How To Get TYPO3 CMS Certified Developer (2024)

Wishing to get TYPO3 Certified to add a golden feather to your career? Are you a TYPO3 Developer and dream to be a TYPO3 certified developer? My friend, you’ve got the right guide to help you with TCCD Certifications? Let’s do it together.

How To Get TYPO3 CMS Certified Developer (2024)

Wishing to get TYPO3 Certified to add a golden feather to your career? Are you a TYPO3 developer and dream to be a TYPO3 certified developer? My friend, you’ve got the right guide to help you with TCCD Certifications? Let’s do it together.

TYPO3 offers several TYPO3 Certification examinations geared toward professionals who want to differentiate themselves and test their abilities. It feels proud to be a part of a community that cares about educational programs.

I think significantly less of the Open Source community has such great initiative. Using such a platform, we can educate people, prepare common practices/standards, and build a better TYPO3 ecosystem. To become a TYPO3 certified developer is a very proud moment, but as always “preparing and giving the exam” feels like ;)

If you also want to get a noticeable competitive advantage over other developers, you should go for TYPO3 Certification.

It’s pleasure to let you know that a few months ago TYPO3 GmbH launched a fantastic online TYPO3 exam platform partnership initiative with Proctoru.  It has been a great opportunity for TYPO3 peeps staying miles away by getting TYPO3 certified just by conducting an examination from home! #T3Kudos to the team for the initiative!

Below, we've briefly described the TCCD Examination with useful demonstration and preparation resources to help you better prepare for the TYPO3 Certified Developer certification.

What’s the Official Definition of TCCD?

TYPO3 CMS Certified Developers have experience collected through projects, should know the architecture, design patterns, best practices, and a fair share of internals both TYPO3 CMS and the extension framework.

By the way, I also recommend reading What We Do to Become TYPO3 Certified Integrator.

TYPO3 Certification to Grow TYPO3 Eco-system

Do you know the TYPO3 Association has initiated an education and certification team since 2014?

So now what is the purpose of the TYPO3 Certification Exam?

Well, It will help you master all the skills necessary to leverage and test your TYPO3 skills if it satisfies your current technologies and modern business goals.

As said “the preparation period before the test is 10 times as valuable as the certification itself.”

Preparation and practicing for the exam will help you master best practices and become the number one TYPO3 Development professional! Get the badge that will differentiate you from the others.

A TYPO3 CMS Certified Developer has to have experience collected through projects, should know the architecture, design patterns, best practices, and a fair share of internals both TYPO3 CMS and the extension framework. TYPO3 CMS Certified Developer can implement an extension completely in a state-of-the-art way. They write clean code by following the TYPO3 Coding Guidelines (CGL), and they are well versed in a wide range of topics, from the initial setup of an extension up to the point of publishing it in the TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER).

But, Why TYPO3 Certification?

TYPO3 certification programs ensure the competence of professionals and by providing a measurement of knowledge and skills.

for TYPO3 agencies

TYPO3 service providers can emphasize such a certification for their strong position on the market. Also for TYPO3 freelancers it means another competitive advantage.

for TYPO3 ecosystem

The certified developers, designers, editors and consultants deliver the best quality of work, so the TYPO3 ecosystem works well and projects are less likely to fail.

for Decision-Makers

The certificate gives more confidence to decision-makers for the success of the project.

for Personal Feeling

It gives a proud personal feeling to a person who passed and gets a certification badge.

TYPO3 Certifications Based on Your Skills

Based on required TYPO3 skills, at the moment, there are four TYPO3 certifications available as below.

General Instructions on TYPO3 Certification

The TYPO3 CMS Certified Developer (TCCD) exam was the first certification provided by the TYPO3 Association in the year 2008. Let’s move further with standard instructions.


All the exams are exclusively conducted in English.

TYPO3 version

Generally, the exams are conducted in context to the recent or last TYPO3 LTS (long-term support) version. But it is highly recommended to confirm the exact TYPO3 version, and you may find such details during the registration.


