Multipurpose Vs Niche TYPO3 Template: Which one to choose?

Are you going to launch a TYPO3 website but still confused about what kind of template to choose? Do you need a multipurpose template for your effective online presence? Or is a niche-specific template a better solution to grow your sales?

Multipurpose Vs Niche TYPO3 Template: Which one to choose?

Are you going to launch a TYPO3 website but still confused about what kind of template to choose? Do you need a multipurpose template for your effective online presence? Or is a niche-specific template a better solution to grow your sales?

We can understand your hesitation and it is quite reasonable. It’s obvious that the choice of the proper template is one of the main factors that will determine the future success of your business website. Therefore, your question is really worth your close attention and in-depth analysis. To begin with, let’s understand and start from the basics.

What are Multipurpose Website Templates?

With this type of template, you usually get a broad range of options to play with. This allows the user to use a single template across multiple types of projects and to customize it more fully to suit a specific site’s needs. Basically, it’s a universal template that doesn’t target any specific niche market.

For instance, consider our TYPO3 Bootstrap Template, it comes with almost all the most powerful elements you need to build a perfect website. Above all, being a Multipurpose template it comes with tons of pre-installed features and elements.

A multipurpose template provides a high-quality framework and platform for almost every category. For example, creative, digital, corporate, gallery, portfolio, Startup, medical, real estate, conference, event, etc. Similarly, you can create your own category with T3 Bootstrap!

With our experience, we’ve got great feedback and response from the customers who opted for Multipurpose Templates. We have many upcoming Multipurpose TYPO3 templates in the queue, so stay tuned!

What are Niche Website Templates?

These are templates that are specially designed for particular types of websites. Both its design and functionality are specifically created to serve a definite purpose. That’s why such templates, as usual, come with the features that are used mostly for their respective kind of projects.

For example, a health care TYPO3 template will hardly offer you a premade page with a restaurant menu. However, it will provide you with a set of ready-made pages necessary to showcase your services in full.

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Which one is a better choice?

1. Type and complexity of your required website

Choosing a multipurpose or a niche template rests on the complexity and the type of the project. If you wish to build a huge website with plenty of options then you should select a multipurpose template.

However, if you seek a decent website simply to allow people to know that you and your business are online then a plain niche template can serve better.

2. Customer’s skills

Another aspect to consider is your individual level of confidence while customizing a template and making it function.

If you not much of a technical person, then a niche template is going to suit you. They are generally much simpler to get going, and don’t present an excess of unnecessary options to manage.

For more experienced users, multipurpose might be appropriate. Few of those templates are more complicated and may place some users in trouble. But all of them carry reliable support, and the user guide document is indeed helpful.

3. Design of your desired website

Multipurpose templates often have neutral, corporate design. As they wish to appeal to different businesses, the templates designer focuses on clean layouts with plenty of white space. The prime benefit of a plain design is the ease of personalizing it and adapt to various niches. In the majority of cases, the templates feature are very easy to customize. Another benefit of Multipurpose templates is that you get plenty of variants of each element to choose from.

Whereas Niche templates are inclined to place a special focus on purpose, brand identity, and design, as they deliver extra value to the client in this way and highlight their brand uniqueness. Such designs opt to employ colors linked to a particular industry.

4. Time invested in Pre-launch phase

Configuring a TYPO3 website is a critical task, and it involves a decent investment of time. Even the most skillful TYPO3 users assign time to examine all the features of a template before introducing it online.

Generally, a niche template is equipped with fewer options, and it signifies a briefer period of time spent in the customization task.

5. Functionality of template

The selection of extensions that accompanies your TYPO3 template also plays a great role in choosing your website template. A multipurpose template is inclined to contain lots of extensions within its package. These extra extensions mean extra functionality. However, those unused extensions can always be deactivated and activated in the future if required.

If you select a niche template, getting used to your template also involves a little learning curve. As you possess a niche template, it isn’t necessary to cover all probable template uses, so you can modify only the aspects linked directly with your business and may not be able to customize the functionality.

6. Speed

Another factor associated with multipurpose templates is related to speed. Large Multipurpose templates tend to load slower because of the template options, styles, extensions, and other components that use the time to load.

Depending on its type, niche templates tend to load quicker than large multipurpose templates due to limited and specific website components used to develop the template.

7. Uniqueness in the final design

The uniqueness of your website design is one of the most important things. It can make you stand out in your business and increase your brand recognizability.

Nowadays more and more business owners tend to give preference to multipurpose templates. As a result, it is quite difficult to stay unique. Choosing a multipurpose template for your website you should realize that without a good designer your website may appear similar to numerous other users.

Since niche templates are much specific and less popular the risk that your website will resemble others is lower. Furthermore, for niche templates, the website builders offer almost guarantees your uniqueness.

Final words!

“Every coin has two sides,” they say. So, don’t be in a hurry in order not to make a rash resolve. Take some time to analyze the pros and cons of choosing a website template for your dream website.

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