TYPO3 vs WordPress Controversy (Revealed with Infographics)

Are you a fan of WordPress? Or, novice to TYPO3 CMS? And, little eager to know what the difference is? Then, welcome to my blog, where you will see practical differences between two legendary CMS - TYPO3 and WordPress. This blog will guide you through a practical backend journey (instead of a boring theoretical thesis ;)

TYPO3 vs WordPress Controversy (Revealed with Infographics)

Are you a fan of WordPress? Or, novice to TYPO3 CMS? And, little eager to know what the difference is? Then, welcome to my blog, where you will see practical differences between two legendary CMS - TYPO3 and WordPress. This blog will guide you through a practical backend journey, TYPO3 Facts  (instead of a boring theoretical thesis ;)

First of all, I want to let you know, Why am I inspired to write such a controversial blog? Because I've been with TYPO3 CMS for more than ten years. And, one thing always in mind, TYPO3 is not more popular because people never get a practical comparison between TYPO3 and famous CMS like WordPress.

Most of the CMS guys have bias and myths about TYPO3 eg., TYPO3 is a very complex system, it’s only suitable for Enterprise level sites, the only techies can deal with TYPO3 CMS, etc.

And, that influence caused lots of damage to TYPO3 CMS for years because non-techies (marketers, decision-makers) took a decision based on such perspective.
We have started t3planet.com with more focus on Ready to go-live TYPO3 Templates and TYPO3 SaaS solution to prove - TYPO3 is for everyone! TYPO3 is best suitable for everyone like editors, marketers, decision-makers, developers, etc. to make small to large-scale websites.

TYPO3 - The Quality CMS Since 1999.

Oh, dear reader, I know what’s in your mind like “WordPress is more popular than TYPO3 with 70% Market Share, then why are we comparing?”... I do agree with you, but this blog is not about market share. Some day, I’ll write about why TYPO3 fails to gain market share ;)

Here I want to share how TYPO3 is powerful compared to WordPress. Because in statistics, I can say “TYPO3 has 70% more powerful features than WordPress”.

You are still here and reading this article, it means you are a very curious person to explore something exciting ;) Let’s go!

TYPO3 is #1 OpenSource CMS in Security

Enterprise Level Speed with TYPO3

Explained TYPO3 vs WordPress (Infographic)

These infographics below will help you to understand where TYPO3 is popular, which industry serves more by TYPO3 etc. Keep reading the blog to see real-time TYPO3 backend features that are more potent than WordPress CMS.

TYPO3 is a truly feature-rich CMS. How?

Multi-Language Capability Since 1999 in TYPO3!

Unlimited Multi-Site Compatibility with TYPO3

Easy-to-use TYPO3 UI/UX Experience

Extendible TYPO3 Dashboard

Tree Structured-way to Manage Pages

TYPO3 Have Featured Gutenberg Feature Since 1997!


Organized Files & Assets Management in TYPO3

Unique-way Powerful User Access & Permissions

Next Generation Frontend Editing in TYPO3

TYPO3 Templates Can Be Possible

Flexible TYPO3 Backend Layouts

Easy to Choose TYPO3 Frontend Layouts

TYPO3 Backend Preview

TYPO3 Features Which Are Missing Features In WordPress

Workspaces - Draft, Approve & Publish

Unlimited History / Undo

Better Backend Usability with Grid Structure

System Logs - Check What’s Wrong

Cool Copy/Paste Clipboard

Bookmarks Your Work

Built-in Drag & Drop Forms

Powerful Internal Search Engine

Global Search in Backend

Complete Backend Users Management

No Plugin Needed For Frontend Users Management

Anything You Want To Import/Export

Heaven For PHP Developers

Manage TYPO3 Server Environment

Lightning Speed Cache Framework


Thanks for reading my blog, I hope you found it exciting and learning something about TYPO3 ;)

Of course, I’m not saying “WordPress is bad”, but unfortunately TYPO3 did not get enough attention which it deserves as an OpenSource CMS. If you are a little convinced with the comparison as mentioned above and the features of TYPO3, then give a little try - I’m sure you will be more than happy :)

And, In the below comment box, Feel free to write any questions to initiate your TYPO3 journey. I’ll be pleased to assist you!

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  • user
    Greg Cole 2023-04-14 at 12:10 pm
    As a developer for both wordpress and typo3 with 7+ years experience I can say that this comparison is deeply flawed. Nobody uses vanilla Wordpress, Wordpress has to be seen as an ecosystem where combinations of essential plugins and pagebuilders are what constitutes the complete CMS.

    Yes, Wordpress is plagued with backwards compatibility issues, suboptimal file management and a lot of other things, but it is still better for the following reason.

    The ecosystem and plethora of developers working on solutions for the same problem promotes competition and innovation. Typo3 does not have that and as such lacks a lot of the bells and whistles wordpress users enjoy from the get go. I rarely have to program functionality for wordpress anymore, there is almost always a plugin or ready made script to be used. For typo3 a lot of things needs to be programmed from scratch, which means that customers have to pay more for a typo3 page. That is the center of the issue, Typo3 might be a better built barebone system but development is too expensive, nobody wants to pay for something they can get for free. That is the big reason why typo3 is failing.
  • user
    Koolio King 2021-05-16 at 4:33 pm
    Betamax was better than VHS. But Betamax failed. Typo3 fails since 1998. And yes, many (not all) of the things mentioned in the images are not core features of WordPress. But this does not mean it is complicated to get them.

    Typo3 is just too complex. And the backend is everything but intuitive. The node based tree structuration of data is absolutely outdated. While WordPress has grown into a framework and made huge progress, Typo3 only gained even more lines of code. At least they managed to fix that horrible backend. Still, looks are not everything.

    Ok, you get it. I like WordPress, but this is mainly because the speed of its progress is just astonishing. Love it. And BTW: Using a WYSIWYG editor like CK Editor is NOT a plus ;-) It is a major problem, not a feature.
  • user
    Achim Schimpff 2020-12-01 at 11:22 am
    Hence Proved! TYPO3 is a Better option than WordPress??
  • user
    Rene 2020-12-01 at 11:20 am
    I think such comparisons of TYPO3 vs WordPress are extremely important! The fact is, customers use and need comparisons when choosing a system. I do not think this apple-pear argument is very helpful: There are similarities ... and differences: Both can and should be emphasized. And reality shows that there IS movement from one system to the other. So there are obviously comparable use cases.
  • user
    Robin Scheuer 2020-12-01 at 11:18 am
    Wow, that really was a great read on TYPO3 and WordPress, Sanjay. Thanks for sharing. Indeed I agree that TYPO3 is a better solution if one wishes for a full-fledged website with robust security, that is something WordPress lacks.