How to build Small Business Website with TYPO3

It's no longer feasible to run a business, without a website these days. Everyone goes digital and turns to the internet for everything from product research to location and operating hours. Having even a simple website that's well-designed can give you an edge in your field, and if you have products to sell, your site can open up new markets and expand your business cheaply and easily.

How to build Small Business Website with TYPO3

It's no longer feasible to run a business, without a website these days.

Everyone goes digital and turns to the internet for everything from product research to location and operating hours. Having even a simple website that's well-designed can give you an edge in your field, and if you have products to sell, your site can open up new markets and expand your business cheaply and easily.

Building a website is now easier to use now more than ever with Open Source CMS like TYPO3. When you choose TYPO3, you don't need to know to code to develop an attractive and functional site. With basic rules and tips that will give your website a professional look, make it easy to find, and show your company in the market.

Here's our step-by-step guide to creating a successful business website with TYPO3.

Identify and Clarify the purpose of your website

A business website generally serves as a space to provide general information about your company and your business. Regardless of whether you create a simple website that tells about your company, the most important thing you must do is say, on the home page in plain terms, what your company does. Do not make customers explore around to discover if your company can do what they need.

Whatever the fundamental goal of your website is or whatever the focus may be, users should be easily able to achieve it, and the goal itself should be reinforced as users navigate throughout your site.

Choose a perfect Domain name for your TYPO3 website


Your domain name is one of the most important features of your website. It's the URL you'll be sharing with your current and potential clients and promoting on social media. Therefore, your domain name should be descriptive and easy to remember and type. Try to keep it short, and steer clear of abbreviations, acronyms, and numbers if possible, to avoid customer confusion. 

You also need to decide the suffix at the end of your domain names, such as .com, .net, or .biz. While these can be descriptive, .com is still the most favorite.

Get domain from trusted domain provides eg., By d way, we are providing free-domain on our TYPO3 SaaS solution.

Choose a reliable Web Host

In simple terms, the host is the environment area you rent to build your business website. Each website needs hosting and there are many hostings available. You can use and easily rely on T3Planet's TYPO3 website builder along with Free TYPO3 Template absolutely free of 15-days too!

Install TYPO3

Although it may look a bit complicated, don't worry, it's not!

Download TYPO3 latest v10 from If you are a bit technical, then we recommend that you install composer-based.

Installing TYPO3 requires a few clicks and is easy to set up. We recommend you follow T3Planet’s latest and easy installation guide for perfect installation with the latest Template module.

If it's a bit complicated for you, then we will be happy to host your Portfolio site T3Terminal's TYPO3 SaaS services with a reliable and cost-effective solution for you. You do not need to worry about anything, we will set up hosting, server environment, TYPO3 installation, configure Template and plugins, etc.

Choose your dream website design

So now you’re about to launch a TYPO3 website but we bet you’d still be confused about what kind of template to choose? Here is a guide on How to choose the best TYPO3 template for your website?
Next thing you’d be thinking, do you need a multipurpose template for your effective online presence? Or is a niche-specific template a better solution to grow your sales, read out  Multipurpose Vs Niche TYPO3 Template: Which one to choose?. We’re sure they’ll help you out to choose a perfect website template. 

Plus to simplify your search, there are 35+ TYPO3 templates at T3Terminal, you can choose your dream template, opt for click and launch the TYPO3 SaaS solution and we’ll take care of it!

Do you know? 

TYPO3 Templates from t3planet.comes with instant installation, with Plug and Play concept.

Install require TYPO3 extensions

TYPO3 Extensions are the extra functionalities that can be added to any TYPO3 website to add features or expand functionality.

All extensions, from security to backups to marketing are free at TYPO3’s Official extension repository. Moreover, you can always get premium as well as free TYPO3 extensions from T3Planet too.

Just like templates, the best extensions are updated and managed by dedicated TYPO3 developers in the TYPO3 community to stay in line with current standards and best practices.

Think about a Multilingual website

A multilingual website offers the potential for increased sales. Every language you add to your website has the potential for dramatically increasing your sales. Besides targeting your local market, having a multilingual website will attract Internet users from other countries as well.

TYPO3 is international at its core. TYPO3 has been translated into 175+ languages so it may be the most accessible CMS around.

Build your pages

A good website is more than a static home page. You'll want to create multiple pages dedicated to different aspects of your business, such as a detailed catalog of your products or services, or a blog section for company updates. As for your overall website, you want to be sure each page supports the primary goal of the website, has a clear purpose, and includes a call to action (e.g., learn more, sign up, contact us or buy this).

Have a logo to use on your website, business cards, and social media profiles. This will help your clients identify your company quickly and easily on the web.

Integrate Forms

Embedding a contact form on your website is MUST in order for your customers to reach you! 

TYPO3 core has powerful custom form builder features available in the backend.

If your TYPO3 website includes a form, make sure it’s only asking for the most vital information. If you’re trying to get visitors to sign up for an email newsletter, make sure you’re just asking them for their email address. Anything more than that decreases the chances that they’ll finish and submit the form.

Speed and Performance Optimization

In order for your visitors to have a pleasing experience at your website, your website should be fast and optimized on load. You should be following best-practices and tools-techniques to Speed up your TYPO3 performance.

