15+ Women's in TYPO3 You Should Be Follow

On the special day of International Women's Day, T3planet dedicates this article to TYPO3 Women who set examples of women's empowerment. wishing a happy international Women's day from T3Planet. Let's celebrate their strength, resilience, and unwavering dedication to driving progress and growth in the TYPO3 industry.

15+ Women's in TYPO3 You Should Be Follow

From contributing to the core codebase, creating innovative extensions, to organizing events and workshops, TYPO3 women are leaving their mark on the community and beyond. So let's take a closer look at the inspiring work of TYPO3 women and how they are making a difference in the world of tech.

Last year we have shared 10+ Women of TYPO3 Who Code, Design, and Inspire. this year we bring latest addition of TYPO3 Womens. As When we think of the tech industry, the image that often comes to mind is one of a male-dominated space where women are few and far between. However, the reality is that women have been making their mark in tech for decades, and TYPO3 is no exception.

Today, on International Women's Day, we want to take a moment to celebrate the women who are driving innovation and progress in TYPO3 and beyond. From coding to community building, these women are breaking down barriers and making their voices heard.

Martina Ahlswede - Team Leader (Academic Committee)

Martina Ahlswede is an experienced member of the TYPO3 team of Leibniz University IT Services in Germany. With a strong passion for TYPO3 since 2006, she has been a dedicated member of the team since 2012. In November 2016, the TYPO3 Academic Committee was established, and in 2018, Martina assumed the leadership role for the committee.

The TYPO3 Academic Committee comprises TYPO3 Association members from universities that use TYPO3 CMS for their websites. One of the major responsibilities of the committee is to organize the annual TYPO3 University Day for university members, which takes place at a different university every year. Thanks to Martina's leadership, the committee has successfully organized several events that have helped TYPO3 gain a strong foothold in the academic community.

Lina Wolf - Team Co-Lead (TYPO3 Documentation Team)

Lina Wolf stepped up as the team's new Co-Lead after recently joining the Documentation Team. She became a part of the team after attending the Developer Days in 2019. However, her first encounter with TYPO3 dates back much earlier.

According to Lina, after completing her computer science studies in 2006, she landed a dull Java job. But it wasn't until she met someone who introduced her to TYPO3 in 2007 that she became a freelancer. The first version of TYPO3 she used was 3.8.

Rachel Foucard - Lead (The TYPO3 UX Team & Event Committee)

In 2005, she acquired the skills to develop her first websites using TYPO3. Together with her husband, they founded a TYPO3 web agency in France in 2009. From the inception of the French TYPO3 committee, she was an active member and was appointed the head of the team in 2016. Every year, she organized French events such as the TYPO3 Camp Nantes to foster the growth of the French TYPO3 community.

Since 2019, she has had the privilege of working with the Brilliant Structured Content Initiative team. Additionally, she founded and led the UX Initiative. Two years ago, she joined the TYPO3 board and participated in various committees, including events, GA organization, budget, and product strategy and innovation workshops.

Consistency and teamwork were important values to her. She was tenacious, open-minded, and optimistic. Furthermore, she valued transparency and spoke her mind.

Luisa Faßbender - Team Lead (TYPO3 Marketing Team)

During the day, Luisa Faßbender works as a Senior Project Manager at Marketing Factory, while at night, she leads TYPO3's Marketing Team. She first encountered TYPO3 in 2015 and has since been an active member of the community, providing assistance to her clients with their daily challenges.

Luisa's aim is to make TYPO3 more user-friendly for non-technical individuals and to assist agencies in selling TYPO3 more effectively to increase its adoption in the global market. In her role at Marketing Factory, she oversees various national and international TYPO3 and E-Commerce projects, as well as the company's communication channels.

Petra Tosic - Member (TYPO3 Marketing Team)

Petra used to reside in Zadar, Croatia until she and her daughter relocated to Germany eight years ago. She began her professional journey in marketing but later transitioned to administration while also working as a freelancer for a city newspaper and creative agency.

Apart from her career, Petra is passionate about mountaineering, caving, climbing, sailing, and traveling. She is also an avid language learner and actively uses Croatian, English, German, and occasionally Italian.

In late 2021, Petra joined TYPO3 GmbH as an Online Marketer.

Petra Hasenau - Ombudsperson (TYPO3 Ombudsperson Group)

It is heartening to witness that the TYPO3 association board has a greater representation of women, including Petra. She is the founder and CEO of cybercraft GmbH, which also spearheads Coders.Care, and organizes the annual TYPO3 User eXperience Week in Festenburg.

