How to do TYPO3 Localization with Crowdin?

How to do TYPO3 Localization with Crowdin?

One of the beauty of TYPO3 is the Multilingual & Localization feature of the backend & frontend. After 20+ years, the TYPO3 community decided to improve and modernize localization with TYPO3 Crowdin cloud-based SaaS solution. In this article, you will find helpful TYPO3 translation insights for TYPO3 editors, administrators, and developers.

Whenever you ask TYPO3 people, Why TYPO3? In most cases, they will because we love the state-of-the-art Multilingual feature of TYPO3. Of course, the multi-language content handling is incredible, but there was one little painful topic about - How to localize extension or template’s static labels? Where to translate TYPO3 backend labels? And so on. Here, Georg and his team decided to make it cool and modern with! This topic is new for TYPO3 people! Keep reading the article to know, why & how modern TYPO3 localization works with the Crowdin platform?

Ladies and gentlemen, Let’s give big hands to fantastic collaboration between TYPO3 & Crowdin!

We want to dedicate this blog to TYPO3 Localization Crowdin Initiative, especially Georg Ringer and his team working very hard to integrate and maintain TYPO3 + Crowdin. #T3Kudos - Team T3Planet

History of TYPO3 Translation

If you are not aware, how TYPO3 translation was working before TYPO3 v10. TYPO3 community used the Pootle OpenSource project for years, Checkout 

Of course, we appreciate Pootle, But it lacks many modern features that are essential for TYPO3 translation in concern to technology & UI/UX.

What is Crowdin SaaS Solution?

Crowdin is a cloud-based solution that streamlines localization management for the TYPO3 community. It's the perfect place to manage all of your multilingual content effectively.

ID: 368815
Source language: English
Project members: 145+

Why Crowdin in TYPO3 CMS?

  • Inline Editing in TYPO3 Backend
  • Cloud-based flexible content TYPO3 internationalization solution.
  • The flexibility of Crowdin to migrate and translation from any Translation server
  • Structured, Package translation to follow the structure required by TYPO3 sites
  • Single source, Translate text once that is used in different versions and parts of the software.
  • Machine translation, Let machines do the first pass, and then human-translators can edit the suggestions.
  • Glossary, we can use our TYPO3 glossary to make sure specific words are correctly translated (e.g. Template in german, TypoScript, or SEO)
  • Translation memory can reuse existing translations, no matter if done for the TYPO3 Core or an extension.

Surprise Tweet By Georg Ringer

By the way, Team T3Planet & NITSAN are proud to have TYO3 localization contributions with our Hindi language.

Initiative - TYPO3 Localization with Crowdin

At the end of 2019, Georg Ringer initiated and led the TYPO3 initiative called “Localization with Crowdin” with first-goal, Let’s integrate and launch Crowdin TYPO3 v10.

Use the SaaS solution Crowdin for localization instead of Pootle. This allows us to improve the process and output of localization TYPO3 Core and TYPO3 Extensions. - Team TYPO3 Crowdin

How to Contribute to TYPO3 Localization?

You may contribute to many ways to TYPO3 Localization Initiative like;

  • Join the TYPO3 translation initiative team
  • Localization of TYPO3 core
  • Localization of TYPO3 extensions
  • Develop or test TYPO3 Crowdin Issues
  • Or, at least write “Thanks Notes” to the team to keep them motivated ;)

Guide to TYPO3 Editors & Administrator

Due to inline-editing features, the TYPO3 crowd is kind of heaven for TYPO3 editors and administrators. 

Create Your Crowdin Account

Just create your Crowdin account and start TYPO3 internationalization.

Option #1 Localization Directly From TYPO3 Backend

How easy is it to localize the label of the TYPO3 backend? Just click on particle labels, and start translating

Option #2 Translate at

You can also translate TYPO3 core or extensions directly at the Crowdin platform.

Step 1. TYPO3 Core Translation

Go to 

Step 2. Search TYPO3 Extension Translation

Search and go to TYPO3 extension 

Step 3. Crowdin Translation

Watch or see the documentation of the Growdin platform

Start TYPO3 Localization

TYPO3 Crowdin Bridge

TYPO3 community created TYPO3 localization status, Keep watch your eyes at 

Guide for TYPO3 Extension Developers

For the TYPO3 extension developers who are creating and publishing extensions at You’ve now better flexibility to maintain your TYPO3 extension’s localization with Crowdin. Here are the steps to follows.

Step 1. Get Officially Approved

At the initial stage, you will need to get an official to approve your extension from TYPO3 slack channel #cig-crowdin-localization, Please provide me the below information.

  • Extension name
  • Information if your extension is already available on the previous translation server
  • Your email address for an invitation to Crowdin, so you will get the correct role for your project.

Example of TYPO3 News Extension

Step 2. Git Repository Integration (Github, Github, Bitbucket)

You should have a publicly available Git-repository to integrate Crowdin into your TYPO3 extension. Here is the example of the most-widely used Git-hub, Below example taken from

1. Go to Settings > Integration > Click on "Setup Integration"

2. Choose Main Branch

3. Advanced Settings

4. Edit Branch

5. Create .crowdin.yaml

6. Point to Existing Language

Source file path: /Resources/Private/Language/

Translated file path: /%original_path%/%two_letters_code%.%original_file_name%

7. Click on "Save"

8. Done!


Thanks for reading my article. I hope you find it helpful & enjoyed it!

Now it’s your turn, You can help and contribute to the TYPO3 localization project, here is my wishlist for you.

  • If you are an editor or administrator, you can help to contribute localization and translation of your native language to TYPO3 core or famous TYPO3 extensions.
  • If you are an extension developer, Migrate all existing TYPO3 extensions to the new-crowdin solution. And keep using Crowdin for your future TYPO3 extensions too.
  • Try to sponsor the TYPO3 localization team, or at least write them “Thanks Notes” to keep inspired and motivated.

Have a Happy TYPO3 Localization!

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