30 Ultimate TYPO3 SEO Tips & Techniques

Are you looking for good TYPO3 SEO tools & techniques that can help you to improve your TYPO3’s on-site SEO? Then, you are at the correct place. You may already have found & read a lot of articles about what are the important things you need to take care for SEO. But it’s difficult to find where and how to implement those SEO features into the TYPO3 site. Here we go!

30 Ultimate TYPO3 SEO Tips & Techniques

Are you looking for good TYPO3 SEO tools & techniques that can help you to improve your TYPO3’s on-site SEO?

Then, you are at the correct place. You may already have found & read a lot of articles about what are the important things you need to take care for SEO. But it’s difficult to find where and how to implement those SEO features into the TYPO3 site. Here we go!

#1 TYPO3 Core SEO Extensions

From TYPO3 v9, we have powerful built-in TYPO3 core SEO extension. Please make sure it’s enabled from your TYPO3 backend.

Go to Backend > Admin Tools > Extensions > SEO.

Big thanks to the guys from TYPO3 Core Initiative for their dedicated work to integrate SEO-feature within TYPO3 core.

#2 Yoast SEO TYPO3 Extension

Yoast is good for organizing your on page search engine optimization items. I consider Yoast SEO one of the best TYPO3 SEO extensions you can find on the web.

However, it feels proud to share that team Yoast SEO is an official vendor of TYPO3 Yoast SEO extension at T3Terminal. Have a look at the amazing product.

A big thanks to Team MaxServ & Yoast team.

We highly recommend you to watch video from Richard Haeser

#3 General TYPO3 SEO Settings

For your each TYPO3 page, You should configure Title, Robots follows & Canonical URLs.

Go to Page > Choose your page > Edit Page Properties > Select SEO tab

#4 TYPO3 Basic SEO Meta-data

Make sure your every page has SEO Metadata, Go to Page > Select page > Edit Page Properties > Metadata tab

#5 Social-Media OpenGraph

It’s a good practice to always have social-media share a friend, TYPO3 core has inbuilt compatibility sharing with Facebook OpenGraph and Twitter Cards.

Go to Page > Choose your page > Edit Page Properties > Social media tab

#6 Improve Speed & Performance of Your TYPO3 Site

To get a higher ranking, Google wants to great speed and performance of your TYPO3 site. We would highly recommend to read one of the most popular 30 Tips & Tricks for Optimum TYPO3 Website Speed and Performance

#7 Structured-Data Schema.org + TYPO3

Google recommends to integrate structure-data schema to your website. Thanks to Chris Müller for developing one cool TYPO3 extension Embedding schema.org vocabulary which is easy-to-use. Once you install and configure extension;

Go to Page > Choose your page > Edit Page Properties > SEO tab. You will find “Structure Data” in the dropdown-selection.

#8 Setup robots.txt

To allow crawling of your site, You should configure robots.txt Go to Site Management > Sites > Static Routes tab.

#9 404 Error Handling

Just create 404 page into your page-tree and configure it from Page > Site Management > Sites > Error Handling tab.

#10 Hreflang Tags

If you have multilingual TYPO3 site, then “hreflang” tags will automatically be added based on the one-tree principle. You can configure language-wise href-lang HTML tags from;

Go to Site Management > Sites > Languages > Add all-languages configurations.

#11 Canonical Tags

TYPO3 provides built-in support for the canonical tag. If the core extension “seo” is installed, it will automatically add the canonical link to the page.

#12 Google Sitemap XML

TYPO3 can also generate XML sitemap.

Go to Site Management > Sites > Static Routes > Configure settings as below screenshot

#13 SEO Compatible Metadata with Yoast SEO

Make sure you to have SEO-friendly meta-data using Yoast SEO TYPO3 extension to your all-the-pages. Once you install & configure Yoast SEO TYPO3 extension, you can see preview and edit Google snippet within your Page module.

#14 Image Title & Alt

Whenever you add an image, Make sure to always have practice to add image title and alternative text as below screenshot.

#15 Check Speed & Performance

Recently Richard Haeser developed one cool TYPO3 extension PageSpeed Insights which will show you speed score of your particular TYPO3 page at the backend.

