Your Trusted T3Terminal Is Now T3Planet!

You may have noticed that we recently gave our brand a facelift. T3Terminal’s Glow Up: We’ve Rebranded to a new identity T3Planet TYPO3 Store! We’re excited to unveil our new look, and we want to tell you about it. Stay tuned to learn what’s new at T3Planet TYPO3 Store!

Your Trusted T3Terminal Is Now T3Planet!

You may have noticed that we recently gave our brand a facelift. T3Terminal’s Glow Up: We’ve Rebranded to a new identity T3Planet TYPO3 Store! We’re excited to unveil our new look, and we want to tell you about it. 

T3Planet is now a broad better TYPO3 Store’, describing to be more ‘inspiring, helpful, professional. We are thankful to you and wouldn’t settle for anything less than that. We know how important there was need of TYPO3 Marketplace. Having done it ourselves, we’ve also helped many of you achieve your business goals. Today, we want to become even more – of a bigger size, scale, and impactful - evolving to T3Planet!

Stay tuned to learn what’s new at T3Planet TYPO3 Store!

T3Terminal Rebranded to T3Planet!

T3Planet - The Brand Name 

T3Terminal to T3Planet indicates growth and development from Terminal to something huge as a Planet. We aim and dream of a flourished TYPO3 planet with continuous strived efforts from the T3Planet medium.

The Logo - T3Planet's New Identity

The visual representation of our brand idea comes from constantly widening, stretching, and pushing the boundaries – literally and metaphorically – and showing that there’s more than terminal to expanding the brand as a planet. We needed a symbol, something unique yet simple to visually express this dynamic action. When searching for such a symbol, we thought a lot about how we work. We realized that the planet logo would be an ideal representation to indicate our growth, commitment, dedication, and upcoming future innovation with TYPO3.

Our Story (TYPO3 Marketplace vs TYPO3 Store)

Since its inception TYPO3 Store has been a very versatile yet missing element for the TYPO3 community. We the creators of T3Planet TYPO3 Store dreamt of this concept to cover up this void and make a positive impact on TYPO3 Individuals, TYPO3 Business Owners, and TYPO3 Community through the primary steps of T3Terminal.

T3Terminal had been our baby steps towards fulfilling the steps of the TYPO3 marketplace, but with time, experience, and better future visions finally it is the time that we’re ready to give the brand a strong identity, with concrete ideas and clear visions to be proudly called as “T3Planet TYPO3 Store”.

Now T3Planet will not focus on TYPO3 Marketplace concept - that means, no more third-party agencies, vendors and their products. That means, T3Planet is 100% responsible for all the TYPO3 products, services and support. That’s why we call T3Planet is personalise TYPO3 Store instead of Marketplace.

Your important role in T3Planet changes

We would like to thank you for your valuable partnership and trust in us. 

As you are our valuable customer, we are glad to migrate with our rebranding from T3Terminal to T3Planet TYPO3 Store by all means as part of our rebranding strategy. This step's major idea is to strengthen our growth and commitments by helping our customers identify with our brand in the TYPO3 Community.

You'll soon receive an invitation email to join the new Customer Portal from Please accept the invitation link and configure your account to access your purchased TYPO3 product(s). We appreciate your kind cooperation in the same. If you have any suggestions or questions, you are most welcome!



Old Platform

New Platform

Main Portal 

Client Portal 


Demo Templates 

Demo Extensions 

Quality TYPO3 Product Support and Maintenance with future TYPO3 versions

T3Planet feels pride in assuring and serving customers the best automatic updates and support for products and compatibility for future TYPO3 versions. To date, our roadmap follows making our TYPO3 products compatible till TYPO3 version 22! 

Moreover, we felt that the past support and product update policies were different terms and were not on the same page.

Support Policy:

  • The support period in the earlier model provided “30 days” of free support.
  • Additional purchase of €49-€69 (depending upon product) was to be made to avail of 1 year of additional support for products.

Product Update Policy

  • By default every T3Terminal product came with a compatibility update for 1 major TYPO3 version.
  • To avail compatibility for future major 3 TYPO3 versions, an additional purchase of $59 used to be made.

Somehow we felt there was a need to have a better policy that combines support and product updates, not to miss a subscription model that provides customers with a feasible and pocket-friendly additional support.

Introduced Product Subscriptions: Annual & Lifetime!

With T3Planet, we focus and take care of you, and so to serve our existing and future customers in a better way we have bifurcated our current license system into annual and lifetime subscription models.

To serve you with regular product updates and continued support, we’ve updated our subscription policy. Let’s compare existing scenarios and the new models.

What Is the Annual Subscription Model?

The customer will get annual assurance of the purchased product with free TYPO3 updates and support for a year. Let’s revise,

  • 1 Year Of Free TYPO3 Support
  • 1 Year Of Free TYPO3 Product Updates

What Is the Lifetime Subscription Model?

It comes with an abundant bunch of benefits, you'll get lifetime support with lifetime product updates and lifetime product assurance. It is a one-time payment, not a subscription. Let’s improvise,

  • Lifetime Free TYPO3 Support
  • Lifetime Free TYPO3 Product Updates

Brought a dedicated License System - Better updates, & Support your way!

Improvements are constantly made at T3Planet. Also, license activation is now a very easy process. Every customer who will purchases a T3Planet product is provided with a license key that is required to unlock benefits such as automatic updates, support from our developers, and extra benefits for the product offered. You can simply activate your product license within your TYPO3 installation.

More improved Customer Experience

  • Support

With a vast T3Planet support team, we strive to respond to your any queries within a day, irrespective of the time zone differences. 

  • Single Click Version Update & Automatic update Notification

With the new subscription model, TYPO3 upgrades for products are made easy. Yes, you can easily update your purchase

  • Customer Portal

T3Planet customers will get access to a dedicated customer dashboard to manage their purchases, upgrade plans, access invoice, affiliate module, and accounting. 

  • Best User Experience (UI/UX)

Team expansion

Dedicated TYPO3 Certified integrators & developers

With T3Planet we’ve expanded our support team to handle all the incoming questions, queries, customizations, suggestions, and feedback it requests developers’ knowledge to solve the most complicated issues, collect bug reports from customers, resolve them and go the extra mile to make our customers happy. The support department at T3Terminal is always ready to lend a helping hand to everyone who needs support.

We understand that every client deserves a personal approach and should be treated like a king. To handle your issues, questions, or requirements we have a special customer care approach and we do have,

  • Support center where a customer can submit a ticket for their query. 
  • European time support via call and web meeting mediums.
  • Feedback & improvements are considered to enhance the products. 

TYPO3 Certified Developers and Integrators

With the initiation of T3Planet, we’ve also grown and flourished our team with more TYPO3 certified integrators and developers. We’re committed to serving our customers the best of TYPO3 products and services.

Migrated to a New Better Germany and Indian Workspace

With the idea of T3Planet, we moved to a new spectacular office space for both our Indian and German locations.


Looking at the memories and achievements, 2019, 2020, and 2021 have been a much loved and appreciated year for T3Planet, all because of your constant appreciation, love, and support. 

This would not have been like it is today without your engagement! Many thanks for allowing us to be a part of your success! 

We're looking forward to your exciting journery With T3Planet!

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  • user
    Mathias 2022-08-22 at 10:14 am
    Great work guys! Keep it up your contribution to the TYPO3.
  • user
    Stephan 2022-08-22 at 10:10 am
    Indeed! I love your re-formation from T3Terminal to T3Planet. Keep it up!