12+ Premium TYPO3 Extensions & Why You Should Have it!

There are numerous TYPO3 extensions available to TYPO3 users. No matter what kind of TYPO3 website you’re running, or what niche it belongs to, there are certain TYPO3 extensions that are not available for free but are premium TYPO3 extensions with power packed functionalities that you’ll want to install. And those are the Pro TYPO3 extensions we’re going to discuss today.

12+ Premium TYPO3 Extensions & Why You Should Have it!

There are numerous TYPO3 extensions available to TYPO3 users. No matter what kind of TYPO3 website you’re running, or what niche it belongs to, there are certain TYPO3 extensions that are not available for free but are premium TYPO3 extensions with power-packed functionalities that you’ll want to install. And those are the Pro TYPO3 extensions we’re going to discuss today.

In this article, we’re going to introduce you to must-have premium TYPO3 plugins and explain what makes each one stand out. Better yet, we’re also going to provide real data to justify why we think each TYPO3 extension is essential.

Let’s get right to it!

Yoast SEO TYPO3 Extension

$89 / year


Latest TYPO3 LTS

TYPO3 Version

Although TYPO3 SEO is at its core, Yoast SEO is by far the most popular and powerful SEO tool in the TYPO3 landscape, and it’s easy to see why it’s one of our must-have premium TYPO3 extensions. Not only can it help you improve your SEO, it can even analyze your content’s readability. About 79% of users only scan through your posts and pages, so the more accessible your copy is, the greater your chance of retaining their attention.

Premium features of TYPO3 Yoast SEO,

  • Content insights
  • Redirect Manager
  • Access to Yoast SEO courses
  • 1 year free access to 24/7 support

Backup Plus TYPO3 Extension

€299 / lifetime


Latest TYPO3 LTS

TYPO3 Version

Backup Plus TYPO3 extension is a first-ever all-in-one TYPO3 backup solution. Take a backup of your TYPO3 code, assets and database in a couple of clicks!

With this TYPO3 Backup plugin connects with your Clouds/Servers like Google cloud, Amazon S3, Dropbox, SFTP, Rsync, etc.

Premium features of Backup Plus TYPO3 Extension,

  • Global Settings
  • Database Backup
  • TYPO3 Code Backup (Core, Extensions, Vendors)
  • Compress backups (bzip2, gzip, xz, zip)
  • Backup Logs & History
  • Connect & Configure Your Servers and Clouds
  • Google Cloud/Drive
  • Amazon S3 Cloud
  • Dropbox Cloud
  • Rsync Server
  • SFTP Server
  • All-in-one Backup (Code, Database, Assets)
  • Assets Backup (Fileadmin, Uploads)
  • Schedule Backups
  • Automatically Cleanup Local Backups
  • Automatically Cleanup Server Backups
  • Integration with TYPO3 Core Scheduler
  • TYPO3-CLI with Symfony Console Command

Ke Search TYPO3 Extension

€790 / lifetime


Latest TYPO3 LTS

TYPO3 Version

With the premium version of the TYPO3 extension from ke_search you get additional functions for an even more comfortable and faster search!

The ke_search Premium extension is installed in addition to the ke_search extension and provides the following additional functions. The ke_search extension itself remains completely unchanged and can of course be updated.

Premium features of Ke Search TYPO3 Extension,

  • Area search and map display
  • Sphinx - the performance boost
  • Autocomplete
  • "Did you mean?" Function
  • Synonyms
  • Remote indexer
  • Custom Ranking
  • Keyword Boost
  • Headless

TYPO3 Amazing (Backend Simplifying Extension)

€75 / lifetime


V8, 9, 10

TYPO3 Version

This extension improves your daily life as TYPO3 editor and integrator by providing unique features and best practices.  


Premium features of Amazing TYPO3 Extension,

  • Remove not needed fields from TCA tables
  • Improve New Record View
  • Override Table Title
  • Improve user group permission setup
  • Show only relevant exclude fields
  • Remove exclude configuration from crucial fields
  • Improved rendering of text
  • Styleable backend layouts
  • Value Picker for Site language locale
  • Improved system news

TYPO3 Help Desk Extension

€249 / lifetime


Latest TYPO3 LTS

TYPO3 Version

An all-in-one TYPO3 Help Desk extension that helps you balance everything your customers need to be happy. The easiest to use TYPO3 Help Desk & Support Ticket extension allows you to create a support help desk quickly and easily with Support Tickets.

