Celebrating TYPO3's 25th Anniversary!

Has it really been 25 years? Sparkling years to the occasion of TYPO3's 25th Anniversary! Let’s cherish the incredible contributions that TYPO3 has made to the community. I mean, who wondered that a young man Kasper Skårhøj would make such a huge impact on the world with his extraordinary vision.

Celebrating TYPO3's 25th Anniversary!

Has it really been 25 years? Sparkling years to the occasion of TYPO3's 25th Anniversary! Let’s cherish the incredible contributions that TYPO3 has made to the community. I mean, who wondered that a young man Kasper Skårhøj would make such a huge impact on the world with his extraordinary vision.

From the TYPO3 initial release in 1997 to the TYPO3 v11 to 2022, the TYPO3 community has left no stones unturned to evolve and transform with each passing year. It’s been 25 years since the inception of our favorite open source content management system. With each subsequent year, it allows for creating more and more complex, modern, and responsive websites for companies of all sizes with top notch security and flexibility. T3Kudos to all the TYPO3 lovers for their every possible contribution to the CMS!


TYPO3 — The Quality CMS Since 1997!

Let’s take a look at TYPO3 possibilities over the years, the projects it's been used for, and the planned functionalities.

We can’t keep calm!

25 Years of TYPO3 calls for an online celebration! Stay tuned to our Twitter handle to go way down the memory lane with TYPO3!

T3Kudos To The Pioneer of TYPO3

Kasper Skårhøj was the originator of the TYPO3 project back in the late 90'es and was the leader and main developer of the system through the first decade of the Millenium. TYPO3 was made by Kasper with the core values of the TYPO3 community “Inspiring People To Share”. Skårhøj justified the decision to publish TYPO3 as open-source software, in addition to economic reasons, primarily with his Christian faith.

Today Kasper is no longer working on TYPO3 but has handover CMS to a fantastic community and some very dedicated and good-hearted people who continuously push TYPO3 to the next level every day.

TYPO3’s Achievements That Stands Out!

  • The Oldest OpenSource CMS
    It’s hard to believe any OpenSource CMS has developed 25 years ago. TYPO3 is one of the oldest (means matured ;) OpenSource CMS.
  • TYPO3 GmbH
    TYPO3 is one of the only Open Source CMS to have its establishment as GmbH.
  • Democracy With TYPO3 Association
    The democratic TYPO3 Association unites a global open source community to build, secure, and promote TYPO3.
  • Only CMS with ELTS Support
    Yes my friend that’s a fact. TYPO3 community provides three years of extended support, planning time, and peace of mind with the official TYPO3 Extended Long Term Support for the version of TYPO3 you use for your dream website.
  • Online TYPO3 Certification Program
    TYPO3 offers several TYPO3 Certification examinations geared toward professionals who want to differentiate themselves and test their abilities.
  • TYPO3 Has a dedicated Education System
    From 2014 to date at 2020, it feels proud to say, “TYPO3 is one of the only Open Source communities” to have a dedicated Education & Certification Committee installed by the TYPO3 Association's Board and Expert Advisory Board.
  • Cool TYPO3 Shop
    An online TYPO3 store where you will find the entire range of TYPO3 goods.

TYPO3’s Consistency

But TYPO3 CMS is the only CMS that has always worked with a predefined roadmap and has always achieved it for all new version releases.  

TYPO3’s History

At T3Planet we’ve followed the evolution of TYPO3 since our founding in 2007, and we’ve enjoyed watching its progress and rapid adoption around the globe.

What will the next 15 years hold for TYPO3? It’s hard to tell, but if history is any guide, TYPO3 has evolved with stronger personalization, easier user experience, greater creativity with headless and the REST API, increased adoption, developer-friendly, and an even larger share of the Web seem to be safe bets.

Know more about TYPO3 versions

TYPO3 Association & TYPO3 Community

As one of the largest open-source projects in the world, TYPO3 has a large number of contributors. For 2022, the TYPO3 developer team had over 1086 developers who contributed to the TYPO3 core, which contains over 595,967 lines of code.

#T3Kudos and heartily thanks to all the TYPO3 contributors!



TYPO3 Is the Fastest Open Source CMS Out There!

TYPO3 is the number one open-source CMS that gets the highest ranking in one of the page performance reports.

TYPO3 is #1 Faster OpenSource CMS. Interesting huh?

Checkout detailed report at HttpArchive.org

Security - TYPO3 Is The Most Secure CMS!

Since starting, the TYPO3 core has been designed with strong and robust security.

I’m feeling very proud to be part of the TYPO3 community which has the world’s most popular PHP CMS and Framework.

Check interesting statistics at Sucuri for the OpenSource project’s security.

Innovative features and benefits for various businesses

Over the course of so many years and technological changes, TYPO3 has always remained relevant with unmatched features from the start,

  • Flexibility and scalability

      TYPO3 works well for small web pages, such as portfolios, and big corporate websites having separate versions for different  branches or several languages and versions of the same site. As a particular company and its needs grow, the TYPO3 website can be further extended.

