20 Best Premium TYPO3 Templates

With over very limited and finite premium TYPO3 Templates available, it’s quite difficult for TYPO3 audiences to find the best TYPO3 Template to build their TYPO3 website.

20 Best Premium TYPO3 Templates

With over very limited and finite premium TYPO3 Templates available, it’s quite difficult for TYPO3 audiences to find the best TYPO3 Template to build their TYPO3 website. 

One of the first things you need to think about when you start your online TYPO3 business website is how your site is going to look. It’s crucial to offer a high-quality website look, feel, and performance that engages the audience. For that, you will definitely need a premium TYPO3 theme.

Unfortunately, there are not many ready-made TYPO3 templates and from our statistics, we found that more and more people are looking for good TYPO3 Templates. And why not, As just like other CMS, TYPO3 has the ability to develop cool ready-made TYPO3 templates and themes.

IMHO, One of the reasons people are afraid to choose TYPO3 is due to its template unavailability and very high custom TYPO3 template development costs. Somewhere, TYPO3 being such a well versed rich enterprise Open Source CMS severely needs TYPO3 template options. 

Writing good Fluid templates for TYPO3 normally requires a significant amount of developer-level knowledge so TYPO3 Templates are something that I’m sure will appeal to people creating more TYPO3 sites - which is exactly an audience that I believe we should do more to attract. - Claus Due

Often we’re asked by users if there is a single premium TYPO3 Template that fits all use-cases. The answer is YES. You can use a popular multi-purpose Pro TYPO3 Template on just about any kind of TYPO3 website.

Having the right TYPO3 template can make a huge difference in your website and business growth. In this article, I have hand-picked some of the best Premium TYPO3 templates of 2021. Let’s dig in! 

One more thing, if you're looking for free TYPO3 Templates that can be used with complete freedom while saving your money, I'd recomment you going through this article that enlists Free TYPO3 Templates - https://t3planet.com/blog/free-typo3-template/

How to pick from the best Premium TYPO3 Template?

Not all templates are created equal and even among the very best TYPO3 templates out there. There are always differences that make one theme better suited to your individual needs. Here’s what to look for when picking your ideal TYPO3 templates:

A design that matches your needs

Your best TYPO3 template has to fit your needs perfectly. Don’t fall solely for the visual perks and flashy elements of the design. Focus on the utility instead and find a TYPO3 template that does a good job of displaying your content and highlighting what’s important for you.

Size and code quality

Generally, the more lightweight the TYPO3 template is, the better. Bloated codebases can cause troubles over time.

Speed and optimization

Having a fast website is important in 2021. For example, if your site fails to load in less than 2 seconds then the majority of the visitors will leave. Make sure the premium TYPO3 template you choose is optimized for speed! All of the best TYPO3 templates are.

Responsive & Good for mobile

Most people access the web via mobile devices these days. In other words, if your website doesn’t display on mobile correctly, you’ll annoy a lot of people and eventually alienate your audience. Whatever theme you’re considering, make sure that it displays correctly on mobile.

Customer support

You want to be able to contact actual people for support and guidance if you need help with your TYPO3 template. Make sure the TYPO3 template you’re considering offers some form of customer support.

Template Updates and improvements

You should get a TYPO3 template that’s kept up-to-date with the new developments and updates in TYPO3, coding styles and functionality. Make sure that your TYPO3 template is updated frequently. You can usually get info about the update frequency from the template's changelog.


In order to load your website faster, on top, and for ranking content – this is what’s called SEO – search engine optimization. Quality TYPO3 template will have structures that make on-page SEO easier to do.

#1 T3 Karma Multi-Purpose TYPO3 Template (Ultimately Multipurpose TYPO3 Template)

With 150+ unique elements, 18+ Demos and unlimited possibilities T3 Karma justifies the true meaning of ultimately Multipurpose TYPO3 Template. 

T3 Karma provides a high-quality TYPO3 template and platform for every category. For example, creative, digital, corporate, gallery, portfolio, Startup, medical, real estate, conference, event, etc. Similarly, you can create your own category with T3 Karma!

