This Month At T3Planet - January Edition, 2022

And It’s January, A new Year 2022! A new year, new hope, new vision, new goals! Team T3Planet has taken an initiative to release an article covering all major updates from T3Planet & TYPO3 Community!

This Month At T3Planet - January Edition, 2022

And It’s January, the first month of 2022! Welcome to january edition of T3Planet Updates covering all major happenings from T3Planet & TYPO3 Community!

Check out what’s new in YOUR TYPO3 Store and TYPO3 world! Grab a cup of coffee and meet the latest updates of January, let’s start!

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Meet top T3Planet blogs that cover amazing TYPO3 tips, tutorials, updates and T3Planet news. Learn and discover new skills with helpful tutorials.

Celebrations At T3Planet!

This year’s Christmas that we celebrated was so much fun and full of excitement. We wanted this day to be spent well and together so we planned out a trip to Zanzmer Beach and truly it was the best Christmas that we have ever had. Welcome to the insights of one of the most amazing outings that we did.

Latest News From TYPO3 Community

Team TYPO3 works hard with a common vision to bring out the best of TYPO3 for you. Read on to find out what happened in TYPO3 last month and how you can get involved.

TYPO3 Freebie Of The Month

T3 Agency Free TYPO3 Template is an ultimate tool to kickstart your project. Either a software development company or a product startup or any new TYPO3 business. Either you want to get familiar with TYPO3 CMS or wish to use it with your personal portfolio!

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15+ Free TYPO3 Templates For Your TYPO3 Website!

T3 Karma | Multi-Purpose TYPO3 Template

T3Planet Product Updates

And there is your new update for your TYPO3 Templates & Extensions Updates.

We regularly maintain our TYPO3 products and regularly release new features, bug fixing, and security updates of TYPO3 Extensions and Templates. Upgrade your products now. 

Let’s dive in and see what we’ve prepared for you for January!

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Happy TYPO3 Updates!

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