


Wrap Up !

We recommend you to keep your TYPO3 Version and TYPO3 extensions updated to the latest versions.

Download the updated TYPO3 Extensions & TYPO3 Templates from our TYPO3 Store! If you have any inquiries about the updates, kindly submit ticket, and our team will gladly assist you.

Which TYPO3 products you'd like to see upgraded this September? Let us know in the comment box below!

Happy TYPO3 Upgrades!

TYPO3 and its logo are trademarks of the TYPO3 Association. Further information can be found here: typo3.org


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  • user
    Stefan September 5, 2023 At 2:27 pm
    It's impressive to see the T3planet continuously working on new extensions. I'm particularly excited about TYPO3 Cookiyes. It's exactly what I needed for my project.