Top 10 Websites Built With TYPO3 CMS!

Thinking of going for TYPO3 CMS and looking for some excellent TYPO3 website examples to get inspiration? TYPO3 has been used by many of the world’s top brands, designers, and developers who use it to build highly engaging websites. In this article, we will share some excellent TYPO3 website examples that you must check out for inspiration.

Top 10 Websites Built With TYPO3 CMS!

Thinking of going for TYPO3 CMS and looking for some excellent TYPO3 website examples to get inspiration? TYPO3 has been used by many of the world’s top brands, designers, and developers who use it to build highly engaging websites. In this article, we will share some excellent TYPO3 website examples that you must check out for inspiration.

Back on May 29, 2001, Kasper Skårhøj released the first version of TYPO3, a platform that was to change the direction and trends of all websites.

TYPO3 has kept climbing higher and higher on the ranking lists of top CMS ever since. TYPO3 is one of the best and foremost suitable CMS to build large enterprise websites or applications to small blogs too! The leading CMS on the market. Small blogs and personal photography websites, startups, and the world’s top companies alike have decided on TYPO3 when creating their websites.

Here is a list of 10 absolutely amazing websites you probably have heard about, but might not know were created with TYPO3. Let's find out!

Please note, we’ve sorted the list of Top 10 TYPO3 website examples based on the turnover of the brand, brand audience, number of employees, and people associated with it.

Philips Dictation

Philips is one of the greatest electronic concerns worldwide with branches in more than 60 countries. For this internet presentation Philips uses a TYPO3 web site.

The brand showcases their numerous products, specifications and large amount of content with relable TYPO3 CMS.

Körber AG

The Körber Group which brings together more than 30 internationally leading technology companies, employs c. 9600 employees and achieved sales of almost 2 billion euro in 2011, presents themselves being with TYPO3 website.

Sachsen Anhalt” is the homepage of one of the 16 states of Germany. It is located in the western part of eastern Germany. By size, it is the 8th largest state in Germany, and by population, the 10th largest. 

Due to the large amount of information needed on this website, TYPO3 was an ideal tool for building the page.


International publishing company and leader in the education industry, Pearson, started working with us at the beginning of 2017. After going through rebranding, client needed a new website and high quality software that would enable further digitalization of their services and products.

The client wanted to create a special form for user registration (both students and teachers) and to increase user experience (UX) on new site. The best system that met their expectations turned out to be the flexible and secure enterprise-class Content Management System - TYPO3.

Hitachi Medical Systems

Hitachi the well known Japanese electronic concern, decided on a TYPO3 website. The website is multilingual and powered by multisite functionalities. 

The brand manages large amount of content, data and updates with ease. With global audience, the brand is satisfied with TYPO3 CMS to be ideal for all of their multiple constantly changing needs.

Lufthansa Group

Deutsche Lufthansa AG is a global aviation group that includes more than 400 subsidiaries and associated companies, the largest airline in Europe in terms of overall passengers carried (76 million customers).

TYPO3 is used for a wide range of different goals for their websites. TYPO3 being multisite is used for its numerous sites that are part of the corporate portal - always available for desktop and mobile. Always published and empowered by TYPO3.

Also, their website website is dedicated to HR (Human Resources) and is the entry point for over 118,000 employees and job candidates.

By using TYPO3 Lufthansa ensures a 360° support system, mentoring, and introductory approach toward the careers of its employees and job applicants.

Thomas Cook Intranet

Thomas Cook, the world's leading tour operator. TYPO3 CMS is used to create intranets for their various departments, news relevant to the company, internal memos, current statistics, frequently used forms, employee offers, and much more.

TYPO3 was successful in fulfilling the objective was to visualize the individual divisions and present the teams individually, including provision for updating of the various sites by over 50 editors.

An internal marketplace as a TYPO3 extension, where employees can post, administer and read classified ads. TYPO3 succeeded in creating a visually appealing and lively intranet that meets the client’s need for technical sophistication as well as ease of use.

Logwin Logistics

Logwin is a logistics company with roots dating back to 1877. As an experienced partner, they can turn logistics into a strategic factor for success. Their 5,600 employees around the world at over 250 locations in 40 countries on all continents work to ensure that this value proposition is met.

