How to Build a TYPO3 website in minutes with TYPO3 SaaS?

Introducing TYPO3 SaaS to build a fast, User-friendly SaaS website without worrying about coding, design, and hosting. Everything you need to start your website gathered in one place.

How to Build a TYPO3 website in minutes with TYPO3 SaaS?

What is the concept of TYPO3 SaaS?

TYPO3 Software as a service (SaaS) is a medium that allows you to build and publish your TYPO3 website with host applications and automated services to manage it providing secure medium to make it available for customers over the Internet.

Imagine using software that you don’t have to buy and move in-house. It exists in the cloud, allowing you and your team to log in and operate from anywhere. All the while, the vendor maintains the software, handles the hosting, and deals with all your support queries, all for a monthly or yearly fee. That’s what SaaS is (Software as a Service).

We’ve conceptualized TYPO3 SaaS to serve you everything ranging from TYPO3 CMS, TYPO3 Template, Hosting, Customization, Installation and everything you need to have a perfect TYPO3 website but in an AUTOMIZED and INSTANT way so that you don’t have to rely upon service providers and agencies to get your work done.

Isn’t it interesting? ?

Introducing Click n Launch TYPO3 Website Builder

Okay, well now so you do know what TYPO3 SaaS at T3Planet is right?

With an exciting Launch of T3Planet First-ever TYPO3 Marketplace, One of our next dream vision & mission was TYPO3 SaaS.

Our team has been really working hard for such a great SaaS platform initiative with OpenSource TYPO3 CMS. Especially, when other Commercial SaaS platforms are getting good pieces of CMS Market Share like Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, etc then why can’t our very own TYPO3 Can’t?

We at T3Planet build the world's first Click-n-launch TYPO3 website builder.

And just within a span of a few months, Team T3Planet proudly introduced the dream venture TYPO3 SaaS.

Basically, it just works in 3 Easy steps and boom! Your TYPO3 website is ready!

Step 1: Select your desired TYPO3 SaaS Plan

Step 2: Select your favorite TYPO3 Template

Step 3: And there you go with your TYPO3 website ready to go!

Benefits of TYPO3 SaaS

When you opt for TYPO3 SaaS, you'll be able to create a site that's completely ready for you in seconds. 

You don't need to be a coder, designer, or have any technical knowledge to create the perfect TYPO3 website. Here are some of the features you get with TYPO3 SaaS.

Fast TYPO3 Launch

Easy TYPO3 Website Builder

  • Launching of your TYPO3 website in a day
  • Free TYPO3 Installation & Setup
  • Free TYPO3 Template & Setup
  • Free TYPO3 Extensions Installation
  • Manage Pages & Content Easily
  • Pre Built Multi-Language & Multi-Domain
  • Advanced Design Customization
  • Flexible Template Management

Managed TYPO3 Security & Updates

Optimized TYPO3 Performance

  • TYPO3 Major & Security Automatic Updates
  • Service Level Maintenance Agreement (SLA)
  • Daily Data Backup & Restore
  • TYPO3 Extensions Updates
  • Ultimate Security of your TYPO3 Website
  • Enhance Google Search Results
  • Google Analytics & PageSpeed
  • Speed & Performance Optimization
  • Free Cloudflare CDN

Professional Features for Your Website

  • Free One Domain
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • 24*7 Constant support
  • 99% Server Up-time
  • Free TYPO3 Setup
  • Free CDN
  • Daily Backups
  • Website Security Audit
  • Automatic TYPO3 Updates
  • Email Services
  • Built-in Marketing Tools

Cost-Effective TYPO3 Solution

Now you must be wondering Is TYPO3 SaaS solution cost-effective?

I must say it’s very pocket friendly! Let me explain how!

When you opt for TYPO3 SaaS going very basic, you get, 

  • TYPO3 Installation done
  • Amazing TYPO3 Template
  • Template & Extension installation
  • Template customization
  • Domain 
  • Free Updates & Upgrades
  • Daily Backup
  • Constant Free SLA, Support, and backups

So, even if you choose a Free TYPO3 template with the Basic plan all you need to pay is €29 per month and yearly that is €348 only! And if you purchase any premium template along with the TYPO3 SaaS plan then it’s a one-time payment only.

