TYPO3 Templates & Extensions Releases Highlights - February 2024

TYPO3 Templates & Extensions Releases Highlights - February 2024

Welcome to the February 2024 edition of TYPO3 Templates & Extensions Releases Highlights! February, the shortest month of the year but at T3Planet, February 2024 was a month of steady progress and exciting developments. We ensure a stable, secure, and performant experience for all TYPO3 users, to create and manage websites with confidence. Let's discuss in detail:

Newly Updated TYPO3 Extension

ExtensionsNew Released VersionCompatibilityVersion TypeView Change Log
ns_openai2.0.0v10 to v12MajorView Change Log

T3OpenAI 2.0: AI-Powered Content Creation with New Features

Announcing the release of T3OpenAI 2.0, a version that introduces new features designed for content creation workflow with efficiency and creativity.

Here's what awaits you in T3OpenAI 2.0:

Ready-to-Use ChatGPT Sidebar: Say goodbye to time-consuming context switching! The all-new ChatGPT Sidebar integrates with your TYPO3 backend, allowing you to interact with ChatGPT directly. Generate ideas, brainstorm content, and real-time assistance without leaving your editing backend.

One-Click SEO Optimization: Ease your SEO efforts with the one-click SEO optimization feature. Simply provide relevant keywords, and T3OpenAI 2.0 will automatically generate optimized meta descriptions, titles, and other SEO elements.

Upgraded Content Assistant: The Content Assistant receives a significant upgrade in T3OpenAI 2.0. Expect accuracy, improved suggestion quality, and a range of content formats supported for you to craft compelling and engaging content effortlessly.

Improved Chat Style Module: Improve your content's tone and style with the Chat Style Module. Choose from a variety of predefined styles or create custom styles to ensure your content aligns perfectly with your brand voice and target audience.

Content Generation Options: T3OpenAI 2.0 expands your content creation options with control over the content generation process. Choose the specific content element type for your TYPO3 AI Pages and produce the exact content you need.

Additional Features:

Redeveloped RTE for real-time ChatGPT chatbots: Experience a smoother and more responsive chat experience with the re-developed RTE.
Enable/Disable language translation wizard: Easily manage and control language translation functionalities.
File metadata translations: Translate file metadata seamlessly for a truly globalized experience.
Record language translation: Effortlessly translate entire records within your TYPO3 environment.
Generate automatic SEO meta-data for TYPO3 AI Pages: Let T3OpenAI handle your SEO meta-data generation, saving you valuable time and effort.
Editable all optimized SEO results: Fine-tune and customize the automatically generated SEO elements for a perfect fit.

T3OpenAI 2.0 is an upgraded version of AI-powered content creation for TYPO3 users. With its workflow, features, and capabilities, it creates high-quality content faster.

Upgrade to T3OpenAI 2.0 today!

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, that's all about the TYPO3 Templates & Extensions Releases Highlights for Feburary month. As we continue to develop TYPO3 Templates and extensions, your support will always remain the driving force behind our success.

We recommend you to keep your TYPO3 Version and TYPO3 extensions updated to the latest versions.

Happy TYPO3 Upgrades!

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