Page Module > PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights Results & History in Page Properties

#16 Install & Configure Google Analytics into TYPO3

To add Google Analytics in TYPO3, you do not require any special extension or plugin.
to Template > Select root-page > Edit Setup, and add code as below.

page {
    headerData {
        50 = TEXT
        50.value (
                // YOUR JS CODE

#17 SEO-Friendly URLs

Google recommends having a one-level path, By default, TYPO3 create a nested-level path. One quick TYPO3 extension Slug from Simon Köhler will help you to simentantesly change path of all your TYPO3 pages.

Install Slug TYPO3 extension and you will get a dedicated module at Site Management > Slugs.

#18 TYPO3 Table of Contents (TOC)

To increase the quality of content and SEO, Consider to install TYPO3 Extension TOC from Ulf Mayer, especially user-manual and documentation.

#19 Yoast SEO for News TYPO3 Extension

TYPO3 News Extensionis one of the most popular-ever at TER. Most probably you will need it to your every TYPO3 site. We recommend to also install Yoast SEO for News You will get all the features of Yoast SEO into your News articles.

#20 Advanced Page Title

Do you want to add Prefix and Suffix at each page’s title? Install and configure Advanced Page Title TYPO3 extension from Tanel Põld.

#21 Add Favicon Icon to TYPO3

You can very easily install and configure a favicon icon to your TYPO3 site.

Step 1. Go to Web > Template > Choose root page > Edit Setup > Add following line of code.

Step 2. page.shortcutIcon = fileadmin/files/favicon.ico

#22 Avoid duplication with WWW & Non-WWW

Do you know an interesting thing? Whenever your site is accessed from both www and non-www then Google understand it as “two-website”. So, make sure your site should be accessible with one-way. Example, If you want to run your site only non-www URL then perform the following steps.

Step 1.Open your root .htaccess file

Step 2.Add the following code after RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTPS_HOST} ^www.yourdomain.com [NC]
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ yourdomain.com/$1 [L,R=301]

#23 Configure SSL to Your TYPO3 Site

Google is considering giving a higher rank for SSH/HTTPS-based website. To install and configure SSL/HTTPS Checkout our The Unconventional Guide: Converting Your TYPO3 Site From HTTP to HTTPS/SSL

#24 Keep up-to-date Your TYPO3 Instance

Always keep trying to invest time and efforts to keep up-to-date, How to maintain your site? Read a comprehensive article on TYPO3 Site Maintenance Mentor - The Easy Way

#25 Regularly Update Your TYPO3 version

To have better performance and secure website, It’s very important to upgrade or update your TYPO3 version. Get The Ultimate Guide on TYPO3 Upgrade

#26 404 Page Link Validator in TYPO3

In your hundred/thousand of TYPO3 pages, How can you find out which links are dead and cause 404 page? TYPO3 core has built-in feature, Perform following steps.

Step 1. Go to Admin Tools > Extensions

Step 2. Active “Link Validator” extension

Step 3. Go to Web > Infor Module

Step 4. Select root-page or any-particular page from Page Tree

Step 5. Choose “Linkvalidator” from the top drop-down

#27 Optimize TYPO3 Server Response Time

Google really considers website response time. We highly recommend to Install and Configure StaticFileCache TYPO3 Extension to get extremely fast TYPO3 server time.

Basically, this extension will convert your whole site to HTML/CSS static files, so no more PHP, Database, Process etc.

#28 Redirect Management

Google hates broken links, Example you are migrated or upgraded your site and some-reasons some URLs are not working then you should consider to set “301 redirect”.

From TYPO3 v9, We have good URL Redirect Management. Go to Site Management > Redirects.

#29 Test-drive Your TYPO3 Site with Online SEO Report/Audit

To ensure that your TYPO3 site does not miss any SEO compatibility, We recommend to checkout at following good online SEO testing sites.

#30 Content is the King

Well, last but not in the list, As Marketers loudy says “Content is the King”. Make sure to have a great quality of the content at your TYPO3 site. Google and People will love your website :)


  • First-off all, This blog is dedicated to TYPO3 core, initiative team and authors of all above mentioned TYPO3 extensions and solutions who worked hard by contributing their time and efforts to the TYPO3 community.
  • Keep apply above mentioned SEO Tools & Techniques to your TYPO3 site, and never stop to improve your TYPO3 site.

Do you have any other SEO tips and tricks for TYPO3 website? Then, we will love to receive by below the comment box.

Have a Happy SEO with great TYPO3 CMS!

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