Now comparing the classic method of TYPO3 website development, a TYPO3 template needs 15 days for custom designing and could cost you €3000-4000. TYPO3 development for a designed template takes 5-8 days too and costs €1500-2000. Also, you need to pay for the extension and template installation, customizations, upgrades, backups, domain and SLA, and ultimately according to the standard agency that does TYPO3 Template development & SLA, everything costs you around €4500-€6000.

TYPO3 SaaS Website Development

Classic way TYPO3 Website Development



So isn’t TYPO3 SaaS a very Reasonable-Instant-Comfortable option to go with?

How to make your own TYPO3 website in Minutes?

#1 Begin a free TYPO3 SaaS trial

To make your own website, first, go to the TYPO3 SaaS page and click on Start Your Free-Trial. You may try it first, with no need to enter payment information until after 15 days of use. If you are satisfied, you can then add your payment information and continue with your saved progress.

#2 Sign in or create an account

Next, a sign in form appears on the screen. Now you just need to select your desired TYPO3 template, Choose your website name and sign up with your details. 

As stated, you will not be asked to enter payment information at this time.

#3 TYPO3 website is ready!

Your TYPO3 SaaS account is created within seconds, and you will receive a mail with all the necessary login details of your TYPO3 website and you’d be able to sign in to edit your very own TYPO3 website!

#4 Customize your website

On signing in to your TYPO3 website, you’ll get a rich dashboard and you’ll be able to edit content, images, and all the detailed information of your dream website!

#5 Preview and publish

After customizing and editing your TYPO3 website, you can click on the Preview button on the top side to check the results. This will show you what your website will look like on a desktop computer, as well as on a smartphone. Continue making changes to your site for as long as you wish to and your effects would be refected.

How to buy Premium TYPO3 SaaS?

So does TYPO3 SaaS seems interesting to you? Why not give it a shot for the free trial?

If you’ve tried and tested free trial or wish to start directly with a premium plan follow these simple steps to start!

Step:1 Choose your favorite SaaS package.

Step:2 On selecting your desired premium SaaS package you’d be redirected to Buy TYPO3 SaaS page.

Now choose your Monthly plan and your favorite TYPO3 template to go with and boom! You’re on track for your brand new TYPO3 website!

How will TYPO3 SaaS help the Customers?

Costs are kept Low

As SaaS CMS is based on a subscription model, there is no large licensing fee upfront. Generally, a SaaS CMS project entails a small setup fee that covers up basic website implementation.

IT Staff Unburdened

No longer IT assistance from your internal resource is required. Instead, your SaaS vendor will take care of any upgrades, maintenance, and issue, and at no additional cost. 


SaaS CMS being a virtual product can usually be accessed from any computer, tablet, or mobile device with an available internet connection.

Easily Add-On More Users and More Sites

Easy scale up or scale down of plan and add new users as your team and content needs growth. Adding more sites is as easy as a click on the button as you want to spin up new sites — microsites, campaign sites, landing pages, etc. Only pay for what you use.

Up-to-Date Software

With SaaS, you can count on new features being added in real-time. The latest features and innovations are typically available to all users at no additional costs.


As your SaaS vendor handles all the development and QA, no need to worry about malware or buggy add-ons to the CMS. 

Support Included

SaaS vendors are extra motivated to resolve all reported issues promptly and effectively with a multi-tenant architecture if an issue is affecting one customer. This also means that you get to benefit from issues found by other users of the SaaS CMS, leading to a more robust CMS for all. 

Implementation Speed

Launching a new website is faster with deployed CMS in underlying cloud infrastructure. No need for required setup & configuration for Dev, QA, and Production sites. Proving to be faster than traditional web and mobile app development.


With TYPO3 Website generator, it is not a tough task any longer to build a website as it used to be.

Along with the advances in technology, anyone can easily make a website using the steps explained above. 

So, what are you waiting for? Make your own website now! 

Do you have any questions or suggestions? We welcome them! Feel free to write down your questions in the comment box below.

Happy TYPO3 Website Building!

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