TYPO3 SaaS Vs TYPO3 Hosting

Having a TYPO3 website for your business venture is a must these days. But which solution to choose for building your dream website has to be a smart choice when you don't want to be dependent on costly resources to build the TYPO3 website by own and plan to keep your website updated by yourselves. In this article we will look at the two solutions for TYPO3 website building: TYPO3 SaaS and TYPO3 Hosting. Let's find out which is the best by digging into the smallest of factors! Let's dive!

TYPO3 SaaS Vs TYPO3 Hosting

TYPO3 SaaS Vs TYPO3 Hosting, which solution to choose for building your dream website? It has to be a smart choice.

In this article we will look at the two solutions for TYPO3 website building:  TYPO3 SaaS and TYPO3 Hosting. Let's find out which is the best by digging into the smallest of factors! Let's dive!

What is TYPO3 SaaS?

TYPO3 Software as a service (SaaS) is a medium that allows you to build and publish your TYPO3 website with host applications and automated services to manage it providing a secure medium to make it available for customers over the Internet.

Imagine using software that you don’t have to buy and move in-house. It exists in the cloud, allowing you and your team to log in and operate from anywhere. All the while, the vendor maintains the software, handles the hosting, and deals with all your support queries, all for a monthly or yearly fee. That’s what SaaS is (Software as a Service).

TYPO3 SaaS is conceptualized to serve you everything ranging from TYPO3 CMS, TYPO3 Template, Hosting, Customization, Installation and everything you need to have a perfect TYPO3 website but in an AUTOMIZED and the INSTANT way so that you don’t have to rely upon service providers and agencies to get your work done.

TYPO3 SaaS is often a great solution for companies and individuals that aren’t looking to invest in costly and complex TYPO3 website development models. It’s easy to use and simple, with immediate access and few updates.

Advantages of TYPO3 SaaS

  • TYPO3 SaaS CMS is a virtual product which means it can usually be accessed from any computer, tablet, or mobile device as long as an internet connection is available.
  • No chance of system failure as SaaS vendors will take care of any issue, and typically at no additional cost. Also, upgrades and maintenance are automatically done by the SaaS vendor.
  • As SaaS CMS is based on a subscription model, there is no large licensing fee upfront. Small setup fee that covers up basic website implementation.
  • As your SaaS vendor handles all the development and QA, no need to worry about malware or buggy add-ons to the CMS.
  • With SaaS, you can count on new features being added in real-time. The latest features and innovations are typically available to all users at no additional costs.
  • TYPO3 SaaS includes TYPO3 hosting

What is TYPO3 Hosting?

Well, basically a hosted TYPO3 solution ideally means to rent a platform from a host provider company. TYPO3 would then be installed at a data center/ ‘hosting center’ where your own physical or virtualized servers are set up.

Usually, you need to make a large upfront software payment and have to be downloaded and installed on company servers. It also requires continuous monitoring and maintenance of the IT department. This is primarily useful in large corporations with highly sensitive and confidential data. 

TYPO3 Hosted software is also updated on a regular basis, which may cause an issue to our work on occasions with coupled server failures. The good thing is that once the software is up to date, you can decide if you want to go with older versions of TYPO3 or continue with the newest version.

Advantages of TYPO3 Hosting

  • Your data is secured in a data center and can be retrieved back whenever required.
  • It is a better price for those that want to use it in the long term, however it is quite costly for the business that requires a website for simpler purposes.
  • Customizable by the owner, can be scaled up or down
  • Flexibility to switch between PHP versions available.

TYPO3 SaaS vs TYPO3 Hosting

Basic Differences on basis of special criterias



TYPO3 Hosting


Automated launching with
selected TYPO3 template

Needs configuration and set
up from the TYPO3
installation to set up.


Instant launch in minutes

Complex settings may
take up to days


Cost-effective solution with
fix cost per month 

Huge upfront costs, and may
increase as you gofor
maintenance charges 


Daily Data Backup & Restore

Daily Data Backup & Restore


Updates are reflected to the
platform. No manually
installation of upgrades

Need to manually install

TYPO3 Installation

Automatic TYPO3 Installation &
Setup along with the selected

Need to do manually TYPO3
Installation & Setup

Data Ownership

100% of data ownership with
backup and restore.

