Why is the TYPO3 Marketplace needed?

“T3Planet - Your First-Ever TYPO3 Marketplace!” The dream journey of TYPO3 Marketplace from NITSAN began in 2019 at TYPO3 Conference 2019 17th Oct with a Mantra: “to build a better Ecosystem, with OpenSource TYPO3 CMS”.

Why is the TYPO3 Marketplace needed?

A TYPO3 Marketplace is a very versatile yet missing element for the TYPO3 community. IMHO I think it is something that ultimately results in community lagging and the audience's preference for other CMS. Ultimately an Open Source TYPO3 Marketplace focuses on helping people to share and earn from their unique TYPO3 Products and helping to complete creative TYPO3 projects, with community earning every time that happens.

A true idea behind TYPO3 Marketplace is the belief that businesses must embrace the power of ‘and’. Combining purpose and profit, by supporting customers, authors, people, society and shareholders to achieve a remarkable success. It's why TYPO3 Marketplace is needed to be a committed platform that makes a positive impact to TYPO3 Individuals, TYPO3 Business Owners and to TYPO3 Community.

TYPO3 & It's Success: Future of TYPO3 exists because of you!

“It's not because things are difficult that we dare not venture. It's because we dare not venture that they are difficult.” - Lucius Annaeus Seneca

I believe that the initial ideaworking idea behind TYPO3 Marketplace should be to connect people & increase engagement in the TYPO3 community as — buyers and sellers in one platform to share, access, and develop TYPO3 products. And henceforth the heart and soul of TYPO3 marketplace are the TYPO3 people behind it.

Having a TYPO3 Marketplace for TYPO3 audience would serve a channel for freelancers, agencies, and audiences to have access to premium TYPO3 products that they might have developed or wish to share for extra income on the side. 

With a straight logic,people would be encouraged to contribute more and more if they receive appreciation for what they do. Getting encouraged and paid is one of the major factor that helps getting community and such a great TYPO3 CMS acheive heights from what it is now. I trust that the marketplace exists because  TYPO3 people really needed its very own TYPO3 Marketplace.

Why is there a need for a TYPO3 Marketplace?

To get an answer, Let’s understand it by taking the case of TYPO3 Vs Other Open-Source CMS.

If you go through the pages of history, OpenSource projects such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc with a strong ecosystem have survived and held the potential to grow well as compared to other projects.


Let’s have a quick study of WordPress because in recent years most of the TYPO3 websites are migrated to WordPress.

“IMHO, WordPress grows well not because of CMS-core, but due to its strong Ecosystem.”

WordPress has hundreds of stores, marketplaces, themes, plugins, hosting, SaaS, services providers, etc that are a source of income or a reward to the people for being involved for their work being with the CMS. 

Do you know?

More than $143 Billion: Annual WordPress Building Market Size

Imagine this, Avada Only one WordPress template has earned over 12 million dollars in sales.

What About OpenSource Community?


Oh dear TYPO3 reader, I know, You may have started thinking, WordPress = Only Business? Nope! So what about the WordPress OpenSource community?

As of this article’s publication, there have been ~1000+ WordCamps in 73 cities, in 65 countries, and 6 continents.

There is an official account for WordPress meetups on Meetup.com, which has 740+ associated meetup groups and over 370,900+ members.

WordPress is a perfect example of balancing the OpenSource Community and Business Ecosystem.

Is TYPO3 only for Enterprise-level Websites?

No! That's been a TYPO3-myth for years.

When it comes to Market share, there are always debates about CMS-level. Mostly, TYPO3 has always been promoted as “Enterprise Level CMS”.

Think about this, a CMS like WordPress-core does not have the full potential to create an enterprise-level website BUT mostly using 3rd party solutions they did it well for Enterprise to Fortune 500 companies.

Then, Why TYPO3 as an Enterprise level CMS can not do Small to Medium level websites? Yes, it can be achieved easily.

It’s time to take a good piece of Market Share and moreover, TYPO3 holds extreme potential.

TYPO3 is a truly feature-rich OpenSource CMS, there are good opportunities to spread it for Small to Medium to Enterprise level websites.

T3Terminal: Long-awaited Platform “For TYPO3 People By TYPO3 People”

For years, TYPO3 needed a platform where people can do business and grow themselves meanwhile contributing to the community simultaneously.