All questions have been developed by TYPO3 experts and are reviewed or updated according to strict guidelines.

Re-Apply for Exam

In the event, if an applicant does not qualify for the exam, he/she may retake them as many times as they wish. After each unsuccessful attempt, a three months holding up period applies.

Location for examination

Fortunately, You can take the exam anywhere from your home, office, or physical TYPO3 events.

Canceling a Registration

On the off chance, if you don't turn up at the scheduled date/time of examination without giving early notification of retraction, the refund would not be provided. In case of urgency, you need to do this somewhere around 48 hours before the booked date and time.

Roadmap to get certification

  • Being aware of Syllabus
  • In-depth dive to the Topics
  • Registration
  • Take the exam
  • Enjoy your success party.

How to Apply & Fees of TCCD Exam?

You can apply for TYPO3 certified developer from below two-options.

How to Prepare for TYPO3 developer certification?

Good thing is that the TYPO3 certification team defined the syllabus with a number of topics. Here are some tips and tricks for better preparation for the certification.

Step 1. Dream it

Let's keep TYPO3 aside, from within, you should set your vision to become a TYPO3 certified developer, which will keep motivating you to “read a lot and practice” about TYPO3.

Step 2. Check topics

To make your vision and goal clearer let’s take a quick look at all the topics and sub-topics in Syllabus.

Step 3. Theory knowledge through TYPO3 Documentation

With each topic, you will find “references” to the recommended reading links that are linked with We recommend reading and learning in-depth from TYPO3 documentation.

Step 4. Practical knowledge through Practice

Of course, The exam is precisely what you know practically to integrate templates into TYPO3. Your real-time project work is the only best way to learn and prepare for the exam. There will be many tricky questions that can be only answered if you have done good-enough TYPO3 practice.

What type of TYPO3 Questions asked in the exam?

1. TYPO3 General Questions

You need to read general TYPO3 topics like how TYPO3 community works, what is TYPO3 association, history of TYPO3, Code of conduct, Roadmap & release cycle of TYPO3, etc.,

Sample Questions: What is a TYPO3 User Group?


  1. A group on the internet, such as
  2. A support network organized by companies.
  3. A casual meeting of TYPO3 enthusiasts.
  4. A chat channel.
  5. A group similar to the TYPO3 Association but based on users.

2. PHP Programming Questions

Of course, you should be a master of the PHP programming language, because PHP is the mother of TYPO3. There are many fundamental questions about PHP.

Sample Question: What are “return type declarations”?


  1. They declare the type of an extension, e.g. “frontend plugin” or “backend module”.
  2. They specify how many methods a PHP class may contain.
  3. They specify the maximum time allowed to return an object.
  4. They specify the type of value that is returned from a function or method.
  5. Return values can be marked as “nullable” by prefixing the type name with a question mark since PHP version 7.1.

3. General Extension Architecture Questions

As a certified TYPO3 developer, you should know everything about the architecture of extensions eg., Fundamentals, Flexform’s,  TCA, etc.

Sample Question: Which of the following rules applies to the extension key?


  1. The company name must not be part of the extension key.
  2. The extension key must start with either tt_ or tx_.
  3. The minimum length of an extension key is 3 characters.
  4. The extension key must be registered at
  5. The extension key must not start or end with a number or underscore.

4. Core Architecture and Core APIs

Core Architecture and Core APIs” contains a number of example questions to cover the topics like General TYPO3 Features and APIs, Hooks, Signals/Slots, and XCLASSes, CLI, PSR-7, etc.

Sample Question: What is required to use the global Category API in a custom extension? (1)


  1. The method ExtensionManagementUtility::makeCategorizable() can be used.
  2. A relation to class \TYPO3\CMS\Extbase\Domain\Model\Category is required.
  3. A database field named categories must exist.
  4. A mapping to the category table needs to be added as TypoScript.
  5. A FlexForm with the field <categories> must be created.

