8 Premium TYPO3 Hosting Providers

Many of you would be considering starting and launching an online presence with TYPO3 Website, and choosing the right TYPO3 Hosting provider represents that first step.

8 Premium TYPO3 Hosting Providers

Many of you would be considering starting and launching an online presence with TYPO3 Website, and choosing the right TYPO3 Hosting provider represents that first step.

The TYPO3 CMS can ultimately be installed and operated with almost any hoster. In case if you have any special requirements, then you should consult with the TYPO3 Web hosting provider in advance. These requirements include;

  • Above-average performance (speed of the website),
  • Competitive support,
  • Numerous options for configuration
  • Special TYPO3 CMS version support
  • Etc.

“A website's success depends on the reliability of their hosting service”

In this mico article about Best TYPO3 Hosting, check below our recommendation you may consider choosing while hosting the TYPO3 website. So let’s begin!


What are the requirements for a TYPO3 server?

If you are new to the TYPO3 server, understanding what the requirements and features are will help you decide if it's the right choice for you.

Basically, TYPO3 requires a web server, PHP, and a database system.

  • TYPO3 requires a web server that can run PHP (Apache HTTPd, Nginx, Microsoft IIS, Caddy Server). If you use an Apache web server, some module (e.g. mod_rewrite) must be activated. See Web Server Environment for details.
  • TYPO3 10 requires PHP >= 7.2 <= 7.4 (Mac users: see warning at the end of this document). For PHP, several PHP extensions are necessary, others recommended. You possibly want to adjust the memory limit. See PHP Environment.
  • TYPO3 can be used with many database systems (MariaDB >= 10.2 <= 10.3, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL 5.5+, PostgreSQL, SQLite). See Database Environment on this page for details.
  • If you want TYPO3 to automatically carry out image processing – for example scaling or cropping – you will need GraphicsMagick (version 1.3 or newer) or ImageMagick (version 6 or newer) installed on the server. (GraphicsMagick should be preferred.)



Jweiland.net, German web hosting company jweiland.net (Jochen Weiland) was founded in 2003. It specializes in shared and managed to host solutions for the TYP03 open-source CMS backed by high-performance SSD servers in a German data center. They provide a single click and launch TYPO3 functionality.

This hosting provider hosts over 36,000 domains for customers in Germany and beyond, and its website is in German.

It is one of the most trusted, prominent, and oldest TYPO3 Hosting providers especially for TYPO3 (server and webspace), support for TYPO3 projects, and the implementation of existing websites and design templates in TYPO3. 

Jweiland.net has a lot going on it in terms of its superior support team and its use of 100% SSD servers. Going on with Jweiland, you’ll have TYPO3 expertise in hand for your TYPO3 website support.


With more than 15,000 TYPO3 projects hosted by Mittwald. As a TYPO3 host from the very beginning, they are TYPO3 experts. They are one of the first points of contact when it comes to TYPO3 hosting. 

One-click TYPO3 installation. They keep it up to date: Updates for minor releases, security patches - all happen automatically. If you want to make the big leap in version, you are on the safe side with Mittwald.

TYPO3-on-AWS by t3rrific

T3rrific.com founded by Michael Schams serves TYPO3 Hosting by providing high-end TYPO3 cloud hosting solutions. They have been publishing TYPO3-on-AWS machine images on the AWS Marketplace since 2013. With the robust qualities of AWS, they guarantee to provide first-class services to their international clients. Today, they offer a wide range of consultancy and hands-on services and help clients to leverage the best of modern cloud technologies on AWS.

Bitnami TYPO3 Cloud Hosting

The Bitnami TYPO3 Stack provides a one-click install solution for cloud-based TYPO3 Hosting. One can download installers and virtual machines, or run your own typo3 server in the cloud.

The Bitnami Typo3 Stack is an installer that greatly simplifies the installation of Typo3 and runtime dependencies. It includes ready-to-run versions of Apache, MySQL, and PHP. TYPO3 Stack is distributed for free under the Apache 2.0 license.

Platform.sh TYPO3 Hosting

Unleash freedom to build, evolve, and scale your website with Platform.sh zero infrastructure management investment. Get TYPO3 hosting, CI/CD, automated updates, global 24x7 support. And much more.

Unlike traditional managed TYPO3 hosting or PaaS providers, Platform.sh gives you a complete set of tools that work together to help teams launch faster, scale predictably, and invest in work that delivers business value.

For organizations that want to cost-effectively manage multiple websites or applications, Platform.sh is the end-to-end Platform-as-a-Service that enables you to build, run, and scale those sites and applications without investing time and money in infrastructure and process.

TYPO3 Hosting by Punkt.de

Get the best of root access and managed server: Infrastructure. The virtual and dedicated servers by Infrastructure are ideal for developers who wish to work with TYPO3, Neos, or Flow. Their TYPO3 hosting systems are scalable and grow with your requirements or those of your customers. They offer continuous integration, enterprise hosting, or complex monitoring and internationalization solutions.

Performance, security, and full configuration are top-notch qualities offered in Infrastructure TYPO3 Hosting solutions with the highest technical level. We also advise you on your infrastructure issues and set up individual solutions. So that you can concentrate fully on the development.

Brightside TYPO3 Hosting

TYPO3 hosting service by Brightside fully takes care of your TYPO3 CMS web page and hosting needs. Including optimized server, security updates, and SSL certificates. Running TYPO3 optimized web hosting since 2006, Brightside has done server optimization, TYPO3 maintenance, and consulting on very different business levels. They hold experience from server setup and maintenance to backup handling ensuring the secure and scalable performance of your cloud environment to run TYPO3 web applications.

TYPO3 SaaS (Software as a Service)

T3Terminal’s Mantra, “Just focus on your business, and the team will take care of your website.”

If you're setting up a website, then you will need a capable and reliable TYPO3 SaaS solution. It’s a good idea to have your site’s products and TYPO3 SaaS is provided by the same vendor to have a more-reliable, well-maintained, and secured TYPO3 site.

Backed by 3 click installation process, T3Planet’s SaaS solutions are extremely fast, secure, and user-friendly for your successful online projects. The dedicated T3Planet team provides all-in-one TYPO3 solutions within the TYPO3 marketplace like Installation, Amazing TYPO3 Templates, Hosting, SLA, and Support.

Aaand That’s It!

Well, I believe that all of these TYPO3 hosters have a good price-performance ratio for TYPO3 and that it has to be assessed individually which service really suits your needs. Therefore there is no clear TYPO3 Host recommendation, but you can consider checking the following options first before proceeding to other options that are not specially built for TYPO3.

Did we miss listing any specialized TYPO3 Hosting providers? Which one of these is your favorite? Have you used any of these?

By the way, personally, my favorite one right now is TYPO3 SaaS - Just click and your TYPO3 ready to launch ;)

Happy TYPO3 Hosting!

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  • user
    Julie Brückner 2021-03-08 at 7:23 am
    I used to use Mittwald TYPO3 hosting solutions for a while.
    It was good with very little downtime. Also, mine was a small site. So never had any issues. Happy with it.
  • user
    Anton 2021-03-08 at 7:21 am
    This is a very informative article, especially for TYPO3 Hosting! I just recently got into Jweiland hosting. So far, I’m happy with them. Reading about all the hosting options, I’m glad I did choose them, they seem to know what they’re doing. Lots of info here. Thanks so much.