TYPO3 Templates & Extensions Releases Highlights - February 2023

TYPO3 Templates & Extensions Releases Highlights - February 2023

Welcome to the monthly updates on Templates and Extensions from T3Planet!

As a leading provider of high-quality TYPO3 Templates and Extensions, T3Planet is committed to providing its users with the latest features and functionalities to enhance their web design experience.
In this update, we will highlight the latest releases, updates, and improvements to our templates and extensions, including new features, bug fixes, and security updates.

Our team of experienced developers works tirelessly to ensure that our products meet the evolving needs of our customers, while maintaining the highest standards of quality and performance. Whether you are a seasoned developer or a novice, our templates and extensions offer a wide range of customization options to help you create stunning websites that stand out from the crowd.

Let's dive in and explore what's new with T3Planet!

TYPO3 New Product Launch

TYPO3 Friendly CaptchaUser-friendly and privacy-friendly FreeView Extension

TYPO3 New Template Launch

T3RAMAClean Multipurpose TYPO3 TemplatePaidView Template


TYPO3 Product Update Release

ExtensionsNew Released 
CompatibilityVersion TypeLink
Help Desk Extension2.6.1<=v11Minor ReleaseView Extension
Slider Revolution Extension3.7.0<=v11Major ReleaseView Extension
FAQ Extension3.5.0<=v11Major ReleaseView Extension
Timeline Extension3.0.0   <=v11Minor ReleaseView Extension
Timeline Extension3.0.1<=v11Minor ReleaseView Extension
News Comment Extension5.5.0<=v11Major ReleaseView Extension


TYPO3 Templates Update Release

TemplatesNew Released
CompatibilityVersion TypeLink
T3Labh2.0.3v10 & v11Minor ReleaseView Template
T3Property2.2.8v10 & v11Minor ReleaseView Template
T3Marketing3.0.2v10 & v11Minor ReleaseView Template
T3Property2.2.9v10 & v11Minor ReleaseView Template
T3Yatra2.0.5v10 & v11Minor ReleaseView Template
T3Rama1.0.1v10 & v11Minor ReleaseView Template


Wrap up!

To ensure optimal performance and security for your TYPO3 website, we highly recommend keeping both the core version and extensions up to date. You can easily download the latest extensions from your account, and if you have any questions about updates, please feel free to submit a ticket for assistance.

TYPO3 and its logo are trademarks of the TYPO3 Association. Further information can be found here: typo3.org

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