#2 T3 Shop - TYPO3 eCommerce Template

T3 Shop TYPO3 eCommerce Template is an ultimate eCommerce TYPO3 eCommerce solution. It has all the required tools and features to create a super-fast responsive eCommerce with an amazing UI and UX experience.

Powered by TYPO3 Aimeos shop solution you can now build a perfect TYPO3 eCommerce Website. Easy to Use is very easy, so it will suit your TYPO3 eCommerce website’s needs. It has all the necessary blocks and pre-built elements that make it easy for you to create a beautiful TYPO3 store.

If you need to create an eCommerce TYPO3 Shop that has a strong impression and intrigue, then T3 Shop is a good fit for you.

#3 T3 Company Enterprise TYPO3 Template (Best Agency TYPO3 Template)

A sophisticated TYPO3 template designed to meet all of your corporate enterprise needs! Whether you have a startup company, software, or creative business, T3 Company has exactly what it takes for you to easily build a stunning website!

The template is packed with a huge collection of predesigned homepages, practical inner pages, and blog templates. Elements can be easily modified to fit the needs of modern businesses and startups. 


An ideal theme for any industrial business. Comes with a Revolution slider and other awesome features including an indexed search, you cannot go wrong.

#5 T3 Bootstrap (Flexible Multipurpose TYPO3 Template)

Easily installable and configurable to use for any favorite CMS like TYPO3. T3 Bootstrap is developed based on the industry's most widely used Bootstrap CSS framework.

T3 Bootstrap: Multipurpose TYPO3 Template is a well-designed Bootstrap and TYPO3 template for multi-purpose. Featured with the latest version of the super powerful & customizable framework of Bootstrap. Moreover, T3 Bootstrap comes with almost all the most powerful elements you need to build a perfect website. Above all, it is super flexible with tons of great features and elements.


T3 Bootstrap template's layout is generated with Flux, an extension of Fluid and is compatible with TYPO3 compatibility: 10.4 LTS. Developed and running with Bootstrap 4.5.3. Plus the CSS files of the Bootstrap Framework are written in the scss format. A compiler is already integrated. Explore the template now.

#7 Toujou - TYPO3 Templates and SaaS

Templates from Toujou comes with TYPO3 SaaS (Software As A Service) support. Beneficial for people without TYPO3 or programming knowledge. Basically, you don't have to be a professional to set up a professional website. With TYPO3 SaaS support from Toujou, you can have everything prepared and there is support staff to help you out with other requests.

But IMHO no criticism, TYPO3 SaaS from T3Planet has on contrary to TYPO3 Templates and TYPO3 SaaS support from Toujou costs you very high. Moreover comparing TYPO3 templates from Toujou and T3Planet, you can get more template variances at T3Planet with unique designs and concepts. Plus one time set off fees at T3Planet is pocket friendly as compared to that of Toujou.

I'd suggest going with TYPO3 templates from T3Planet and their TYPO3 SaaS support starting from €29! 

I'd suggest having a look, we want the best for you ;)

#8 T3 Digital Marketing - Agency TYPO3 Template (Marketing & Advertising TYPO3 Template)

T3 Digital Marketing is an SEO & Digital Marketing TYPO3 template specially built for software agencies. Built with modern elements, this template uses a powerful framework & Addons. It’s SEO friendly, TYPO3 v10 ready, fast, and mobile responsive. You can utilize the T3 Digital Marketing template for SEO, Web Design, Web Agency, Marketing, or Corporate Business. It has everything for any Web and Tech related business.

#9 T3 Health Medical TYPO3 Template

T3 Health Medical TYPO3 Template is a responsive TYPO3 Template best suitable for doctors, health clinics, hospitals, and medical organizations. In addition, this theme is a library for Health & Medical with predefined web elements that helps you to build your own site. The theme is fast, responsive, retina-ready, TYPO3 v10 compatible, and W3C valid.


An ideal theme for any corporate business. Comes with Orbit slider and other awesome features including RealURL, SEO, News, and Powermail contact form.

#11 T3 Magazine - TYPO3 News Template

T3 Magazine is a powerful, multipurpose, and modern TYPO3 News and Blog template with pixel perfect design, outstanding features, fully responsive and mobile-friendly. It is very flexible and easy to customize for any awesome magazine and blog website.

