TYPO3 Myths Explained (Why They’re Not True)

Despite TYPO3 CMS being the most popular and Secure Open Source CMS, there is a lot of misinformation, misconceptions, and TYPO3 Myths on the internet. We've taken down the hammer like Thor to bust myths about our favorite TYPO3 CMS

TYPO3 Myths Explained (Why They’re Not True)

Despite TYPO3 CMS being the most popular and Secure Open Source CMS, there is a lot of misinformation, misconceptions, and TYPO3 Myths on the internet. 

Some of these common TYPO3 myths and misconceptions end up confusing users and leading them to choose the wrong platform. In this article, we take down the hammer like Thor on myths about our favorite TYPO3 CMS.

We will burst misbelief about the top TYPO3 myths with detailed explanations, which might have been dragging you from diving in and experiencing the TYPO3 platform like no other, just so you can see TYPO3 in its utter and sheer glory...

So let’s dive in!

TYPO3 is only suitable for Enterprise Websites

One of the most common TYPO3 myths is mistaking TYPO3 as just an Enterprise CMS.

It is not!

I won’t refuse the fact that TYPO3 being an ultimate platform is flexible and compatible enough for large complex websites but to note it is as simple and compatible enough for small and medium scale websites with normal requirements and even for blogging and portfolio needs.

As Benni (TYPO3 core man) claims "TYPO3 is for everyone" in his recent talks. Read his interesting TYPO3 interview.

It's high time to boost TYPO3 by spreading to the globe and breaking the misconception that “TYPO3 is an Enterprise CMS”.

TYPO3 Agencies and TYPO3 Freelancers out here most definitely must have different TYPO3-based websites, especially with all the unique, sweet features with remarkable requirements, the TYPO3 CMS is popular for.

TYPO3 is Uncertain in terms of Future

TYPO3 is free and open-source software. Many people who don’t know how open source CMS work and so believe in the myth that the future of TYPO3 is not clear, and it could just suddenly disappear.

My friend, TYPO3 is very precise at future plannings and their implementations. To know ROI, It’s always good to check out future planning of any OpenSource CMS, Here is the TYPO3 Roadmap at https://typo3.org/cms/roadmap

Also, TYPO3 is the Only Open Source CMS that Provides Extended Long Term Support

Yes my friend that’s a fact. TYPO3 community provides three years of extended support, planning time, and peace of mind with the official TYPO3 Extended Long Term Support for the version of TYPO3 you use for your dream website. 

TYPO3 is not developed by a single person, but a community of passionate and professional developers. It is a protected trademark owned by a non-profit organization called TYPO3 Foundation.

Also, there are thousands of small and large TYPO3 Agencies selling products and services based on TYPO3. Many of these companies actively participate in the TYPO3 community too.

I guess this is something strong and guaranteeing that TYPO3 has a bright future and is not going anywhere!

TYPO3 Support is difficult to find and avail

There is a misconception that,

When it comes to TYPO3, no single company or person owns the platform, nobody pays to use it and when you’re stuck…well…you’re stuck. 

It’s wrong, very very wrong!

TYPO3 has a great community of developers, designers, help channels, translators, bloggers, support representatives, social media discussion platforms, etc who have gone to great lengths to help and support in times of need. 

I must say in our one decade of the journey with TYPO3, I always got good support from the TYPO3 community and lovely TYPO3 people who are always eager to help & support.

TYPO3 is too complex to Learn

No, my friend! Despite being a highly powerful tool, learning TYPO3 is not that complex. All you need is the right resources and the correct direction to start with.

With abundant TYPO3 learning resources, TYPO3 Documentations, and a friendly TYPO3 community to help you out, we’d break this myth that learning TYPO3 is complex.

One more thing, TYPO3 Guidebook is available now to help you learn how to make the most of TYPO3. This book will show you how the TYPO3 CMS backend and frontend work from top to bottom.

TYPO3 Templates are not available

Well, that’s not true now! Initially from over very limited and finite premium TYPO3 Templates available, it was quite difficult for TYPO3 audiences to find the best TYPO3 Template to build their TYPO3 website. 

But there are destinations as TYPO3 Repositories and TYPOP3 Marketplace now for TYPO3 people to have high quality, speed optimized and scalable TYPO3 templates with lots of options to choose and go with!

TYPO3 is too expensive!

Let’s look at some of the biggest advantages of TYPO3:

  • TYPO3 is free
  • TYPO3 is highly customizable
  • TYPO3 is easy to use
  • TYPO3 doesn’t require a lot of coding
  • TYPO3 has a huge community support
  • TYPO3 is much cheaper comparing to other platforms

But let's look at some conditions, It may depend on these things:

  • Your requirements - how do you want your site to look

Though there are multipurpose or domain-specific TYPO3 templates available, going with them instead of developing them from scratch can be a cost-saving option as all you need to do is install and customize media and content. 