Petra has been associated with the TYPO3 Expert Advisory Board between 2017-2019 and has served on the TYPO3 Association board since 2019. She actively attends community events to promote TYPO3 and is an ardent supporter of the community, which, as she puts it, "rocks!"

Sybille Peters-Queen of TYPO3 Documentation

Sybille, a developer at Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg, is a highly dedicated member of the TYPO3 Documentation Team. Since Joining in 2018, she has been one of the most active contributors in the TYPO3 team. Beyond her technical expertise, Sybille is also passionate about Open Source initiatives. In her personal life, Sybille is interested in a range of topics including technology, sustainability, and collaboration which frequently shares on her social media handles. 

Anja Leichsenring - TYPO3 Core Warrior

Anja is a highly dedicated member of the TYPO3 community and is frequently seen at community events. Her primary focus is on extension development using Extbase and Fluid. As a senior developer at typovision GmbH since September 2013, Anja is also responsible for delivering training courses for the typo vision academy, with a specific emphasis on extension development using TYPO3 Extbase and Fluid. Anja's contributions extend beyond training and development, as she is an active TYPO3 core contributor and plays an instrumental role in organising code sprints.

Irene Sacchi - Perfectionist TYPO3 UX Designer

Irene is a highly active contributor to TYPO3, having played a key role in the development of the impressive Dashboard feature in TYPO3 v10. As a UX and Motion Designer at strich-komma, Irene brings her expertise and creativity to the forefront, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience. Originally from another country, Irene has called Germany home since 2009, and her contributions to the TYPO3 community have been invaluable. As a UX expert and member of the TYPO3 dashboard initiative, Irene's passion for communication, design, and emotional engagement has led her to develop problem-solving solutions with a focus on user experience. Her extensive experience and wide field of interests make Irene a highly respected and valuable member of the TYPO3 community.

Karen Falkenberg - TYPO3 GDPR Woman

Karen's professional journey began in 2003 when she founded her own company, Computer-Zauber, where she worked on various IT projects, provided IT training, and developed websites. In 2006 Karen started working with TYPO3, which became a major focus of her work For TYPO3. her interest in data protection began in 2010 when she was first appointed as a data protection officer in TYPO3. In 2018, she received additional training as a data protection officer according to DSC standards, which included GDPR. 

Lidia Demin - Stylish TYPO3 UX Developer

Lidia is a stylish and highly skilled TYPO3 UX Developer who is actively involved in the Structured Content Initiative within the TYPO3 community. With a focus on leading content blog creation and TYPO3 development, Lidia has made significant contributions to the advancement of TYPO3. Her expertise in UX design has been invaluable in ensuring that TYPO3 continues to provide a seamless user experience. Lidia's dedication to the Structured Content Initiative has been instrumental in shaping the future of TYPO3, making her a valued member of the community.

Nicole - TYPO3 Wonder Woman

Nicole is a highly involved developer within the TYPO3 community, having made significant contributions to both TYPO3 extensions and the core itself through her coding expertise.

Susanne Moog - Miss TYPO3 World

Susanne is a well-known member of the TYPO3 project, having contributed for the last decade and now serving as CTO at TYPO3 GmbH. Many people feel proud to see a woman leading the TYPO3 project. In her free time, Susi enjoys reading, dancing, learning Italian, and practising code katas.

Additionally, it should be noted that Susi has a private social media account where she expresses her personal opinions, including a statement of appreciation for "the freaks."

A Message from our Founder

On this International Women's Day, I want to take a moment to celebrate the incredible contributions, strength, and resilience of women around the world. Today is a day to honor the progress we've made toward gender equality and to recognize the ongoing work that still lies ahead. At the heart of every success story, every innovation, and every positive change, there are women who have dared to dream, to lead, and to challenge the status quo.

Happy International Women's Day !

With gratitude,
Sanjay Chauhan ( Founder of T3planet )


Wrap up!

International Women's Day is celebrated every year on March 8 to recognize the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women worldwide. It is also a day to raise awareness of gender inequality and to advocate for women's rights. There are many women in the TYPO3 community who are instrumental in the success of the project, including in leadership positions, development, marketing and community building. Honoring and recognizing the contributions of these women is an essential aspect of promoting diversity and inclusion in the TYPO3 community. You are a source of inspiration to many and we are grateful to have you here!

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