Need a checklist to follow to improve your TYPO3 website’s speed and performance? Here are 45+ Ultimate Ways to Speed Up Your TYPO3 Performance.

Integrate SSL/HTTPS Certificates

When you integrate SSL/HTTPS certificate to your TYPO3 website, it acts as the backbone of our secure Internet and it protects your sensitive information as it travels across the world's computer networks. 

SSL is essential for protecting your website, even if it doesn't handle sensitive information like credit cards. It provides privacy, critical security, and data integrity for both your websites and your users' personal information.

Check The Unconventional Guide: TYPO3 from HTTP to HTTPS/SSL

Take care of SEO factors

Following SEO factors to your TYPO3 website helps you rank in search engines. That means you're more visible when your potential customers are looking for something that you offer. 

You may already have found & read a lot of articles about what are the important things you need to take care of SEO. But it’s difficult to find where and how to implement those SEO features exactly into the TYPO3 site. You can’t miss going through 30 Ultimate TYPO3 SEO Tips & Techniques

Integrate Marketing Tools


Integrating Marketing and Communication tools such as Mailchimp, Hubspot, Hotjar, Hellobar, etc for advertising, online marketing, public relations activities, sales campaigns helps to promote brands so that similar messages reach a wider audience. Products and services are promoted by effectively integrating various brand communication tools.

Quality Assurance of your website

Before you are going to launch your TYPO3 site, You should consider DoD with QC (Quality Checklist) and QA (Quality Assurance) TYPO3 testing of your website. You can go through 15 Checklist Points For Your TYPO3 Testing. Moreover here is a quick glimpse of the checklist you need to follow after your template has been deployed. Make sure you don’t miss any of the points!

1. Harden the Security
2. Protect Website Against Spam
3. Configure an SEO Extension
4. Add Google Analytics Code
5. Check all Permalinks
6. Add Social Share Images
7. SSL Certificate for the Website
8. Check Favicon
9. Add a perfect Logo
10. Allow Search Engine Indexing
11. Submit Website to Google
12. Review Cross Browser Compatibility
13. Test Website on Different Devices
14. Check for Broken Links
15. Optimize Images on the Website
16. Check Your Grammar and Spelling
17. Proofread Content on all Pages
18. Update the Admin Email Address
19. Check Timezone Settings
20. Remove Unwanted extensions, Images, etc.
21. Remove All Unwanted Pages/Posts
23. Check all Forms on the Website
24. Check Performance
25. Check SEO and Overall Grades
26. Uptime Monitoring

Test and Publish Your TYPO3 Website

Now comes the stage where you need to migrate your staging website to a live website is definitely a complex thing that requires a lot of carefulness and attention to detail, as well as a commitment to properly backing everything up. It also requires a pretty clear understanding of database tables and FTP (File Transfer Protocol). But with a commitment to those things, you can successfully transfer your Staging site to a live site.

Market your website on social media


Social media, whether Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing, Youtube or Pinterest, is the best way to increase your audience reach and alert customers and clients about what's going on with your company. Whenever you update your website, post about it on your social media outlets.

Also include links to your social media on your website. The most common places are the footer. Also, submitting your website to major search engines will also help direct potential leads to your page, as will deploying a strong search engine optimization (SEO) strategy across your site.

Maintain your TYPO3 site

You should at least audit your website every 15 days to ensure your website follows TYPO3 Major Version Updates, TYPO3 Security Updates, and all installed TYPO3 extensions are up to date. If your website is not up to date, it's in danger of being hacked, even if the website host's security is strong. If you don't have time to do this yourself, pass the website management task to a trusted employee or hire a TYPO3 developer for the same. 

Explore TYPO3 Site Maintenance Mentor - The Easy Way

And not to forget, update your TYPO3 website frequently with blog posts on current industry events, new products, and offers, and company news to keep visitors coming back to the site.

Secure Your TYPO3 Site

Although TYPO3 being a self secured CMS, let’s try to make your TYPO3 sites more secure. How about increasing security by disabling access TYPO3 code by securing core files and folders? 

According to a survey, TYPO3 is one of the most secure Open Source CMS - it is a proud feeling to be involved and working with such a great community who did their best for the security concerns.

TYPO3 Secure Web, One of the great solution, Explore and Implement from How To Secure Your TYPO3 Sites From Hack Attempts?

Backup Your TYPO3 Site

In the first place, you should never attempt a significant update of the TYPO3 website of your site without taking proper backup of your website and every resource associated with your website. All things considered, something can generally turn out to go wrong. On the off chance if that does, then having a recent backup of your websites' data gives you an effortless method to re-establish your TYPO3 website to its last working state. 

Check How to Backup TYPO3 Site: 7 Best TYPO3 Backup Extensions for 2020

If you’ve never created a TYPO3 backup for your website, we recommend using the Backup Plus TYPO3 extension, which makes the process simple. Plus, it enables you to automate your backups with a simple click, so you won’t have to perform them manually.

And wrapping it up!

As you can tell after reading this article, creating a great small business website may not be as simple as you first thought. However, if you follow the steps set forth in this article, your small business will have an excellent chance of succeeding in the online marketplace.

If by some unfortunate circumstances you get stuck or have any questions about how to create a TYPO3 website, just get in touch with us or leave a comment below. We’ll help you out with any problems.

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