Most Inspiring TYPO3 Bloggers To Follow In 2024

I’m feeling curious to write about first-time-ever on “TYPO3 Bloggers”. Are you excited to know who the top active TYPO3 bloggers are (in 2024)? TYPO3 content writers help and guide the TYPO3 community with their motto “Inspire people to share”. Here, I want to share a list of 10 TYPO3 bloggers who are techies & leaders.

Most Inspiring TYPO3 Bloggers To Follow In 2024

I’m feeling curious to write about first-time-ever on “TYPO3 Bloggers”. Are you excited to know who the top active TYPO3 bloggers are (at 2020)? TYPO3 content writers help and guide the TYPO3 community with their motto “Inspire people to share”. Here, I want to share a list of 10 TYPO3 bloggers who are techies & leaders.

In your daily TYPO3 life, by googling, many times you land on a favourite TYPO3 blog - and you find yourself lucky. I hope you’d sometimes write “thanks notes too” to their blog’s comment. In my views, the TYPO3 community has fewer bloggers and content writers. It will be great if experienced TYPO3 developers and leaders come to share their TYPO3 experiences - To educate and help the TYPO3 community. Of course my friend, you don’t need to be an expert, just share what you know, You can start your free TYPO3 blog today!

Since years, It was one of my dreams to write an excellent TYPO3 blog. And, “as little give back to the awesome TYPO3 community”, I’m feeling very proud to keep writing TYPO3 blog (atleast 5 blog / per month) at T3Planet & NITSAN, and sometimes as a guest blogger to other popular platforms too. In this blog list, you will not find my name because I’m #1 - Hahaha, just kidding :P

I want to dedicate this blog to all TYPO3 content writers, bloggers, team TYPO3 documentation etc. who are giving their time and efforts to help the TYPO3 community. I request you to appreciate them by sponsorship or simply write thanks notes - It will help them to keep motivated.

I know, you understand, how TYPO3 documentation & blogs are important for TYPO3 people (that’s why you are curiously reading this blog). So, without wasting your time, let’s see who are the top TYPO3 bloggers.

Daniel Goerz (

“Master Blaster TYPO3 Core Blogger”

Do you believe Benni Mack follows & recommends Daniel’s blog? Daniel is one of the only TYPO3 bloggers who writes an excellent blog for TYPO3 Extbase & core developers. I’m sure, as a TYPO3 extension developer, you may land on his blog at least once a week, Isn’t it? He is working very hard to write each TYPO3 blog with insights, screenshots, and code bank.

Tim Lochmüller (

“One of the oldest TYPO3 Blogger Since 2006”

Tim is a very hard working man, TYPO3blogger is one of the oldest TYPO3 blogs ever (since 2006). I appreciate his consistency to deliver TYPO3 content to people. You know what, to initiate a TYPO3 blog is easy, but to keep writing a regular blog is very difficult. But, Tim did it well for more than 15+ years. One more thing I like the most like, He tried to connect more TYPO3 developers, integrators, leaders, etc. to write as a guest blogger at

Benni Mack (

“Awesome TYPO3 Blogging Team”

At last TYPO3 developer days, at my TYPO3 panel discussion, by the public’s demands, Benni promised to the TYPO3 audience that “I’ll start a TYPO3 blog for the community”. And he did start in 2020. Benni and his team B13 is writing excellent technical TYPO3 articles from TYPO3 core advanced to a TYPO3 novice.

Torben Hansen (

“The Dedicated TYPO3 Blog”

Torben has been writing technical TYPO3 blogs since 2012. The good thing is that, On his blog, there are always different variations of TYPO3 topics. He mostly writes micro TYPO3 blogs with tips & tricks for TYPO3 developers, integrators, & editors too.

Marco Tiel (

“The only TYPO3 Business Blogger”

Yeah, To spread TYPO3 to the world, we also want some TYPO3 business bloggers who should write about the TYPO3 community & ecosystem. Marco has been part of the TYPO3 GmbH team in Düsseldorf and is responsible for marketing and events. He is writing many blogs for TYPO3 users, editors, decision-makers, etc.

Sebastian Klein (

“Creative TYPO3 Blogger”

I’m one of the fans of Sebastian’s TYPO3 blog because I personally like his creative style, educational approach, and professional TYPO3 blog. Just randomly open any of his blogs, you will realize it. With vast details of screenshots, code examples, tips, etc. He writes very step-by-step TYPO3 guides, you can simply follow all the steps to implement a particular TYPO3 feature or topic.

Daniel Siepmann (

“Focused TYPO3 Blogger”

Daniel is one of the active members of TYPO3 documentation and community. He writes blogs with very insightful details, even for small TYPO3 topics, he can write more than a thousand words to make it clear & understable for TYPO3 people.

Richard Haeser (

“TYPO3 Dashboard and SEO Blogger”

Richard, people know him as “TYPO3 Dashboard and SEO guy”. In his blog, he always mostly writes about TYPO3 SEO and Dashboard features, tips & tricks. I’m sure he will write a more cool TYPO3 blog with a vast variety of topics.

Susanne Moog (

“TYPO3 Blog from the Core”

No need for an introduction to Susanne (Susi), who has been part of the TYPO3 project for the last ten years. She works at TYPO3 GmbH as CTO. She started her TYPO3 blog this year; hopefully, we will receive a more awesome TYPO3 blog with topics like core, extensions, etc.

Anjali Bhatt (

“One of the active TYPO3 blogger woman”

The last one, Anjali is my colleague & friend who writes excellent TYPO3 business & educational blogs. For a year, It's been my pleasure to work with her, feeling proud to see how she writes an awesome blog about the TYPO3 Community, business, eco-system, etc. She writes regularly about TYPO3 & the latest business trends for TYPO3. Anjali enjoys contributing blog posts, building tutorials, and researching about all TYPO3 and new innovations.


Thanks for your time to read this TYPO3 blog.

Keep following, subscribe, sponsor & appreciate above all great TYPO3 bloggers. Also, You can start your own TYPO3 blog to help people. By the way, Did I miss any of your favorite TYPO3 blogger(s)? And, who is your favorite TYP3 blogger? I’m excited to hear you from the below comment box.

Have Happy TYPO3 Blogging!

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    Peter Austerlitz 2021-01-08 at 12:05 pm
    Thanks, Sanjay for the list of TYPO3 bloggers. I already read a few of them on a regular basis but there are a couple I’ve not heard of before so I’ll definitely be checking them out sometime soon.
  • user
    Dan 2020-12-15 at 9:22 am
    Thank you Sanjay to drive mt to all thouse inspiring people! In every blog I found something of interest that inspires me to go further with my TYPO3 customers @ This community is simply amazing! Cheers Dan