T3 Events - Conference Meetup TYPO3 Template


T3 Events TYPO3 Template is a responsive, well designed, and pixel-perfect template for Conference, Event, Meetup, Seminar, Exhibition, Congress, Meeting, Business Conference, Event Management, Meet Up websites and more. The template has a lot of styles and elements to help you make beauty and modern website in no time. Built with the latest TYPO3 technology. TYPO3 Conference theme supports a responsive layout so it looks great on all devices. It has predefined styling & templates and many features built especially for the conference, event organizer or all meetup, seminar events which can be imported with one click.

T3 Events Template is now compatible with the latest TYPO3 Version 12.

30+ Unique Custom Elements

Get extra elements and their layouts like pricing team, news, tickets and gallery and much more. 
Versatile options to help you build a website for any industry.

Blog & News Styles

Choose between masonry, medium or large thumbnail layouts and play with title & meta variations to arrive at the best way to present your blog.

Stylish Pre-Built TYPO3 Pages

T3 Events has multiple pre-built pages with variations  ready for you to create your site in seconds.

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T3 Events - Pages & Elements

Key Highlights

Stable Version

TYPO3 Template developed using latest coding techniques & TYPO3 guidelines moreover well tested with Stable version.


Ready to go live templates with pre-built design, content, and extensions to go live in minutes

Flexible Backend Management

An editor-friendly TYPO3 backend usability to easily customize, manage pages and content

Fast, Lightweight & Powerful

Flexible & adaptive template with optimized code for great performance, speed and future scalability

Followed TYPO3 Core Standards

Developed using the latest coding techniques & following strict TYPO3 coding guidelines.

SEO Cares

Maintained best practice SEO standards like
meta-data, sitemap, robots, social-media,
setup GA etc.,

Frontend Technologies

Backend Technologies


Blazing Fast Speed & High SEO Score


96% Speed Grade

Super fast performance


2.5 Sec Load time

Loading speed



SEO Score

T3 Events - TYPO3 Backend Tour


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Reviews & Rating

4.5 / 5

Matthias Lowe

Matthias Lowe

We made a semi-custom theme and had a few issues (as to be expected). Dhyana, from the customer support team, was always able to fix our issue. She knows this theme inside and out and it shows.
Best customer support I've experienced.

5 Stars!

Dominik Köhler

Dominik Köhler

TYPO3 Event theme is well designed. You can use it for almost everything. I really liked it and I can recommend it.
Also, support is really good.

Patrick Fleischer

Patrick Fleischer

It's a great theme overall. Demo import helpful in getting started. I completed the site in three days. Excellent customer support!

Marko Fried

Marko Fried

The event plugin is perfect, with loads of options for a detailed timeline, the integration with TYPO3 site is flawless. I created a new site a few weeks ago and installed all latest updates, and it still works. 5 stars without a doubt.

Kristian Freeh

Kristian Freeh

Easy to used with beautiful & look impressive layouts plus the compatibility with News extension is the highlight!

Max Kortig

Max Kortig

I purchased this TYPO3 Events from T3Planet and could not install the same. They helped me a lot with the same. They are doing very well with the service part as well.

Sebastian Reinhard

Sebastian Reinhard

T3 Events' TYPO3 template offered a range of features and functionality that helped us manage and promote our conference effectively.

Jan Ehrlichmann

Jan Ehrlichmann

I was blown away by the versatility of T3 Events. I was able to customize every aspect of my conference website to create a unique user experience that my attendees loved.

Dennis Freytag

Dennis Freytag

I recently started using the TYPO3 Events & Timeline Extension on my website and I'm very impressed

Marco Frankfurter

Marco Frankfurter

T3 Events has revolutionized my event management experience.

Ralph Propst

Ralph Propst

I love this theme!

Simone Koenig

Simone Koenig

The TYPO3 Events is a true gem.

Kristian Mauer

Kristian Mauer

As a TYPO3 developer, I was pleasantly surprised by the T3 Events .The template's design complemented the conference theme, creating a delightful user experience. Great job, T3 Events team!

Peter Kaufmann

Peter Kaufmann

I am not very tech-savvy, but the customer support team guided me through the entire setup process for my TYPO3 template .thank you for support !

David Aachen

David Aachen

We've been using T3 Events Template for our regional meetups, and it's been a fantastic template for creating a professional online presence.

