Building Government Websites with TYPO3

Building Government Websites with TYPO3

In recent months, the Government of Germany made a significant announcement the Government of Germany announced the switch of their CMS to TYPO3 CMS, The new Government GSB version introduces important changes by adopting TYPO3 as the core framework.

So let's take a look at Building Government Websites with TYPO3.

TYPO3 Advantage: GSB 11's Success Foundation

In a fast-changing digital world, the debut of the next Government Site Builder, GSB 11, scheduled for 2024, will be an iconic moment: GSB 11 will be built on TYPO3. These seismic shifts will take place in Germany, affecting ministries, municipalities, and community bodies. This strategy shift is in response to the coming end of support for GSB version 10 in 2025, emphasizing the crucial need to choose an open-source solution and laying the groundwork for a more adaptive, efficient, and secure future.

Key Advantage of TYPO3 for GSB 11 Transition

The new Government Site Builder edition introduces substantial modifications by using TYPO3 as its fundamental foundation, which ITZBund promotes owing to its dependability and adaptability. TYPO3 is more than just a content management system. What distinguishes TYPO3 is its robust open-source community, which provides a dynamic ecosystem in which users collaborate, share expertise and drive innovation. Taking advantage of TYPO3's widespread adoption in the federal government, moving to GSB 11 becomes simple, accelerating familiarization and assuring a smooth migration journey.

Using GSB 11 and TYPO3 is really important for government authorities as they move into the digital world. It's not just a choice, it's a crucial strategy. It helps these institutions stay at the forefront of technology and protects their online presence from future uncertainties.

Why Do Government Authorities Trust TYPO3?

Government authorities around the world trust TYPO3 as their preferred choice. From local municipalities to national agencies, many have already chosen TYPO3 as their content management system. The widespread adoption is due to TYPO3's consistent reliability and sustainability, making it especially well-suited for government websites.


Making sure information gets to the public reliably is crucial for government authorities. TYPO3 ensures this by regularly updating and keeping information available. It sticks to schedules and follows privacy rules, making it a dependable choice for government organizations. TYPO3 also lets government bodies share information consistently across different sites and platforms.

Security First

Security is a big focus too. Government websites need to be trustworthy, and TYPO3 achieves this by protecting sensitive data, controlling user access, and following privacy and security rules. Its tools make it easy for citizens to use government services. With TYPO3, government authorities can handle complicated interactions, meet regulations, and involve citizens effectively.

Addressing Distinct Challenges

TYPO3 understands the challenges faced by government organizations, like privacy rules and uncertain funding. It provides long-term support for its core features, letting government agencies update their websites securely at their own pace. TYPO3's flexibility and sustainability make it the top choice for government authorities looking for a reliable, secure, and lasting solution for their online presence.

Evolution of Government Site Building: GSB 11

A significant transformation is underway in the Government Site Builder project with the introduction of GSB 11. Set to launch in early 2024, this latest version marks a crucial milestone in the development and management of government sites. GSB 11 is a key element of the German Federal Ministry of the Interior and for Homeland (BMI)'s Service Consolidation for the Federal Government (DKB) program.

Representing a strategic shift in the German government's web content management approach, Government Site Builder 11 builds on the experiences of GSB 10, which embraced an open-source framework. Now, with GSB 11, the project takes a further step forward by adopting the widely acclaimed open-source CMS TYPO3. This decision brings numerous advantages to government site developers.

Benefits of Using TYPO3 for Government:

Efficiency and Cost Savings:

TYPO3 is made for professional, secure, and scalable use. It's free for federal authorities, helping the government save money and work more efficiently.

Smooth Transition:

Many government offices already use TYPO3, making it easy for them to switch to GSB 11. This simplifies the process for government teams, and standardized interfaces make it easy to integrate applications.

Stability for the Long Term:

GSB 11 comes with a commitment to support for three years. This ensures stability and reliability, meeting the government's need for dependable digital services.

Working Together for Tender Success:

Collaborative Unions:

Instead of competing, TYPO3 agencies are teaming up to tackle tender specifications. This teamwork emphasizes the importance of agencies working together to deliver successful solutions. Instead of going solo, agencies are forming partnerships to combine their expertise and resources, ensuring a more complete response to the tender.

Official Support from TYPO3:

TYPO3 GmbH supports these collaborative efforts through its partner program. Agencies can get official support for their projects, preventing conflicts between project requirements and the TYPO3 Core. TYPO3 GmbH is committed to the success of collaborative projects in government institutions, offering services, confirming project participation, and supporting consortiums of TYPO3 partner agencies.

Community-Centric Support:

By supporting TYPO3 partner agencies, TYPO3 GmbH aims to benefit not just the agencies but also the broader TYPO3 community. This ensures better TYPO3 solutions and prevents any differences in product development.


To sum it up, the partnership between Government Site Builder (GSB) 11 and TYPO3 is a big deal for making government websites better. GSB 11, coming in 2024, is choosing TYPO3 as its main tool, and this decision is essential for adapting to changes, working efficiently, and keeping things secure online.

TYPO3 is a trusted choice for governments worldwide because it's reliable, sustainable, and has a strong community. It ensures important information gets to the public, and it's focused on keeping data safe for citizens to trust.

As GSB 11 gets ready to launch, it's a significant change in how the German government manages websites. Building on the success of GSB 10 and using TYPO3 as its foundation brings lots of benefits for the people who create government sites, making the transition smooth and stable.

GSB 11 promises to stick around and be helpful for three years, meeting the government's goal of providing reliable digital services. Also, TYPO3 agencies are teaming up to win bids together, supported by TYPO3 GmbH. This teamwork not only helps those agencies but also benefits the larger TYPO3 community, ensuring everyone gets better at what they do.

In a nutshell, GSB 11 and TYPO3 working together mean exciting improvements in how government websites are built, making them more efficient, reliable, and secure for everyone.

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