  • Your requirement - functionalities

For your custom/specific functionalities, you can find TYPO3 extensions for free from the TYPO3 Extension repository or from the affordable TYPO3 Marketplace.

From our customer experience diaries, to be frank, TYPO3 isn't expensive for them! The expense actually depends on your needs and budget.

TYPO3 is less Secure (Being Open Source & Free)

It feels proud that our very own TYPO3 CMS is one of the world’s most secure OpenSource CMS! 

But then too there is a misconception that being Open Source and free TYPO3 is a less secure CMS. 

Let me bring the reality to light, there are a dedicated TYPO3 Security team and thousands of TYPO3 contributors working behind the core platform that is committed to making your TYPO3 site as secure as possible. Furthermore, if you update your site regularly and follow basic security measures we’re sure it will add extra protection to your site.

TYPO3 is Free (It Must be Low Quality)

Another common TYPO3 myth is that as TYPO3 is free, then it must be of low quality. Remember, not everything that's free must be low quality and only because you spend money on a solution does not mean it will provide you with value.

On the note, TYPO3 is not just developed by just one person or a small team. It is developed by thousands of developers and is used by millions of websites. The code is open source for anyone to read, scrutinize, and examine for quality.

TYPO3 CMS is backed by an active and dedicated TYPO3 community where they follow and adhere to the very best programming practices. The code behind TYPO3 is rock solid, developer-friendly, open, and free. It is also a state of art publishing system with a very easy to use interface. This is why TYPO3 is immensely popular and way ahead of any other CMS software in the world.

Also, not to miss TYPO3 CMS is used by some of the largest brands including but not limited to Sony, NIBC, Mercedes, and many more.

TYPO3 is Slow

TYPO3 is the fastest Open Source CMS!

Source: https://backlinko.com/page-speed-stats 

Somehow TYPO3 is slow, obviously, a myth is promoted by developers of other platforms who fail to acknowledge that TYPO3 powers some of the most popular websites on the internet. TBH TYPO3 is fast enough and can handle heavy traffic demands very well since it depends mostly on the quality of your host.

That means you are responsible for taking TYPO3 and installing it on your host of choice. So it all depends on you, and you also need to make sure to pick the right infrastructure plans from your hosting service. If you expect a lot of traffic, you must make a choice that is compatible with it.

TYPO3 Premium Extensions are not available

Nope, that’s not true at all! From the very beginning, you can get your custom extension built by TYPO3 professionals.

Moreover, the Official TYPO3 Extension repository is a destination for free TYPO3 extensions for any of your website needs.

Now, in today’s time, there are premium TYPO3 Extensions available from TYPO3 Marketplace, it was quite difficult for TYPO3 audiences to find their best TYPO3 without getting into custom customizations and development stuff. Premium TYPO3 Extensions are available for you anytime! 

TYPO3 is not support eCommerce

Another prevalent TYPO3 myth is that it does not support eCommerce. By default, TYPO3 does not come with a shopping cart feature.

It should be noted, however, that Ecommerce is not yet a part of the TYPO3 core. That being said, if you still want to take advantage of this great TYPO3 content management system for your business, you still can — with TYPO3 Shop Solutions!

However, eCommerce functionality to TYPO3 CMS can be integrated by powerful TYPO3 Shop Extensions.

According to statistics from Trends Built with, it can be clearly depicted that TYPO3 is being selected with fused TYPO3 Ecommerce Extension solutions for their businesses.

Phew and all TYPO3 Myths Busted!

Simply put, TYPO3 is exactly the CMS you’ve been looking for.

TYPO3 has only grown bigger and more popular over time. As such, it’s natural that such a common platform has attracted a number of easily-believed myths about TYPO3.

In this post, we’ve clarified the most confusing TYPO3 myths. 

Are there any other things you’ve heard about typo3 that you want the true story on? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  • user
    Marvin Boden 2021-02-12 at 12:34 pm
    One of the biggest myths about TYPO3 is that TYPO3 is an (only) enterprise CMS. But as Benni said TYPO3 is for everyone. Hope this myth gets over from everyone’s head ASAP.
  • user
    Justin Schwarm 2021-01-21 at 12:18 pm
    Very nice!
    Really enjoyed while reading the blog. Basically, I am a non-technical guy. I really liked many blogs about TYPO3 from T3Planet.
    Thanks for sharing such knowledge.
    Keep it up! :)