How to Become T3Planet’sTYPO3 Affiliate ?

Discover the pathway to becoming a T3Planet TYPO3 Affiliate and unlock opportunities for collaboration and commission earnings. Join the TYPO3 affiliate program to promote T3Planet's renowned TYPO3 products and leverage your marketing skills for financial rewards

How to Become T3Planet’sTYPO3 Affiliate ?

At T3Planet, your support means the world to us, and we're truly grateful for your efforts in sharing the latest updates about our platform. As a gesture of our appreciation, we've launched the T3Planet Affiliate Program, giving you the opportunity to earn money by inviting your friends to become a part of our community.

Your friends will not only enjoy using T3Planet’s TYPO3 Products, but they'll also thank you for sharing. We are offering Commission not only for TYPO3 Products like TYPO3 Templates and TYPO3 Extensions but also for our TYPO3 Services!

Plus, the steps to participate are refreshingly straightforward. Skeptical? Witness it in action for yourself!

Why Choose to Be Part of Our Affiliate Program?

Our mission is to share the TYPO3 passion through our program.

TYPO3 Reach

Allow your audience to experience the benefits of our highly sought-after products and services. This not only boosts your conversion rates but also contributes to spreading the usefulness and value of TYPO3.

Earn Minimum 20% Commission

Generate consistent income through your preferred payment method. The more sales you drive, the more you can earn with our user-friendly, link-based referral system and straightforward payout structure. You can earn a minimum of 20% commission.

Simplified Onboarding

Joining our affiliate program is super easy; it only requires basic registration details. There are no hidden fees involved, and you can start promoting our products or services within minutes of signing up.

Dedicated Assistance

We are dedicated to ensuring your success as our affiliate partner. We offer dedicated support, marketing materials, and tools to assist you in effectively promoting our products and services.

Who is the Best Fit?

The ideal fit for becoming a T3Planet's Affiliate would typically be individuals or entities who possess the following qualities and attributes:

Familiarity with TYPO3

Current T3Planet customers who are satisfied with the company's services may find it natural to recommend them to others.

Networkers and Sales Professionals

People with extensive professional networks and sales experience can tap into their connections to promote T3Planet's services.

Affiliate Marketers

Those experienced in affiliate marketing understand the strategies required to drive traffic, conversions, and commissions effectively.

Content Creators

Affiliates who can create engaging and informative content about TYPO3 and T3Planet's offerings, such as blog posts, videos, or tutorials, can attract and inform potential customers.

Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

Small business owners who use TYPO3 may benefit from referring T3Planet's services to other businesses or clients within their industry.

Ethical Marketers

Affiliates who promote products and services ethically and provide genuine value to their audience are more likely to build trust and long-term relationships.

In short, Anyone and Everyone who Loves  TYPO3 and possesses the capability to effectively market and recommend T3Planet's products and services to their target audience.

Additionally, having a solid online presence and marketing skills can significantly enhance an affiliate's success in the program.

How to become a T3Planet’s Affiliate?

Here’s how you can easily join T3Planet's referral program in minutes and start earning right away.

Step 1: Register or Log into Your T3Planet Account

If you're an existing T3Planet member, simply log in to your account. If you're new to T3Planet, complete the registration process with a valid email address, after registration you will receive a Verification on the respective Email Address. Kindly check your inbox and verify. And within minutes, you'll qualify to earn rewards as a referrer.

Step 2: Access Your Unique Referral Link

After logging in, navigate to Affiliate > Overview and click “Copy Affiliate Link” to copy the link for product-specific links.

You can also move to “Multi-Tier Affiliate” in the same “Overview” Section to get a general link, click on “Copy” to copy the link.

Step 3: Share Your Unique Link with Friends

With your personalized referral link in hand, it's time to extend the invitation to join T3Planet to your network. Share this link via email, through various social media platforms, or any other communication medium you prefer using. Encourage your invitees to utilize your distinct link during their registration to reap the rewards of the referral program.

You can also embed the referral link to your blogs, someone purchasing right from your link makes you eligible to earn commission.

In other words, by this you can encash your Website Traffic!

Step 4 : Earn and Claim Your Commission

You may request your commission payout on a monthly basis, provided that your accrued earnings over the period amount to €199 or more. Your payout percentage is determined by the annual revenue you generate:

20% Payout: No annual revenue commitment required.
25% Payout: Achieved when your total revenue for the year reaches €5000.
30% Payout: Granted upon reaching €9000 in annual revenue.

Step 5 : Payout Setting

To receive the commission you will first have to enter the “Payout Method”. Navigate to “Payout Settings” in the Affiliate Section itself. From the drop down menu select the one that best fits, We offer 2 options;

  1.  PayPal 
  2. Bank Transfer

Fill all the necessary information as per your payout method.

We have multiple payout structures, automatic and manual depending on your Account.

Here’s a Complete Tutorial on how to become a T3Planet Affiliate.


It’s That simple and easy!
Happy TYPO3 Referring!

Become a T3Planet Affiliate to spread TYPO3 Love.

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