12 Awesome TYPO3 Extensions You Should Know in 2024

Do you know which are the most popular TYPO3 extensions in the year 2024? In this micro TYPO3 blog, you will find must-have TYPO3 plugins for your running & upcoming TYPO3 projects.

12 Awesome TYPO3 Extensions You Should Know in 2024

Do you know which are the most popular TYPO3 extensions in the year 2023? In this micro TYPO3 blog, you will find must-have TYPO3 plugins for your running & upcoming TYPO3 projects.

For the success or failure of any OpenSource CMS (like TYPO3, WordPress), third-party extensions have an essential role. There are so many questions like; How many TYPO3 extensions are available? How’s their quality? Are all TYPO3 plugins maintained, supported, and quickly compatible with available TYPO3 versions?

Fortunately, most of the TYPO3 community people are passionate about their TYPO3 extensions to make them world-class solutions and always up-to-date. Someday, I’ll write a separate TYPO3 blog for the same ;)

Without taking more time, As you know, my ritual; I want to dedicate this blog to all TYPO3 plugins authors and developers who spent their time and efforts. #T3Kudos to everyone.

How did I prepare this top TYPO3 extensions list? Well, Many things like total downloads, maintainability, likes, people’s concerns, etc. Also, I didn't categorize based on the usage of developers, editors, etc. Let’s check out now!

News System

EXT.news TYPO3 community’s most loved extension. According to my experience, 80% of TYPO3 website needs this extension to integrate solutions, e.g., news management, blogging, events management, etc. The TYPO3 editor likes easy to use with backend usability and functionality. From a TYPO3 developer perspective, the extendibility is the key because the whole extension is well developed within TYPO3 core APIs, services and libraries. If you are new to TYPO3, then just give it try.

964000+ | 100+

In addition, Team T3Planet has a famous add-on TYPO3 News Comments extension which provides a powerful commenting system on EXT.news.


EXT.powermail, I know what’s in your mind with questions “Hey, still third party TYPO3 extension for forms development, Why not core’s EXT.powermail?”. Read Powermail vs Form TYPO3 extension. You are correct; personally, I recommend going with TYPO3 core’s EXT.form. But, the Powermail TYPO3 extension is one of the most popular and widely used in old TYPO3 projects - Marketers (aka TYPO3 editors) love easy to create forms and backend management. Also, from a TYPO3 developer perspective, you got by default store forms into the database and easy to extend the functionality.

700000+ | 45+

Bootstrap Package

When do you think about the readymade TYPO3 template? The TYPO3 community will suggest you go with the famous EXT.bootstrap_package. This TYPO3 template extension provides a pre-configured whole TYPO3 template with a page tree, pages/layout, content elements etc. You can simply install and start your custom TYPO3 project with Sitepackage. By d way, If you are looking for the premium TYPO3 template, then consider loved by our customers T3 Karma and T3 Bootstrap multipurpose TYPO3 templates.

187000+ | 30+

TYPO3 Console

In recent years, TYPO3 core focus on CLI based features by introducing better commands and flow. The TYPO3 core missed built-in TYPO3 console/CLI command lines based features. Fortunately, for many years EXT.typo3_console extensions help us. There are so many useful TYPO3 CLI commands available in this extension that helps you during the development, deployment and maintenance of your TYPO3 project. If you have never worked with TYPO3 CLI based development, then you should try this extension.

1460000+ | 30+


Do you like WordPress’s Elementor page builder plugin (or another similar one)? The TYPO3 community is proud to have such a free TYPO3 extension called EXT.mask. You can easily create custom TYPO3 content elements with just drag and drop ;) Also, you can add new fields to your Pages properties. And, you know what’s the good part, the whole extension is developed based on the TYPO3 core. Such extensions prove how the TYPO3 core is powerful where you can create such innovative tools. Just try it now! I’m sure you will love to read this blog too [Wanted] Official TYPO3 Templates Builder Since 20 Years!.

300000+ | 40+

Container Content Elements

No more EXT.gridelements! TYPO3 v11 was released many months, but the Gridelements extension does not provide compatibility yet, so TYPO3 people need to find an alternative. That’s why in 2023, You should go with this extension to create flexible grids and containers. By d way, it’s so easy to configure grids and everything developed within TYPO3 core APIs. Keep using this extension for your new TYPO3 site and migrate your existing TYPO3 site from Gridelements to Container. Read How to Migrate Grid Elements to Container Extension?.

200000+ | 35+


Do you know, TYPO3 is the world’s fastest Opensource CMS? Thanks to its core caching system. But do you want more speed? Then go with this famous extension, It will simply create your whole site into HTML/CSS static files ;)  Transparent StaticFileCache solution using mod_rewrite and mod_expires. Increase performance for static pages by a factor of 230!! Your customer will be surely more than happy, What do you think?

189000+ | 20+

Extension Builder

Are you a beginner as a TYPO3 extension developer? You should consider this TYPO3 extension to create and develop your custom TYPO3 extension. The Extension Builder helps you to develop a TYPO3 extension based on the domain-driven MVC framework Extbase and the templating engine Fluid. Instead of creating an extension file structure from scratch, let the graphical editor of the Extension Builder assist you:

168000+ | 20+

Secure Backend Password

This extension gives you the possibility to force secure passwords from your BE users. You can set up the password patterns e.g. capitals, digits, etc., and a minimum password length. After activating the extensions, your BE users must fit the patterns and the length of the password to save a new one! You can set a reminder to let the users remind them of changing their passwords.

129000+ | 10+

TYPO3 Upgrade Extensions Compatibility

One of the only TYPO3 extensions which provide all the features like TYPO3 Extensions Compatibility Report, Notification of new update via Email, System overview report, Compatible with all major versions of TYPO3 from 4.x to 9.x. This extension will help you check the TYPO3 upgrade's technical feasibility & complexity.

8200+ | 10+

Static Info Tables

Most well know and used TYPO3 extension by the TYPO3 developer. It provides so many useful database tables and APIs like countries, languages, and currencies for use in TYPO3 CMS.

884000+ | 10+

Backup Plus

First-ever feature-rich TYPO3 backup solution with manual and scheduled backup. Easy to use and configure. Back up your TYPO3 code, assets, database, etc., to your favorite backup clouds/servers. Also read 7 Best TYPO3 Backup Extensions: How to Backup TYPO3 Site.

1500+ | 6+


I hope you like this blog and explore helpful TYPO3 extensions.

Did I miss any significant TYPO3 extensions? What’s your favorite TYPO3 extension? Write back below the comment box.

Have a Happy TYPO3 Extensions!

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