100% of data ownership
with backup.


Robust security

Robust security

Summary on basis of User experience

When you need to choose between TYPO3 SaaS and TYPO3 Hosting for building your new website, we have a user experience example for you. 

When you decide to build your website, it faces many criteria and options. TYPO3 SaaS is a service that allows you to create a powerful website by utilizing abundant features of TYPO3 CMS. TYPO3 SaaS allows you to choose between multiple TYPO3 templates.  

Upon selection of TYPO3 SaaS and pressing the launch button your TYPO3 website is ready instantly. In addition, it includes multiple add on services, customizations, and features to enhance your website. 

Most of the additional features that are present in TYPO3 hosting are already present in TYPO3 SaaS. Not to forget that add ons are free to use. We can say that TYPO3 Hosting is a part of TYPO3 SaaS. Being the utmost flexible, the websites built with TYPO3 SaaS is very customizable, new TYPO3 extensions can be added to enhance the functionality of your website. 

The biggest advantage of the TYPO3 SaaS platform over TYPO3 Hosting is server maintenance that is consistently managed by the provider. 

This may come to be very critical for a hosted solution if your platform upgrade and new enhancement break your current TYPO3 template/TYPO3 website. You might be left with no option until the template developer has time to fix it or in many cases, you need to hire a developer to resolve functionality breaks. 

Most TYPO3 hosted solutions will apply security upgrades, but it will be up to you to keep your CMS up to date.

Final Verdict

While both retain key spots in the marketplace, TYPO3 hosting doesn’t offer the same scalability and reliability, and functionality as provided by TYPO3 SaaS. TYPO3 SaaS services. However, it’s important to know that just because a solution is hosted, it doesn’t necessarily offer the same scalability, reliability, or functionality as a TYPO3 SaaS model. 

TYPO3 SaaS applications are built with the specific cloud infrastructure in mind, and because everyone is on the same page, fixes, updates, and support are all easier to provide. In short, it’s a more streamlined and efficient way to go, with fewer or no hurdles to deal with. For these reasons, we feel TYPO3 SaaS as one of the key technology trends for business, both for now and for years to come.

TYPO3 SaaS at T3Planet

We are having a tried-tested robust successful platform with our TYPO3 Marketplace venture. And, a bit sure that, we will achieve the same with TYPO3 SaaS.

Build a TYPO3 website in minutes!

Take a look at our TYPO3 SaaS solution, I’m sure you will love it.

When you opt for TYPO3 SaaS, you'll be able to create a site that's completely ready for you in seconds. 

You don't need to be a coder, designer, or have any technical knowledge to create the perfect TYPO3 website. Here are some of the features you get with TYPO3 SaaS.

Fast TYPO3 Launch

Easy TYPO3 Website Builder

  • Launching of your TYPO3 website in a day
  • Free TYPO3 Installation & Setup
  • Free TYPO3 Template & Setup
  • Free TYPO3 Extensions Installation
  • Manage Pages & Content Easily
  • Pre Built Multi-Language & Multi-Domain
  • Advanced Design Customization
  • Flexible Template Management

Managed TYPO3 Security & Updates

Optimized TYPO3 Performance

  • TYPO3 Major & Security Automatic Updates
  • Service Level Maintenance Agreement (SLA)
  • Daily Data Backup & Restore
  • TYPO3 Extensions Updates
  • Ultimate Security of your TYPO3 Website
  • Enhance Google Search Results
  • Google Analytics & PageSpeed
  • Speed & Performance Optimization
  • Free Cloudflare CDN

Plans & Pricing

We have very low and competitive pricing to create your cost-effective website.

Start Your Free-Trial Now!

To get trust and real experience, we recommend having Free test-drive of TYPO3 SaaS solution for 15 days at https://t3planet.com/typo3-saas

Happy TYPO3 SaaSing ;)

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    Eleonore Oswald 2020-09-04 at 1:46 pm
    Neat article. But between those two, I would definitely go for TYPO3 SaaS. In addition to what you listed above, going on SaaS means Rapid implementation, affordability, flexibility and scalability, and ease of use. The availability of SaaS experts/support teams to handle queries regarding SaaS also makes investing into SaaS less scary and you can rest assured that you maximize your SaaS experience.