“T3Planet - Your First-Ever TYPO3 Marketplace!”

The dream journey of TYPO3 Marketplace from NITSAN began in 2019 at TYPO3 Conference 2019 17th Oct with a Mantra: “to build a better Ecosystem, with OpenSource TYPO3 CMS”.

T3Planet had fruitful visions for TYPO3 Community with this platform, TYPO3 developers or agencies - aka vendors to have expanded access with free and premium TYPO3 Open Source products to showcase and build new opportunities to leverage building and selling more TYPO3 resources online.

Some day, I’ll write a separate blog for history and case-study about The Journey of T3Planet. For now, let’s explore what’s there ;)

First Year’s T3Planet Success Statistics

TYPO3 Products at T3Planet

TYPO3 Templates - State of the art

Surprisingly, we found more and more people are looking for good TYPO3 Templates, see the below statistics. As just like other CMS, TYPO3 has the ability to develop cool ready-made TYPO3 templates, and also end-customers appreciate it.

Free & Premium TYPO3 Extensions

Although there are hundreds of free TYPO3 Extensions available at TER (TYPO3 Extensions Repository).  At T3Planet, you can publish and showcase your freemium or premium TYPO3 Extensions.

TYPO3 SaaS - Build TYPO3 Website In Mins!

We have a TYPO3 SaaS solution with the approach “Build, Publish, & Launch TYPO3 site without technical skill”. Try free TYPO3 SaaS.

Are You TYPO3 Agencies or Developers? You can Become a TYPO3 Vendor!

You are still reading this article, so I’m sure you are a little bit interested in becoming a TYPO3 vendor :)

Why T3Planet Is For You?

  • Free to Become a Vendor
  • Platform to promote your TYPO3 products
  • Transparent Business Model
  • Support by dedicated T3Planet team

For TYPO3 Vendors

  • The TYPO3 Agencies, Developers, and Integrators can sell their PRO products, solutions, and services.
  • In the long journey of many TYPO3 people have developed great premium TYPO3 solutions which might not be shared for FREE.
  • It is the platform where they can sell and generate revenue by earn and care philosophy.

For TYPO3 Buyers

  • In the current scenario, the end-customers have very limited choices of premium TYPO3 products.
  • Most of the TYPO3 buyers or customers have the only option for customized services which are not cost-effective solutions for them.
  • With the platform, TYPO3 buyers can ensure receiving good support, get compatible with future TYPO3 versions, well-documented, etc., from TYPO3 vendors.

Many TYPO3 Professionals have joined our vendor team, when are you joining? Explore more and Become a TYPO3 Vendor Now!

TYPO3 Professional Support & Services

Let’s explore, what TYPO3 products and services are available at t3planet.com?

TYPO3 Free & Extended Support

For each TYPO3 product, you will receive free 30 days support. Also, you can buy extended support while purchasing a particular product.

Try Before Buy TYPO3 Products

We believe in transparency, for the satisfaction of customers we have 15 days money-back guarantee.

Live Demo of TYPO3 Products

demo.t3planet.com it’s always good to know more about the product before you buy. For that, each product has a live-demo preview for TYPO3 Templates and TYPO3 Extensions.

Documentation & User Manuals

docs.t3planet.com Well-documentation and backend manuals are very important for customers, We always keep up-to-date T3Planet Docs for all the products.

TYPO3 Composer Server

Composer.t3planet.com T3Planet has a dedicated composer server for free & premium TYPO3 templates and extensions.

TYPO3 Knowledge Hub

With another opportunity to contribute to the TYPO3 community we are publishing regular TYPO3 Blogs and TYPO3 Tutorials with a good in-depth technical and non-technical niche. You can subscribe to our TYPO3 newsletter to get TYPO3 updates.

T3Planet Stands Against COVID-19

The recent global Coronavirus pandemic is changing the economy, businesses, and lives of people.

We think it's high time to contribute to society by spreading awareness and updates about the COVID-19 pandemic by providing the FREE TYPO3 website.

Share awareness, or Start Your Free TYPO3 Website.


Thanks for reading!

It’s time to work together for the growth of our great TYPO3 CMS. Feel free to share your ideas, feedback, or suggestions, we will be happy to answer any questions at Feedback Center.

Let’s make a Happy TYPO3 Community & Eco-system!

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