Finest TYPO3 Newsletters to Subscribe Now!

What’s going on in TYPO3 & the community? How did you update yourself? There are many ways to get the latest information about TYPO3 CMS.

Finest TYPO3 Newsletters to Subscribe Now!

What’s going on in TYPO3 & the community? How do you update yourself? There are many ways to get the latest information about TYPO3 CMS. But my favorite is to subscribe to the TYPO3 blog newsletters. Here is the list of TYPO3 newsletters that I’m following;

In this busy world in 2021, No one has time to explore social media platforms, variance TYPO3 websites, etc to keep up-to-date on TYPO3 CMS. The TYPO3 community is awesome which believes in sharing TYPO3, and there are many active TYPO3 newsletters that spread TYPO3.

TYPO3 Mantra “Inspiring People To Share”

My dear TYPO3 reader, get ready to know. With the TYPO3 newsletter, How can you explore the TYPO3 world in one place - your Inbox.

Why TYPO3 Newsletters Matters?

Emails are part of our daily life, most people check their emails 2/3 times per day. Many people don’t like to surf more social media platforms. I don’t want to bother you about why emails are the best ways to keep up-to-date about TYPO3 because you know it well ;) Here are some Fact & Figures.

  • There are 3.9 billion active email users.
  • Workers will receive an average of 126 emails a day.
  • 82% of workers check email outside of normal business hours.

T3A ⎼ TYPO3 Association Members Newsletter

TYPO3 community has its own dedicated TYPO3 newsletter team that monthly releases TYPO3 newsletters with new TYPO3 version updates, community news, upcoming events, what’s new in the TYPO3 community and association, etc.

To get this TYPO3 newsletter, you will simply need to become a member of the TYPO3 association. Just a token of € 7.92, You can be part of the TYPO3 association.

Jweiland ⎼ TYPO3 Newsletter

One of my favorite TYPO3 newsletter, Because Wolfgang (Mr. TYPO3 Video Man) ;) from Jweiland works very hard to send awesome TYPO3 updates. In this newsletter, you will find the best TYPO3 articles from all over the TYPO3 world. In the monthly TYPO3 blog newsletter, you will get TYPO3  news, TYPO3 tips, TYPO3 extensions & events, etc. Trust me and just subscribe now!

T3A ⎼ TYPO3 Association CMS Insights Newsletter

TYPO3 Association running special monthly newsletter for - CMS Industry Insights. Apart from TYPO3, you should have knowledge about what’s going in the CMS industry. Rino from the TYPO3 association working hard to find the best suitable CMS articles.

T3A ⎼ This Month In TYPO3

Although, It’s not a TYPO3 newsletter that comes in the form of an email. But still, I recommend following this great initiative. Peter Kraume from TYPO3 Association doing a great job by writing monthly TYPO3 articles which include TYPO3 core updates, association news, events, etc. Somehow, unfortunately, there are not any articles since May 2020, hopefully, Peter will be back soon.

TYPO3 Mailinglist Newsletter

You know what, TYPO3 Mailinglist is one of the oldest infrastructures where TYPO3 people are still connected and keep updated. Of course, it’s not a dedicated newsletter, but there are many channels that are very active where you should subscribe. Eg., By subscribing to TYPO3 Announcement, You will receive new TYPO3 version release updates.

TYPO3 Decision Newsletter

Are you enthusiastic about TYPO3 core development updates? Then you should follow Because that platform provides transparent communication about TYPO3 development’s decisions. You can open your topic or participate in other discussions to make better TYPO3.

T3Planet ⎼ TYPO3 Newsletter

Last but not least, We have a TYPO3 blog newsletter which is monthly, mostly it concludes our most popular TYPO3 articles. I’m feeling very glad because I got awesome feedback from my TYPO3 readers like - You! Thanks for your time and appreciation.

I also want to take this opportunity Thanks to Alex from In2code TYPO3 agency, because we are using their cool TYPO3 extension Luxletter Thanks a lot! #T3Kudos

TYPO3 Close-up!

Thanks for reading my article, I hope you liked and learned well.

My friend, now it’s your turn to complete the below checklist to get up-to-date yourself with TYPO3.

  • Go through the above list of TYPO3 newsletter and subscribe to them now, especially become a member of the TYPO3 Association (& don’t forget Jweiland’s newsletter ;)
  • Try to keep sponsor TYPO3 people who are working very hard and give back to the TYPO3 community, at least you can write to them “Thanks Notes” - to keep them motivated.
  • If you are interested to share your TYPO3 skills, knowledge & experience - then start your TYPO3 blog now.

Did I miss any TYPO3 newsletter places? Or, What’s your favorite one? I want to hear from you in the comment box.

Have a Happy TYPO3 Time!

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    Christoph Beer 2021-02-12 at 12:33 pm
    Even though I don’t like to surf social media often, newsletters are a subtle way to keep up-to-date about TYPO3. Thanks for sharing amazing typo3 newsletters that I would like to subscribe to.
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    Jannick Adelman 2021-02-12 at 12:32 pm
    Being a TYPO3 fan I already subscribed to some of the TYPO3 newsletters. Thanks for sharing these newsletters Sanjay.