Get Prepared for TYPO3 v10 - Before It’s Release

Woohoo! Team T3Planet is very excited for TYPO3 v10 LTS that is going to be released on 21st April 2020 :) Are you also excited to know what’s new & why TYPO3 v10 is so special? We would like to share detailed insight with all new features for TYPO3 editors, administrators, integrators and developers.

Get Prepared for TYPO3 v10 - Before It’s Release

Woohoo! Team T3Terminal is very excited for TYPO3 v10 LTS that is going to be released on 21st April 2020 :)

Are you also excited to know what’s new & why TYPO3 v10 is so special? We would like to share detailed insight with all new features for TYPO3 editors, administrators, integrators and developers.

We are going to write down a three blog series for everyone who loves TYPO3. You will get all the blogs before the final release, Subscribe us to make sure to read them :)

But, for now, in this blog, we would like to let you know some cool things before releasing TYPO3 v10 LTS. It’s time to celebrate the achievement of the milestone, appreciate and thanksgiving to the awesome TYPO3 community.

At last TYPO3 developer days 2019, At Keynote, Benni Mack said: “TYPO3 is going to be feature-rich”. Indeed, TYPO3 CMS has all-the-features that the ideal CMS should have.

“This blog is dedicated to TYPO3 people who contribute to such a fantastic OpenSource Project”.

Take a good cup of coffee, Get ready to read some exciting TYPO3 things!

Say Thanks & Give back to the great TYPO3 Community

Wait... Before starting anything, It’s time to heartily say “Thanksss!” and appreciate the fantastic work by TYPO3 community people who work very hard with their time, efforts and money to create such great OpenSource CMS.

To appreciate the great work of the TYPO3 community, Just write quick thanks notes or donate a few bucks to - To give back to the great community.

TYPO3X - X Marks the Spot

I remember that awesome keynote speech by Benni and Sussi at T3DD19. Especially how they connected the story of Indiana John’s Movie and TYPO3 - X Marks the Spot.

Watch this quick clip to get inspiration and meaning of “X Marks the Spot” for TYPO3 X

Plan Your Grand Release Party

And, As a tradition of TYPO3, Get ready and plan your schedule to celebrate a great release party on 21st April 2020 - To enjoy such great Milestone of TYPO3 OpenSource CMS.

Join #TYPO3v10

This time the TYPO3 community-initiated cool thing for awareness and spread the word TYPO3.

Get in it to win it!

There are two ways to enter a prize draw to help boost TYPO3 adaption. Update your TYPO3 Extension or write about TYPO3. Keep an eye on #TYPO3v10 for news!

TYPO3 Future-Proof Release Plan

TYPO3 is well-known to create a roadmap and strictly follow the deadline to continuously release next TYPO3 versions.

Check Minimum Server Requirement for TYPO3 v10

Try TYPO3 v10 & Give Feedback - To keep improving TYPO3

TYPO3 Needs You!

The development of TYPO3 v10 is done, And now everyone is trying to finish touch, clean-up, testing, bug fixing, etc.

Just download and try TYPO3 v10 and provide any bugs, issues or problems to keep improving the TYPO3 product. It would be nice to give it before the final release.

It’s Time to Update Your Awesome TYPO3 Extensions

Never feel bad, If you are not contributing anything to the TYPO3 core.

There are a hundred ways to keep giving your contribution to the TYPO3 community. Here is an important one.

Do you have your TYPO3 Extensions at TER?

Great, It’s time to have test-drive and try to update your TYPO3 extensions to make them compatible with TYPO3 v10.

You know, TYPO3 v10 will be adapt by people if more TYPO3 extensions will be compatible by TYPO3 community.

IMHO, This is one of the best ways to contribute and inspire people to start to use TYPO3 v10 into their real-life projects.

Get Ready To Update Your Website with TYPO3 v10

You know what, We have already upgraded and setup our TYPO3 templates, TYPO3 extensions and projects with TYPO3 v10. No doubt, Everything works well with the TYPO3 core.

Fact For TYPO3 Update

“The TYPO3 Core update always Rocks, Only Extension’s compatibility cause Problems”.

Well, No worries, If you are planning for Update then we highly recommend to generate “Compatibility Report” using our one of the most popular TYPO3 Extension Compatibility Report TYPO3 product.

Help to Spread the Word TYPO3 to the CMS-World

TYPO3 wants you to let people know how awesome TYPO3 is to the world of OpenSource CMS.

Grab the following Materials, and Aware to the people for the world of OpenSource CMS. Keep spreading the fantastic word “TYPO3!”.


That’s it!

I hope you enjoyed our blog about TYPO3 v10 - Before it’s release.

We will publish the next series of blog posts for TYPO3 administrators, integrators and developers with detailed insights.

Here is the quick recap which you should go through for TYPO3 v10.

  1. Be passionate with vibrant TYPO3 community
  2. Checkout system requirement for TYPO3 v10
  3. Try TYPO3 v10 and write feedback to the TYPO3 core team
  4. Try to make v10 compatible of your TYPO3 extensions - Give back to the community
  5. Let's viral #TYPO3v10
  6. Don't forget to celebrate & enjoy release party ;)

How’s your feeling about TYPO3 v10 before it’s release? Just write down the comment box below, we will happy to know about your thoughts, feedback, and suggestions about TYPO3 v10.

Have a Happy TYPO3 v10 Release!

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