5. Building Plugins and Modules

Generally, TYPO3 developers have good enough practical experience to develop custom TYPO3 backend modules and frontend plugins using Extbase Framework.

Sample Question:


use \TYPO3\CMS\Core\Utility\ArrayUtility;
public function initializeAction()
    $settings = [



  1. FlexForm settings are merged with TypoScript settings.
  2. Custom settings are merged with TypoScript settings.
  3. All empty values in the arrays, both $settings and $this->settings, are removed.
  4. Keys with a value __UNSET in the array $settings unset array keys with the same name in the array $this->settings.

6. Fluid TYPO3 Templating

TYPO3 integrator and developer both need to deal with Fluid-templating with syntax, templates, layouts, etc.

Sample Question: How can a variable var (set in the controller) be passed to a partial? (2)



 <f:render partial="part" arguments="var" />
 <f:render partial="part" arguments="{var}" />
 <f:render partial="part" arguments="{var: var}" />
 <f:render partial="part" arguments="{0: _all}" />
 <f:render partial="part" arguments="{_all}" />


Credit: Above sample questions taken from TYPO3 certification developer book, Thanks, Michael Schams!

TYPO3 Training and Workshop

Education committee’s workshop

Thanks to the education and certification team for regularly organizing training and workshop.


The team of SkillDisplay and TYPO3 GmbH is working hard to prepare an organized way of learning and prepare for the TYPO3 exam. You may take a look at TCCD’s SkillsPath

TYPO3 Books

To prepare for the exam, I would highly recommend reading the best available books by Michael Schams.

TYPO3 CMS Certified Developer (English)

TYPO3 Extbase, 3rd Edition (English)

TYPO3 Extbase, 3. Auflage (Deutsch)

What care must one take during the exam?

  • I suggest that you show up at the test place 15 to 30 minutes before the test begins with the enrollment and other registration process.
  • The applicant must not miss to carry their valid official identification documents, that shows your full name, photograph, and signature and prove your identities like a passport or personal identification card.
  • It is mandatory to sign the NDA document prior to the examination. By signing the NDA document, you accept that the exam material is strictly confidential and that questions and answers must not be disclosed.
  • The applicant has 90 minutes to go through the test and answer and answer as many questions as possible.
  • The exam would have multiple-choice questions with at least one or more correct answers. Good thing is that, on each particular question, they mentioned: “how many answers are correct”. For the questions which have more than one correct answer, if the candidate does not pick all correct answers, then will be not considered as negative points in the score.

What’s Passing Score and Statistics for TCCD?

40 Questions would be asked in the exam paper

60 Minutes of time to complete exam paper

1.5 minutes to answer each question

~32 out of 40 answers should be correct to become a certified developer.

Pass!! How Will You Receive Your TCCD Badge?

Receive results via Email

After the exam, you will receive an email with your result (pass or fail) within a few weeks.

Receive TYPO3 Certificate

If the candidate has successfully passed the test, then the TYPO3 certificate is sent to their postal location within a month.

Your name at Certification Listing

Also, the names of candidates with TYPO3 certification would be listed here.

The candidate can allude to oneself as a Certified TYPO3 Developer until the expiration period of the certificate i.e three years.


Thanks for reading my article regarding TCCD Certification. I hope you’d have found it useful and enjoyed learning from it. Let’s sum up what we’ve learnt from this blog,

  • Have a dream and passion for becoming a TYPO3 certified developer.
  • Aware of the syllabus of the TCCD exam.
  • Theoretically and practically dig in-depth at each topic.
  • Register for your best available time and location.
  • Keep calm while giving the examination and wait for the results.
  • Celebrate your winning shot by becoming a TYPO3 Certified Developer!

Do you have any questions? I’ll be happy to receive your feedback in the comment box. My best wishes for your TYPO3 certification developer exam, Keep rock!

Have a Happy TCCD Exam!

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