10 Best TYPO3 Website Created With T3Planet's TYPO3 Template

Driving its popularity is T3Planet’s large TYPO3 template selection, multipurpose TYPO3 templates, and advanced features. let’s take a look at some of the recent TYPO3 websites built with T3Planets's TYPO3 themes

10 Best TYPO3 Website Created With T3Planet's TYPO3 Template

With a customer base of 3000 TYPO3 users, T3Planet is one of the most popular destinations for TYPO3 templates. Driving its popularity is T3Planet’s large TYPO3 template selection, multipurpose TYPO3 templates, and advanced features. T3Planet lets you customize your entire site, including headers, footers, and sidebars, not just content areas, so you can create a truly custom site.

Need proof? Then let’s take a look at some of the recent TYPO3 websites built with T3Planets's TYPO3 themes.

Heléns Rör AB

Helén stocks, processes and delivers Scandinavia's widest range of steel pipe solutions to industry. They developed their official website with Open source TYPO3 CMS using T3Terminal’s T3 Karma Multipurpose TYPO3 template

The website contains a wide range of special mechanical products and machining centers for connecting rod machining as well as assembly and parting machines. The website holds various hardware machinary products with their detailed pages for each product. They also do offer varied services and have a dedicated web page for the same listing and defining their service offerings.

Greiner Aerospace

The website of Greiner aerospace, a leading manufacturer of innovative solutions for aircraft seats. Built with T3 Business, the website looks classy with beautiful representation of elements. Greiner with seven locations in Europe, the USA and China, Greiner aerospace produces cushions and covers for aircraft seats which are supplied to all the prestigious seat manufacturers and airlines worldwide. 

The site contans Individual products, components and assemblies for short- and long-haul aircraft – from economy class to first class – are manufactured specifically to the customers' requirements.


Migal a leading manufacturer of high-quality welding consumables for MIG / WSG welding and is active in all world markets built their website with 50+ products and product estimation calculator with T3 Business TYPO3 template.

eMDe Sheet Metal Factory

EMDe Blechfabrik AG is the first sheet metal processor with its own material estimation online calculator . The brand used TYPO3 Bootstrap Multipurpose template for their business website. The brand manufactures numerous laser parts, sheet metal parts and assemblies in small and large quantities and the website composes the information well.

Rud Group

RUD Group, a worldwide chain solution provider with its main development and production sites offers future-oriented problem solutions with chain systems and components for a wide range of applications.

A massive website with lot of content and detail pages of their numerous product range chose T3 Karma ultimate TYPO3 template to build their mega TYPO3 website.


A professional sports institute utilized T3 Dietitian template for developing their Institute website with great and high-definition visuals, Laufschule shows how creative they can get.

Hautarte Wolfratshausen

Hautarte, demetologic experts used T3 Bootstrap TYPO3 multipurpose template to build their beautiful, decent online TYPO3 website. T3 Health has been able to satisfy all sorts of medical practice, expertse and other requirements of clinic with ease. 

Helfen Hilft

Helfen hilft a charity NGO has been active since 2010 and focuses on helping people with poverty and social difficulties. They used T3 NGO TYPO3 Charituy template to build their website.


Lympik is a professional training, training centres or permanent installations in sports facilities. With lot of athelic activities, trainings and products to showcase Lympik chose T3 Karma multipurpose TYPO3 template to build their TYPO3 website. 


With the dream to bring digitalization Didaktis used T3 Bootstrap TYPO3 template to showcase their portfolio and to represent their crucial information along with their business services. T3 Boostrap suits their requirement well!

Building Your Own TYPO3 Website

The web design websites we’ve shown in this post show how creative you can get with T3Planet TYPO3 templates if you’re creating a web design website. 

Now that you're inspired by these amazing sites, it's time to start building your own. T3Terminal's TYPO3 themes are bundled with excellent options for creating and customizing a TYPO3 website without coding. If you have any questions or suggestions, make sure you leave a comment in the comment section below!

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  • user
    Lena Keller 2021-09-10 at 11:10 am
    Hey guys, I just wanted to say thanks for having free templates in your portal. I have been using T3Blog and it works fantastic. I know my website won’t be listed here anytime soon but I am looking forward to it :)

    Good job on huge varieties of templates.
  • user
    Hannah Walter 2021-09-08 at 11:29 am
    I was looking to buy a template from the portal but I wasn’t quite sure which one to buy. By using the blog information about various templates you have described, I can compare the best templates according to my requirements and I will eventually buy a template that fits me.

    As I am still confused between 2 multi-purpose templates, thanks for the blog though
  • user
    Julia Hofmann 2021-09-07 at 12:29 pm
    Looking at the popularity of T3Planet amongst the TYPO3 community, I decided to go for T3Shiva which is your first ever ReactJS Template and it is also a multipurpose template which is what I needed for my business.

    I would say that the template is true to its price, looks fantastic, and has a lot of useful components.