TYPO3 Templates & Extensions Releases Highlights - October 2023

TYPO3 Templates & Extensions Releases Highlights - October 2023

It is the end of October, And This time, we are back with some exciting news from T3Planet! We are happy to announce that T3Planet has now completed 4 years in the TYPO3 world. To express our gratitude to all our team members, customers, and the TYPO3 community, we celebrated the 4th anniversary of T3Planet at the T3Planet office.

Moreover, T3Planet introduced the first-ever AI Enhanced TYPO3 ChatGPT Extension, offering feature-rich content assistance in TYPO3 - T3OpenAI. 

This month at T3Planet, we will take a quick overview of what T3Planet has in store for TYPO3 enthusiasts in the October 2023 highlights of TYPO3 Templates and TYPO3 Extension releases.

Apart from This month has been an exciting and special one for T3Planet. Throughout October, our TYPO3 developers and testers have been working tirelessly to upgrade the versions of our TYPO3 products, enhancing your daily TYPO3 experience. In this month alone, we've upgraded more than 6+ TYPO3 Templates to the major TYPO3 v12 and over 3+ TYPO3 extensions.

So Without waiting more, let's Look into the major updates and highlights from T3Planet!

Newly Launched TYPO3 Extension

Extensions New Released Version Compatibility Version Type View Extension
ns_openai v1.0.1 v10,11 Minor View Extension


Newly Updated TYPO3 Extension

Extensions New Released Version  Compatibility Version Type View Changelog
ns_openai v1.0.1 v10,11 Minor  View Changelog
ns_whatsapp v2.4.2 v8 to 12 Minor  View Changelog
ns_news_slider v4.3.3 v6 to 12 Minor  View Changelog


TYPO3 v12 Compatible Templates

Templates New Released Version Compatibility Version Type View Changelog
ns_theme_t3karma v12.1.0 v10 to 12 Minor View Changelog
ns_theme_t3shiva v12.0.1 v11,12 Minor View Changelog
ns_theme_t3labh v12.0.0 v10 to 12 Major View Changelog
ns_theme_splash v12.0.0 v10 to 12 Major  View Changelog
ns_theme_t3bio v12.0.0 v10 to 12 Major  View Changelog
ns_theme_t3namaste v12.0.0 v10 to 12 Major  View Changelog


Celebrating 4 years of T3Planet

This month is even more special for us because we celebrated 4 years of T3Planet. We introduced our newest member, "AADI," from PlanetX. To celebrate this special occasion we offered 25% Flat Discounts on our All TYPO3 Products and TYPO3 Services from Date 17 oct to 24 oct. 

Who is Aadi?

In Sanskrit, the name 'AADI' signifies the essence of 'beginning' or 'first.' which is the best name fit for T3planet - First Ever TYPO3 Store. AADI represents the initial steps towards a new era of creativity, innovation, and excellence within the TYPO3 community.

Aadi is more than a character; Aadi is your virtual friend at T3Planet. Aadi represents the spirit of exploration and the boundless possibilities that await you on T3Planet. If you want to learn more about how we celebrated 4 years of T3Planet, you can read here.

Launched T3OpenAI Extension

During this month at T3Planet, we Launched the first-ever Content Assistance - T3OpenAI. This powerful content assistant comes with numerous features, including SEO optimization, AI page creation, chat assistance, and more. T3OpenAI is your virtual content assistant, designed to assist in the TYPO3 backend. This powerful TYPO3 extension offers over 100+ default ready-to-use prompts and 10+ unique writing styles.

Take Quick Demo here -


In conclusion, October has been an exciting month at T3Planet, and we're happy to have shared these highlights and updates with the Community. As we continue to evolve and innovate in the world of TYPO3 Templates and extensions, your support and enthusiasm remain the driving force behind our success.

If you have any inquiries about the updates, kindly submit a ticket, and our team will gladly assist you.

Happy TYPO3 Reading !

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