T3 Magazine comes with luxury design options, tailored to be exceptional on all kinds of blogs and minimal magazines. Not only the built-in modern design choices are aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also packed with multiple possible layout combinations suitable for blogs and elegant magazines.

#12 T3 Events - Conference Meetup TYPO3 Template

T3 Events TYPO3 Template is a responsive, well-designed, and pixel-perfect template for conferences, Events, Meetup, Seminars, Exhibitions, Congress, meetings, Business Conference, Event Management, Meet Up websites, and more. The template has a lot of styles and elements to help you make beauty and modern website in no time.

#13 T3 NGO: Multipurpose Charity TYPO3 Template

T3 NGO Multipurpose TYPO3 Template, it’s a clean and elegant theme, developed mainly to setup NGOs, non-profit organizations, and corporate websites.

This theme is best suitable for small to large NGO Organizations to set up a reference website. The TYPO3 template works in all the major browsers and has massive features to use for your next projects as well. It is built with the best web-development practice. An intuitive user interface saves a lot of your time while setting up your site from scratch.

#14 T3 Portfolio - Responsive TYPO3 Template

T3 Portfolio is a gorgeous, creative, aesthetically & technically proficient portfolio TYPO3 theme. Built with the latest visuals and technologies, this theme puts the power to mold & shape your website in your hands. It includes portfolios, galleries, fullscreen, showcases, blogs for designers to create a unique website.

#15 T3 Hotel Premium TYPO3 Template

T3 Hotel Premium TYPO3 Template is designed for hotel, resort, apartment, and tourism business. Moreover, this theme comes with necessary features for your online presence like room, blog, testimonial, facilities, and room description page, etc. In addition, this theme comes with necessary features for your online presence like room, blog, testimonial, facilities and room description page, etc.

Above all, each accommodation has an awesome page where the hotel resort owner can organize all rooms pieces of information and services with an amazing booking form design.

#16 T3 University: Education TYPO3 Template

T3 University – Education TYPO3 Template is specially designed for University, College, and School. It comes with all necessary pre-built features necessary to have at an Educational website. This Education TYPO3 Template is TYPO3 v10 compatible, responsive, feature-rich, and very easy to get started with.

#17 T3 Property : Real Estate TYPO3 Template

T3 Property is a stylish contemporary Real Estate TYPO3 Template. It is a splendid & modern solution for a newly built apartment complex, office center, or rent house. You can use this template to sell a single property object or modify it as a corporate page for the real estate agency bureau or firm.

#18 T3 Mechanic: TYPO3 Service Template

Moreover, it serves best for Car Repair Shops, Car Wash, Mechanic Workshops, Car Painting, Car centers, and car-related services. However, T3 Mechanic comes with a single page display template with pre-built functions so you can easily customize everything you need.

#19 T3 Restaurant Classic TYPO3 Template (Eatery and Dining TYPO3 Template)

T3 Restaurant Classic TYPO3 Template is a clean modern and creative TYPO3 theme for Cafe & Restaurant and any food-related business. At initial stage shop functionality is not required by all website owners, so we’ve decided to provide you with the ability to create a simple restaurant menu and describe your services on your restaurant website or create a full-fledged online store with the ability to deliver your products.

Template is highly responsive. It comes with all the functionalities an ideal restaurant holds. Highly suitable for any business operating in the Restaurant industry.

#20 T3 Agency Dark - Multipurpose TYPO3 Template (Modern One pager)

T3 Agency Dark - Multipurpose TYPO3 Template is a remarkable TYPO3 theme. Specifically made for creative agencies and all sorts of creative business websites. Its highly practical elements and powerful features are perfect for building modern business websites.

Wrapping Up!

Premium TYPO3 templates are a great way to start your TYPO3 journey. By choosing the right TYPO3 template, you can create a website with a cool visual appearance and better performance, functionality, and security power of TYPO3.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with building your website with the free TYPO3 template right now!

Are you aware of any other Premium TYPO3 templates? Drop us your suggestions, we will add them to the list!

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