Sabine Lowe

Sabine Lowe

I'm so glad I found T3 Events - Conference Meetup TYPO3 Template. It made creating my conference website a easy, and the end result exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend to anyone in need of a conference website solution.

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TYPO3 Version

TYPO3 v10, 11, 12

Extension Key


Composer Support

composer req nitsan/ns-theme-event

Extensions Dependencies

ns_basetheme, indexed_search, blog, gridelements

Change Log

# 12.0.5

11th Mar 2024

BUGFIX Resolved issue with footer menu external URL

TASK Add Enable/Disable options for the search/language menu

TASK Code review and clean-up

RELEASE Minor version release v12.0.5

# 12.0.4

8th Mar 2024

BUGFIX Link to external URL open in new window issue fixed

TASK Code review and clean-up

RELEASE Minor version release v12.0.4

# 12.0.3

1st Mar 2024

BUGFIX Resolved issue with language menu preview

TASK Code review and clean-up

RELEASE Minor version release v12.0.3

# 12.0.2

2nd Aug 2023

TASK Implement sub-navigation menu

TASK Code review and clean-up

RELEASE Minor version release v12.0.2

# 12.0.1

1st Aug 2023

FEATURE Update the Fontend Build with Webpack ENCORE

TASK Code review and clean-up

BUGFIX Resolved issue with style switcher

RELEASE Minor version release v12.0.1

# 12.0.0

26th Jul 2023

TASK Compatibility with TYPO3 v12

TASK Compatibility drop of TYPO3 <= v11

TASK Compatibility with PHP v8.1 & 8.2

TASK Change third party TYPO3 extensions dependencies

TASK Removed deprecated and breaking changes code

TASK Compatibility of MariaDB 10.3+ / MySQL 8.0+

TASK Compatibility of Composer >= 2.1

TASK Code review and clean-up

BUGFIX UI/UX small design bugs fixing

RELEASE Major breaking changes v12.0.0

# 2.1.3

31st May 2022

BUGFIX Resolve menu active/de-active conflict with TYPO3 v11

TASK Resolve EXT.ns_license dependencies

TASK Code clean-up and code improvement

RELEASE Minor bug fixing v2.1.3 release

# 2.1.2

31st Mar 2022

RELEASE Release of version 2.1.2

BUGFIX Index search issue fixed

TASK Code clean-up and code improvement

# 2.1.1

17th Feb 2022

RELEASE version 2.1.1 release

TASK Code improvements

BUGFIX TYPO3 version dependency updated

# 2.1.0

1st Feb 2022

FEATURE Re-form beautiful UI/UX of backend preview of Components

FEATURE Improve backend usability for editors/administrators

TASK Code Improvement of backend Components

TASK Setup errors and exception handling in backend Components

TASK Code clean-up and review

BUGFIX Resolve backend compatibility UI/UX design issues

BUGFIX Added condition at each Image-rendering to avoid exception error

BUGFIX TYPO3 compatibility testing and bug-fixing for v10 and v11

RELEASE Release major version 2.1.0

# 2.0.0

3rd Jan 2022

RELEASE Major version 2.0.0 release

FEATURE Compatibility with TYPO3 v11.5.x

FEATURE Re-import/export page tree

BUGFIX UI/UX small design issues fixing

BUGFIX Functional testing and bug fixing

TASK Drop the support of TYPO3 v9.x

TASK Code cleanup and code improvements

# 1.0.3

4th Dec 2021

RELEASE Release of version 1.0.3

TASK Resolve Extension dependencies

# 1.0.2

28th Sep 2021

TASK Resolve EXT.ns_license dependencies

RELEASE Release of version 1.0.2

# 1.0.1

26th Jul 2021

Code Improvements

# 1.0.0

14th Jun 2021

Release 1.0.0

You can easily install and configure the TYPO3 template, Take a look step-by-step guide at Documentation https://docs.t3planet.com/en/latest/ExtThemes/Installation/Index.html.

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Detailed information can be found via documentation, https://docs.t3planet.com/en/latest/License/LicenseActivation/Index.html#install-via-composer


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No, our templates do not support PostgreSQL/SQLite database compatibility. Despite our efforts to ensure compatibility with the theme extension, we faced heightened complexity with PostgreSQL, especially during the import of the DB dump for automated page and content creation. Consequently, we decided to discontinue support, as the majority of our customers use MySQL/MariaDB. We strongly advise using a MySQL/MariaDB database for your TYPO3 installation.

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