Taking advantage of the versatility of TYPO3 its website successfully combines information and services in a user-friendly structure.

United Internet

United Internet, Europe's leading internet specialist, makes full use of squares and TYPO3! With  50 million users of its services, United Internet switched to TYPO3 CMS for development needs to adapt their customer needs and trends. 

Besides TYPO3, Foundation 6 was used to deliver an optimal experience regardless of the user's device. Additionally, the project was realized with Sass to make coding more flexible and faster.

8 content templates with different arrangements of squares simplify the maintenance by the TYPO3 backend. At its launch, the website had about 300 pages with more than 1500 content elements. 

All of this shows that TYPO3 is very powerful, extremely flexible, highly scalable, and 100% reliable.

Minebea Intec

Minebea Intec’s preeminent position as a technological innovator and solution provider is reflected in the phrase “The true measure”, which serves as a leitmotif on the redesigned Minebea Intec website.

They realized TYPO3 as best fit to manage the content is arranged in fields of interest, which simplifies the navigation for visitors and enables them to reach the information they desire directly.

Their TYPO3 website developed has each product catalogue page includes an option to see and contact the person responsible for the respective topic, based on geo IP.
Registered users have access to the spare part shop with over 10.000 products. TYPO3 shop solution is fully integrated in the company´s SAP-System.
A powerful search with different facettes and document types is realised with "Solr for TYPO3“-Plugin.


The Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund is the public transport network of the Frankfurt metropolitan area in Germany. It is a transportation association operated by 15 counties, 11 independent cities and the Bundesland of Hesse.

The layouts supplied by the clients lead agency Huth+Wenzel were integrated into a new TYPO3 installation and an adaptation of the desktop layout to mobile views was undertaken. Additionally all layouts were optimised to meet the very short deadline. The site was SEO-optimized right from the start of the project.

Tada! Something from our pockets!

Paysafe Payment Solutions

Do you know Paysafe, a leading Payment Solution provider and a market leader with over 20 years of experience in payments uses TYPO3 for their business website?

Team NITSAN won the TYPO3 Award for best Finance/logistics category for the development of the Paysafe TYPO3 website.

This includes information about the payment solutions, their benefits, allowed payment methods, digital wallets, clients, etc. The payment solution is compatible with no. of platforms and also partnered with corporate agencies.

The website is built with a modern design structure with a responsive view. Many CMS pages designed in this website show the complete explanation of its developer and the solutions themselves. 

Century Casinos - CNTY

CNTY, the widespread project lies within a centralized website consisting of 13 domains of various cities & different sports where the Century Casino has spread its wings. The project manages all these 13 domains and all those domains are managed by a single backend.

Each domain consists of various functions and tasks such as you'll get a quick overview of all aspects of real money gambling covering everything from the latest news to getting started & getting registered, different games and their betting types also with the finest information about the restaurants and bars at each casino. 

The backend also consists of different types of users with access permissions of domains and modules. It is a complete guide for every domain that includes everything a Casino fan needs to know

Building a TYPO3 website is easy!

Despite all the competition, TYPO3 keeps evolving and getting better day by day. As an open-source CMS, it is developed and enriched with new plugins, services, and themes made to keep up with the drastic shifts in the patterns of web design.

And the main TYPO3 secret is that, no matter what your expectations are, you can create your own amazing website, better than any of the listed above. Moreover, with amazing TYPO3 Templates and Extensions, you can have your TYPO3 site ready in no time! 

The design part of your website is controlled by your TYPO3 template. All the websites mentioned above use a custom TYPO3 theme. A custom TYPO3 website will cost you a lot of money.

If you are just starting out, then you can start with an existing TYPO3 template. There are numerous robust and creative TYPO3 themes that you can install.

See some of our hand-picked lists of the best TYPO3 templates that you can try:

Wrapping Up!

We hope this article helped you find some excellent TYPO3 website examples to get inspired and motivated.

Do you use TYPO3 for your business needs? Or are you a TYPO3 techie building amazing TYPO3 websites? We’d love to see your cool TYPO3 websites! Drop them in the comments below for us and readers to get familiar with your TYPO3 website!

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