Premium features of Helpdesk TYPO3 Extension,

  • Ticket creation from front end users
  • Ticket submission notification to admin
  • Ticket responding within the admin panel
  • Detailed Ticket Management
  • Auto tagging and assigning
  • Individual agent profile setup
  • Customizable front end form and fields
  • Email notifications upon actions
  • Triggers and notification
  • Ratings and comments
  • Customizable form and layout

TYPO3 Luxletter TYPO3 Extension

€489 / Year


Latest TYPO3 LTS

TYPO3 Version

Lux - the marketing automation tool for TYPO3 helps you and your marketing to analyse and identify visitors and develop leads with just a few clicks in the TYPO3 backend. Finally use TYPO3 as the most important source for your leads and get a return on investment.

Premium features of Premium Luxletter TYPO3 Extension,

  • Visitor identification
  • Visitor Tracking Analysis
  • Editorial workflows
  • Trigger & Actions
  • Individual scoring calculation
  • Unlimited scoring properties different categories
  • Easy to add your own triggers and actions
  • Lead recognition Export
  • Data protection

Solr for TYPO3 Extension

A TYPO3 extension that integrates the Apache Solr enterprise search server with TYPO3 CMS.

The extension has initially been developed by dkd Internet Service GmbH and is now being continued as a community project. The version you find here is a version that does not contain all the features that have been implemented yet. These features can be obtained through add-ons for the extension.

Things we are working on or got working already include the following:

  • Statistics
  • An Indexing Queue to be independent from frontend rendering and adding content to Solr as soon as an editor creates a content element in the backend
  • Suggest / Autocomplete
  • More Like This
  • Several Reports
  • Advanced faceting features including hierarchical facets
  • Backend Module for Solr administration
  • Results Grouping
  • Language Detection
  • Crawling of External non-TYPO3 Websites

Import Google Docs to TYPO3

€199 / Lifetime


Latest TYPO3 LTS

TYPO3 Version

Transferring Google Docs to TYPO3 has been a dream come true. The First-ever feature-rich TYPO3 solution is to import your Google Docs to your TYPO3 pages, news, and blog in just one-click. 

TYPO3 editor extension to import Google docs to TYPO3 is now available that can draft and collaborate Google Docs in TYPO3 just as normal with single to export your Google Docs into TYPO3 seamlessly. Your team can collaborate in Google Docs and you can save hours importing into TYPO3.

Premium additional features of Premium Luxletter TYPO3 Extension,

  • Import docs created by own Google account
  • Search Feature at Google Docs Listing
  • Import docs created/shared by Other Google Accounts
  • Access of Unlimited Google Docs Limit (FREE version have limit of 10)
  • Google Doc Import to TYPO3 NEWS
  • Google Doc Import to TYPO3 Blog
  • Detailed Reports & Logs
  • Re-Import Feature (Override existing content while importing)
  • Set permission to import to Page/NEWS/Blog
  • Link to view page immediately after import

Content Publisher TYPO3 Extension

€3990 / Lifetime


V8, 9, 10

TYPO3 Version

This TYPO3 Content Publisher extension easily maps the requirements as : 

  • An editor makes several changes to the content of a page, which should only be published at a certain point in time
  • One (or more) additional instances must be able to review editorial work before it is published
  • The TYPO3 Live environment should ideally not contain any backend users in order to make break-ins as difficult as possible

The Content Publisher for TYPO3 CMS can publish content and files simply with a click or after processing a complex, defined workflow. The principle behind it is simple: A division on two separate servers offers a number of advantages as 

  • Workflows
  • Team communication
  • Single User communication
  • Single Record Publishing
  • Scheduled Publishing
  • Scheduled Publishing
  • Accelerated BE view
  • Fire and Forget Publishing
  • Solr Support
  • fal_securedownload support
  • Configuration Wizard

All In One TYPO3 Gallery

€149 / Lifetime


Latest TYPO3 LTS

TYPO3 Version

All In One TYPO3 Gallery is a feature-rich TYPO3 gallery extension that provides all one TYPO3 gallery solution. This extension helps you to integrate a rich-level TYPO3 gallery with multiple layouts, variations, lightbox, videos, etc.

