10 Influential TYPO3 Professionals to Follow

Are you excited to know who the top TYPO3 gurus are? This micro TYPO3 blog will find the best TYPO3 gurus to follow on social media and community. This list of TYPO3 professionals chooses from the awesome TYPO3 community members.

10 Influential TYPO3 Professionals to Follow

Are you excited to know who the top TYPO3 gurus are? This micro TYPO3 blog will find the best TYPO3 gurus to follow on social media and community. This list of TYPO3 professionals chooses from the awesome TYPO3 community members.

You should keep in touch with knowledgeable and experienced TYPO3 people to improve your TYPO3 skills. Because knowledge is the power of the 21st century. Fortunately, TYPO3 has a lovely community where people are always eager to help and support.

Before we start, as you know, my ritual, I want to dedicate this blog to all TYPO3 contributors who believe in giving back to the community. Thanks, everyone #T3Kudos!

IMHO, Following TYPO3, people are chosen by their expertise, dedication, and contributions to the TYPO3 community. I’m so sorry, not to mention there are so many great TYPO3 gurus.

You know what, my friend, I can prepare a list of TYPO3 people and can write a small book. For now, due to the less space for this blog - Let's see who are a few top TYPO3 gurus whose mantra is “Inspiring people to communicate” ;)

Mathias Schreiber (CEO of TYPO3 GmbH)

“Life is when doing the right thing is the thing that causes you the most pain.”

Mathias comes from a background in advertising in the music industry. After venturing into musical instrument wholesale he moved to the advertising side of things in the late 90s. His first contact with TYPO3 happened in 2001 when he became part of netfielders and was introduced to the TYPO3 community. After being an active member in the TYPO3 Association he took some time off community work to come back in 2013 by raising funds for the 6.2 release and later being sponsored as a full-time product owner in late 2014. In 2016 Mathias was chosen to become CEO of the TYPO3 GmbH in order to foster the development and visibility of TYPO3 further worldwide. In his few hours off TYPO3 a week, he tries to master the guitar while living with his wife and dog in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Benni Mack (Mr. TYPO3)

“When you wake up every day and know you get to do something you love... that should matter the most in your life!”

Benni Mack is best known as the force behind the upsurge of TYPO3 in recent years. He is the project lead of the TYPO3 core development team. He has immense technical expertise in product integrations and APIs. He is also the CTO of b13 GmbH, a digital agency of TYPO3 in Germany. Benni has immense expertise in contributing to several open-source projects like PHP-FIG. He is responsible for making big brands adapt to sustainable digital experiences.

Susanne Moog (COO of TYPO3 GmbH)

“Management is not a promotion - it’s a career change”

Susanne has been part of the TYPO3 project for the last ten years. Originally she studied media economics but quickly realized that programming was more than just a hobby and started working in the IT area. She works at TYPO3 GmbH and team neusta, as a scrum master, developer, and COO. In her free time, she loves reading, dancing, philosophy, and doing code katas.

Olivier Dobberkau (President of TYPO3 Association)

“A future-proof CMS will be recognized by its content repository, easy editing, high integration, extendibility & standard conformity.”

Olivier Dobberkau is the Chairman of the Board of the TYPO3 Association. He also holds the prestigious position of CEO of the DKD Internet Service GmbH. He is best known in the TYPO3 community for his contributions to the Apache Solr project of TYPO3. Since 2014, he is the president of theTYPO3 association. His vision is to make the TYPO3 marketplace more vibrant.

Georg Ringer (TYPO3 News Guy)

“Usability and accessibility are like chocolate in cookies. You can't add if, after baking, you need to think about it before”

Georg Ringer is a popular name in the realms of TYPO3 news extensions. For a decade, he has been actively involved in various TYPO3 projects. He has published several extensions that can be easily found in the extension repository of TYPO3. His vast knowledge of extension repositories has made him a well-known face in the active community of TYPO3. He is also responsible for implementing the latest security techniques in TYPO3. Follow him to know more about the latest development in TYPO3 extensions.

Oliver Hader (Head of TYPO3 Security)

“One of my other passions: Volunteering for German RedCross”

Oliver started to work with TYPO3 in 2005 and was fascinated by the product and its universe. Since 2007 he has been a member of the TYPO3 Core Team. After going back to university in 2014 to achieve a postgraduate master's degree in internet web science, he is now researching advanced web technology topics in general and for TYPO3 in particular. In his spare time, Oliver loves to go cycling cross-country in the uplands around Hof (Germany) in northern Bavaria - in the region where he's living as well.

Mathias Bolt Lesniak (TYPO3 Enthesusits)

“The People, that’s you and me. Never underestimate the value of a smile or the other little things that make people feel at home in our #TYPO3 community.”

Mathias has been working with TYPO3 since 2003. He works with sales and project management at Pixelant. He lives outside of Oslo, Norway, with his wife and two sons. He is a TYPO3 Association board member, responsible for communication.

Jochen Weiland (TYPO3 Person of the Years)

“TYPO3 deserves more visibility in the market, especially outside of Europe.”

Jochen has a master's degree in electrical engineering and 40 years of business experience. He has been working with TYPO3 since 2002. One year later he founded jweiland.net, which is one of the largest and well known hosting companies for TYPO3. With hundreds of free video tutorials, the company is fostering the use and popularity of TYPO3. They are also a platinum member of the TYPO3 Association and support TYPO3 by sponsoring most TYPO3 events.



Petra Hasenau (Member of TYPO3 Association)

“I’m living the motto "Inspiring people to share" in my private life as well by sharing my recipes.”

Petra is the founder and CEO of Cybercraft GmbH (and Coders. Care, a project of Cybercraft GmbH), organizer of the annual TYPO3 User eXperience Week in Festenburg, and has been a member of the TYPO3 Expert Advisory Board from 2017 to 2019, and - since 2019 - is a board member of the TYPO3 Association. After working as an industrial manager and logistics specialist for both national and international enterprises and business consultancies, Petra first experienced the world of TYPO3 in 2009. She was fascinated from the start. Since then she's been attending as many community events as possible - to spread the word and because, as she puts it: “the TYPO3 Community rocks!”



Volker Graubaum (CPO of TYPO3 GmbH)

“The initiator of verified TYPO3 extensions and other great ideas!”

Volker Graubaum joined the TYPO3 GmbH in January 2021 as Chief Product Officer TYPO3. As CPO, Volker’s priority is building and presenting a solution-oriented alignment of the TYPO3 ecosystem. Together with TYPO3 Core Project Lead Benni Mack, he is focusing on reaching a wider target group and shedding new light on TYPO3’s capabilities. Alongside his work on the strategic roadmap for the CMS Core, he is responsible for partnerships and integrations with third-party products and technologies to enrich the TYPO3 ecosystem. Volker will also be working with the Community Marketing Team on creating more target-group-oriented communication.



The TYPO3 Community (Rocks!)

Last but not on the least ;) All 1000+ TYPO3 Community members whose mantra is "Inspiring People to Share"!



These TYPO3 experts provide incredible value to their followers. The best part is they are very much active and engaged in social media communities. They regularly share expert insight, news, and information about TYPO3 that you can use in your work.

Take advantage of following these TYPO3 experts on your favorite social media channels today.

Who did we miss? or Whose your favorite TYPO3 Guru? Please share his or her name in the comments!

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