TYPO3 v12.1 - What's New? [Roadmap, Features & System Requirements]

Here is the complete blog on Key Features and System Requirements for TYPO3 V12.1

TYPO3 v12.1 - What's New? [Roadmap, Features & System Requirements]

TYPO3 V12.1 is here; that was released earlier in Dec 2022 with a plethora of new features and a revamped visual look. The CMS released the version mentioned in the roadmap on their official site, and we are looking forward to v12.2 being released earlier in February 2023.

Coming to v12.1, the critical element and update for this verison is the interoperability with third-party systems. Some significant features include improved backend search, Reactions for webhooks, better visual experience, and more. These are only a few aspects you will see in this more stable version of TYPO3 v12.

Let us look at all you need to know about the TYPO3 v12.1 and everything it has to offer for developers.

TYPO3 Roadmap

Apart from the TYPO3 v12.1, there is a lot more in store for you, and here is a roadmap that lays down everything.

Version Primary Focus Estimated Release
12.0 New system requirements and breaking changes Released: 2022-10-04
12.1 Interoperability with third-party systems Released: 2022-12-06
12.2 Improved backend UI Estimated: 2023-02-07
12.3 Last-Minute Features Estimated: 2023-03-28
12.4 LTS Release Estimated: 2023-04-25

The v12 and v12.1 are already here with all the features we are going to talk about soon. 2023 is the year we expect v12.2, v12.3, and v12.4 to be here soon with better UI and much more.

Key Features in TYPO3 V12.1

Let us now look at the most highlighted features of v12.1 and how these have impacted the overall usage of TYPO3 for everyone. Here are some of them.

1. Incoming Webhooks (Reactions)

It is now possible to react to incoming webhooks with the help of a useful function, Reactions. Although the application of middleware already existed since v9 was introduced, it is now more flexible and easier to use reactions for webhooks. Here are major upgrades.

  • Easy to integrate TYPO3 in low-code environments
  • Integrations with Zapier and Apache Airflow is now possible
  • To create a new Reaction, open the Admin Tools > Reactions. Choose Create database record from the dropdown menu.

2. Improved Backend Search

Finally, the Backend Search function has been upgraded after a long time. It has been challenging for developers to navigate around the site and find the necessary function or data due to outdated search functions.

  • V12.1 now has an upgraded and much-enhanced search function that can be operated by simply clicking on the magnifying glass.
  • Other than this, it can be accessed using shortcuts such as Command + K (macOS) and CTRL + K (Windows).
  • Furthermore, this function can be limited to particular pages or content. For this, you can add prefixes such as #pages and limit the search results for faster results.

3. New Tiles View in the Filelist

Let us look at the visual changes applied to the TYPO3 v12.1. The current classic list view is the simplest yet the cleanest overview of all the files and folders. You can quickly access actions such as editing images and deleting files. To give developers better options, we now have Tiles view with bigger thumbnails in the view option.

  • Under the View section, you can choose Tiles.
  • Enable and Disable the thumbnails and the clipboard from the drop-down menu.

4. Improved Working with Redirects

The larger the site, the more difficult it becomes to manage redirects. To tackle this, v12.1 has brought in multiple functions and improvements.

  • Store the description of the redirect with the new field added in the TYPO3 backend
  • You can now create redirects automatically using TYPO3
  • Also, extend the list of available “creation types.”

5. Configuring File Mounts and Backend User Permissions Simplified

A new submodule of the backend module allows the administrators access to the overview of available file mounts in TYPO3. Here is what the new upgrade means.

  • Go to System> Backend users and choose Filemounts from the dropdown menu.
  • Further click on i to get more details about the Filemounts.

6. New Security Features

TYPO3 brings some new security features for all users. Here are a few changes and upgrades you might notice while using the CMS.

  • Apply the new filed control passwordgenerator to a password file in the TCA file.
  • Choose the length of the string and whether the password should contain upper/lower letters, numbers, and/or special characters.

7. Accessing TypoScript Through a Request Attribute

TYPO3 v12.1 introduces a new API that allows the developer to load the TypoScript of a page in a cleaner. Furthermore, the TypoScript constant is now called Strings in this new verison, and a lot more updates are now available on the official release.

System Requirements

Apart from the v12.1 updates and release, there are certain requirements that your system must follow to be able to run and access all the features on v12 and further.

Operating System Linux, Microsoft Windows or macOS (this also includes hosting on all common cloud environments)
Webserver Apache httpd, Nginx, Microsoft IIS, Caddy Server
Supported Browsers Chrome (latest)
Edge (latest)
Firefox (latest)
Safari (latest)
Composer Composer >= 2.1
Database MariaDB >= 10.3.0 <= 10.6.99
MySQL >= 8.0.0 <= 8.0.99
PostgreSQL >= 10.0
SQLite >= 3.8.3
Hardware RAM >= 256 MB
PHP PHP >= 8.1.0 <= 8.1.99

PHP Compatibility Report

The above system requirements are for all the v12. However, here is a list you can check for compatible PHP versions.

PHP versions TYPO3 v12
2021 - 2026
TYPO3 v11
2020 - 2024
TYPO3 v10
2019 - 2023
TYPO3 v9
2017 - 2021
TYPO3 v8
2015 - 2020
PHP 7.0 No No No No Yes
PHP 7.1 No No No No


PHP 7.2 No No Yes Yes Yes
PHP 7.3 No No Yes Yes Yes
PHP 7.4 No Yes Yes Yes Yes
PHP 8.0 No Yes No No No
PHP 8.1 Yes Yes No No No
PHP 8.2 Yes Yes No No No

Download and Installation

You can use the Composer to set up the TYPO3 environment on your system. To download and install, make sure that your system meets all the requirements mentioned above or else you may encounter errors often. For this, check out the official site for TYPO 3 and even follow the steps mentioned in the Installation Guide.

TYPO3 V12.1- A short overview

Here we are with all you need to know about the new v12.1. From adding reactions to incoming webhooks to improving the visual experience for the backend users through Tile view, you can check it out all.

In 2023, you can expect the release of TYPO3 v12.2, v12.3, and v12.4 with more enhanced features and a lot to look forward to. Till then, stay tuned for more updates! 

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