The premium Gallery TYPO3 Extension includes following features upon free ones,

Lazy Load

Gutter space b/w images in Gallery

(For Masonry & Isotope)

Album Gallery

(Gallery opens in same page)

Album Gallery

(Gallery opens in separate page)

Google Search View Gallery

Masonry Gallery

Mosaic Gallery

Isotope Gallery

Slider Gallery & Carousel Gallery

Slider Gallery & Carousel Gallery

Zoom View Gallery

Lightbox: Full Screen

Lightbox: Full Screen

Lightbox: Mouse Dragging

Lightbox: Image Counter

Lightbox: Thumbnail

Lightbox: Zoom option

Lightbox: Slideshow

Lightbox: Manage Slideshow Speed

Lightbox: Download images

Lightbox: Share on Social Media

Lightbox: Zoom Icon

Lightbox: Navigation Arrow icon

Lightbox: Image Text

Lightbox: Loading icon

Video: Local

Video: YouTube

Video: Vimeo

Themes (Default, Dark)

Google Web Vital TYPO3 Extension

€35 / Year


Latest TYPO3 LTS

TYPO3 Version

Google came up with the Web Vitals initiative. Web Vitals are signals to tell you about how good the UX of your website is. And now it is possible to have signals right in the backend of TYPO3.

As an addition to the TYPO3 extension for Page Speed Insights, it is now possible to gather the Core Web Vitals right into your TYPO3 installation. This way, you are always aware of how your page scores on user experience.

TYPO3 Feedback Extension

TYPO3 Feedback is an ultimate TYPO3 feedback extension that enables users to serve suggestions, bugs, and compliments, and collect feedback on individual TYPO3 page elements.

Premium features of TYPO3 Feedback Extension are,

  • Multiple Feedback Options

- Star 

- Emoji

- Numbers

  • Quick Feedback with button & Polls
  • Full feedback form with comments display
  • Quick pop-up feedback form

The TYPO3 feedback form extension is completely customizable.

TYPO3 review extension has it's own Dashboard to manage the collected feedback. Alternatively, users can receive feedback alerts straight in their email inbox.

TYPO3 News Comment Extension

Do you want to smoothly integrate comment features in your favourite News extension? It is an extension that facilitates the visitor to post a comment on specific news, and answer the comments. Comments are the ideal way to deal and stay in touch with your visitors and adherences.

In this extension, there are features like post comment, reply to a comment, multi-level comment thread, moderation etc.

Premium Features of TYPO3 News Comment Extension are,

  • Multilingual feature
  • Enable/Disable Comments for fe_users (Frontend Loggedin Users)
  • Get Email Notification to Admin on New Comments
  • Set User (Commentator) Profile Image
  • Restrict/Allow Anonymous Users to Comment
  • Direct Comment Approval from Email sent to Admin
  • Enable/Disable Google Captcha
  • Comment Until Date
  • Comment Moderation Feature for Admin

Is It Worth It to Buy Premium TYPO3 Plugins?

We are often asked by users when is it worth investing in premium TYPO3 extensions?

To help you decide, we have added the top reasons that justify investing in a premium TYPO3 plugin.

1. Solutions Specific TYPO3 Extensions

There are some TYPO3 Extensions categories that cater to very specific solutions. Free plugins alone cannot do justice to these complex solutions. 

2. Advanced Features

While there are free plugins for most basic tasks, you will only find advanced features in premium extensions. That’s mainly because building and maintaining advanced features take a lot of resources.

3. Dedicated Support from Plugin Developers

Support is not guaranteed with free TYPO3 Extensions because free plugin authors are not required to offer support. Premium TYPO3 Extensions give you faster email responses for your support questions.

4. Regular and Frequent Updates

Free TYPO3 Extensions are sometimes abandoned by their developers. This leaves your website open to security vulnerabilities and bugs. Sometimes you might not even realize that a plugin has been abandoned until you see your site behaving strangely.

Premium TYPO3 Extensions give you regular updates to address bugs, glitches, and most importantly any security issues.

5. New Features and Enhancements

Free TYPO3 extensions usually don’t have any contribution to enhance and improve something that is already working for many websites.

On the other hand, paid TYPO3 extensions are businesses with competition. In order to stay on top, they continuously work on their products by adding new features and improving existing features. Depending on your license terms, you will get access to those features right away.

Enjoy these must-have Premium TYPO3 Extensions

No matter what type of website you’re running, there are certain TYPO3 extensions that are always worth installing. Maybe they are not conceptualized as free TYPO3 extensions as so it is good sometimes to invest in premium TYPO3 plugins for a better TYPO3 website.

Do you have any suggestion of a premium TYPO3 extension that could be added to this list? Are you using any of these TYPO3 extensions, share us your experience in the comment box below!

Would you prefer a Ready-made template(s) or a Custom one for TYPO3?

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  • 90+ Score on TYPO3 SEO, speed & accessibility
  • 70+ Published free & premium TYPO3 extensions
  • 13+Years of TYPO3 experience
  • 5+Bestseller TYPO3 extensions (T3AI, Slider Revolution etc.)
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