  • Open Source Initiative

      With TYPO3 being an Open source, you can get as technical as you want or need to, including editing TYPO3 core, your Extension, or template's code files if necessary.

TYPO3 Wins the Game of Google's Core Web Vitals

TYPO3 Marketplace!

Hola! Yes, that’s true. TYPO3 Community has been planning to launch its TYPO3 Marketplace. The idea came into existence in the year 2017. We’re eagerly waiting for a B2B/B2C marketplace for sharing and caring for TYPO3 people and resources.

In between, We have proudly launched the premium TYPO3 store TYPO3 people, meet T3Planet - First-Ever TYPO3 Store.

TYPO3 is one of the richest CMS with maximum numbers of functions and interfaces!

TYPO3 Facts & Figures Till Date!

TYPO3’s Growth

Looking at the numbers, with a current market share of 0.6% in CMS World, there is a decrease in the number of TYPO3’s market share since 2011, i.e from 0.6% to 0.3% in 2022.

But the market share varies a lot by country. TYPO3 has a huge market share and popularity in European countries such as Germany, Austria, the UK, Netherland, etc. We must understand for which projects TYPO3 has been chosen and why.

TYPO3 cannot please everyone, but TYPO3 continues to serve most of the best websites worldwide compared to other CMS platforms.

TYPO3 CMS is mature with power-packed enterprise-level features, flexibility like no other platform does, multisite, workspaces, reliable backups, is highly accessible and secure, maybe that may be the reason people find it complex!

Every motive behind CMS is different, however, TYPO3 seems to be an all-rounder with the capability to build a small blogging website to very large complex enterprise solutions.

TYPO3 doesn’t actively look to compete with simple site-building tools, though it’s still entirely possible to use it as one. It’s a beast of a CMS. We’d go so far as to say that it has mastered the art of content management, what with the advancements made in the present version, and is now prepared to start taking on new, bigger things.

How We Can Improve & Contribute To TYPO3 Better? (Learning Loopholes from the Past)

Being associated with TYPO3 for more than a decade, I personally believe TYPO3 is worth being used and felt for by people to understand its richness. TYPO3 needs more awareness and engagement.

IMHO, TYPO3 community projects need to be handled with care. If required, increase the budget (of course, that’s an interesting topic in OpenSource philosophy) and try to complete projects on time e.g., Some projects got too many delays or never finished well like the official TYPO3 marketplace, TYPO3 frontend editing, etc.

Here are some of my opinions that can be helpful to promote and improve TYPO3 better. If only it could be helpful for the change, I’d be more than happy.

TYPO3 Branding & Marketing

  • Re-branding of TYPO3 to remove label from Enterprise to Global purpose CMS
  • Globalized use of English language
  • More tutorials and clear documentations
  • More atomization and less complexity to use (Need more ventures like TYPO3 SaaS)
  • Reduced complexity in CMS as it is bit difficult for beginners to learn
  • Globalized awareness
  • Needs more marketing

TYPO3 Site Owner Experience

  • Have power of front-end editing
  • Most of the cases TYPO3 calls for requirement of technical knowledge
  • Needs better backend usability for editors
  • Customizations should be made within CMS
  • Moving towards adoption of TYPO3 templates over custom development
  • Need more of TYPO3 extensions associated with real problem solving cause

TYPO3 Ecosystem & Marketplace

  • Newer versions with modern customer requirements
  • More Collaboration with modern technologies
  • Supporting emerging innovations and ventures associated with TYPO3
  • Encouragement of Sharing, Caring and earning concept for flourishment

TYPO3 Education & Awareness

  • Better Integrator Friendly CMS
  • More local branding
  • TYPO3 Knowledge sharing camps
  • More of easy TYPO3 books and resources
  • TYPO3 Videos
  • TYPO3 learning resources for free
  • Helping and supporting newbies to get along with TYPO3


And Celebrating!

25 Years of TYPO3 calls for a reunion! We’ve scheduled an exciting contest to celebrate 25 years of TYPO3, and the lucky winner will get a reward worth €250!

Stay tuned to social media handles to participate!
Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn | Instagram

TYPO3 did have a philosophy, a perfect CMS, a license that protected the freedom of its users and developers, a love of typography, fantastic support forums, an active community on Slack, and mailing lists, and a firm sense that building software is more fun when you do it together as a community.

TYPO3 wouldn't be where it is today without the TYPO3 people & community. The community and its growth continue to energize and inspire us. I'd like to thank everyone who helped improve and build TYPO3 over more than the past two decades.

If you’d like to celebrate with me, put on some jazz, eat some pizza, beer cheers for the contributors who have passed on, help a friend or stranger less technical than you build a home online, and remember that technology is at its best when it brings people together, serving true meaning of inspiring people to share!

Happy 25th Anniversary TYPO3!

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